How to Stop Someone from Reading Your Text Messages on Android

By Last Updated: January 12th, 2023Categories: Antispy

In our digitalized world, SIM card activities can never be exempted from cyber crimes like hacking. The possibility of unknown people spying on your text messages such as collecting crucial data is inevitable. It also annoys you if someone reads your text messages without your permission.

So how will you protect your confidential data from these dangers? To help you learn how to stop someone from reading your text messages on Android, we will provide a few of the effective ways below.

Method 1: Manually Hide Text Messages to Stop Someone from Seeing my Text Messages

First, you can manually hide your text messages using the Message Locker App or by turning off your Message Preview Notification.

Message Locker App

This is available at Google Play Store App. Just follow the steps below to know how to stop someone from reading your text messages on Android.

  • Download and install the “Message Locker” App.
  • Open the “Message Locker” App.
  • Create a PIN or pattern.
  • Set up a new PIN or new pattern to hide text messages, SMS, and MMs.
  • Confirm PIN or pattern.
  • You can set up a recovery pattern according to your preference.
  • Choose the Message App to successfully hide your text messages.

Disable Message Preview Notifications

If your text message appears on your lock screen or in a dropdown menu, here’s how to turn off text notifications.

  • Just go to your phone’s Settings.
  • Then look for Google and tap it.
  • Select the App Preview Messages.
  • In order to disable preview notifications, click the Off button.
  • And tap OK.
  • No one can view your messages if it notifies on your screen.

These are effective ways to hide your text messages from someone, though, you can’t remove the spyware installed in your device if there is. This means someone can still retrieve your personal information and data. The next method will teach you how to stop someone from reading your text messages on Android as well as remove the spyware app.

Method 2: How to Stop Someone from Tracking Your Text Messages – Use Antispy Tool

Aside from helping you learn how to stop someone from tracking your text messages, we will also teach you how to remove the spyware in your Android phone.

ClevGuard Antispy tool protects your messages and secures all of your phone data against hackers 24/7. It can detect hidden applications and remove malicious apps and files in one click. This guarantees that whoever tries to spy on your phone and messages will never succeed. ClevGuard Antispy app is beginner user-friendly and its installation process is very easy.

Micro Guard Anti Spyware

for Android

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The ClevGuard Antispy’s Detector & Remover of Spyware feature comprehensively scans your phone to detect spyware and trackers installed without your knowledge. As soon as it detects malicious files or unsecured apps, it notifies you in real-time. Since it can sense abnormal phone activity, it won’t have any difficulty identifying the spyware and removing it quickly. This spy tool’s utmost priority is your phone protection.

More Powerful Features of ClevGuard Antispy Tool

ClevGuard Antispy features cannot only help you how to stop someone from tracking your text messages but also fully guard your phone data.

Scan All Phone App

This feature quickly scans your whole phone within minutes and fixes any issues there are. It can also recognize any threat to your phone’s safety and immediately notify you. With your permission, it can delete any unsecure app or files in one single click. So if someone hacks your phone, the ClevGuard Antispy tool can easily detect it.

Detect & Show Hidden App

Detecting spyware that secretly works in your phone is a piece of cake for the ClevGuard Antispy tool. Since it effectively finds any hidden or suspicious apps, it wouldn’t be difficult for it to show hidden spyware. Reinforce the security of your mobile against the various risks using the ClevGuard Antispy app.

Delete Threats in One Step

Deleting any detected hidden app or files can be easily done through its one-click feature. As soon as you grant the permission, it’s only a single click away to remove any spyware in your phone. No one can read your messages anymore with the ClevGuard Antispy tool.

ClevGuard Anti Spyware Detect Remove

Added features to fully secure your phone information are Email Leak Checker, Remove Junk Files and Data, Microphone and Camera Protection, and more.

ClevGuard Anti Spyware Check Email Leak
Install ClevGuard Antispy App – Stop Someone from Reading Your Text Messages

Step 1: Download ClevGuard via Google Play Store

Step 2: Scan your phone

After you install it to your device, you’ll automatically see the Scan icon. You can start using ClevGuard Scanner by just clicking the scan button. This will detect any spyware in your phone.

Step 3: Remove Spyware

You’ll know if it’s already done scanning. Check the results. If there is malicious spyware, ClevGuard Antispy can immediately remove it on your approval.

To remove Junk Files

  1. Choose the file or folder that you want to clean.
  2. Then tap Clean.
  3. This will give you more phone storage.

ClevGuard Antispy tool is trusted by many to ensure the protection of their phone from hackers and cybercriminals. Use the ClevGuard Antispy app now.

Tip: To know more about what ClevGuard can offer, click this button below.

Micro Guard Anti Spyware

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Final Thoughts

These are useful ways how to stop someone from reading your text messages on Android. It’s also a bonus tip to know more about the ClevGuard Antispy tool. Knowing the right tools to properly protect your phone and confidential data gives you peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to text someone without showing your mobile number, you can;

  • Either use an email that’s not using your real name and personal details
  • Or download an application on your iPhone or Android phone

Note that some phones will automatically block any text message received from an email address. There also are many websites that offer applications that can text someone without showing your number but are laced with malware.

Here are a few signs to know if your phone is being monitored.

  • Observe an unexpected peak in data usage. Know how long your phone’s battery life is when used or not. If it’s a lot shorter than it used to be, it’s possible your phone is being monitored.
  • Always check if the device is malfunctioning. If it suddenly starts to malfunction, chances are your phone is being monitored. Check on blue or red screen flashes, automated settings, unresponsiveness, etc.
  • It may also seem that your phone is being tapped if you hear strange background noises or high-pitched humming when on voice calls. And so is true if you’re not on a call and you can hear unusual static, beeping, or clicking sounds.
  • Someone may have gained unauthorized access to it if it has difficulty shutting down than before. It becomes less responsive.
  • And someone could be attempting to tap your calls if your phone begins to turn on or off to install apps.
  • You can also download apps for iOS or Android to help monitor any spy app on your device.

Here are some points to check if your phone has been hacked.

  • Your account password isn’t working anymore though you’re sure of your password. And you didn’t change it.
  • Higher data usage than usual. The battery runs out fast unlike before.
  • Your phone performance becomes slower.
  • There are unfamiliar outgoing calls or texts.
  • You got unwanted browser toolbars and your internet searches are redirected.
  • You’re noticing random but numerous pop-ups.
  • There are people who receive Social Media invitations from you but you didn’t actually send them.
  • There are unexpected app installations.
  • You received a notification that you’ve been hacked.
  • There’s missing money on your online account.
  • There is strange activity on your phone.