Tips On How To Make Your Voice Deeper

By Last Updated: October 17th, 2023Categories: Teen Issue

Research says that men with deep voices are more likely to be perceived as attractive and masculine.

Being attractive is not the only goal for men and those who identify as male. Having a deep voice gives them confidence and to feel good about
themselves. But not everyone has been gifted with deep voices. That is they look for ways how to make their voices become manly and deep.

If you are one of those people, lucky for you! We compiled some techniques and ways how to make your voice deeper.

1. Keep your Chin Up and Speak through your Mouth

The first step to making your voice deeper is by fixing your posture and changing the way you speak.

You might have already tried speaking through your nose, although this can help make your voice deeper, it’s a bit comfortable for some plus the nasal voice is too noticeable. You can achieve a better-sounding deep voice when you speak through your mouth. It sounds better and it doesn’t have the nasal sound.

Now to achieve that, you have to pair it with a good posture. Having a good posture will make you look more dominant and will help you maintain your deep voice.

2. Warm Up your Voice by Humming

Before we do a full workout in the gym, we always do some warm-up exercises first to prepare our body and muscles. Now, this is the same if you want to make your voice deeper. You don’t want to change your voice right away as this will affect your breathing and voice quality.

Warm Up your Voice by Humming

Do a deep hum every morning for a couple of minutes, make sure that your lips are closed and your chin should be pointed down toward your chest. This will help warm up your voice and is also good for breathing.

3. Speak Slowly and Swallow Before you Speak

One of the easiest tricks to make your voice deeper is by swallowing before you speak. This will make your voice lower than it normally would. You really don’t swallow anything, just pretend you’re swallowing something then start speaking.

Speak Slowly and Swallow Before you Speak

Next, when practicing to make your voice deeper, it’s better to start off slow. Try to speak slowly this will help you control the volume and the pitch of your voice.

Note: Avoid speaking with a growly or raspy voice as this could damage your vocal cords.

4. Diaphragmatic Breathing

Lowering your voice will affect your breathing, good thing there is a technique you can do to still maintain a deep voice while breathing comfortably.

The Diaphragmatic Breathing technique is popular among singers and performers. This helps their breathing and makes their voice more stable.

Simply inhale deeply through your nose bringing the air all the way in and as far down as possible, then slowly exhale and try to say something. You should feel the vibration while you speak.

5. Take Voice Training

If after trying out the techniques you still can’t figure out how to project a manly and deep voice, try signing up for voice training. These programs have professional coaches that will teach you different techniques on how to deepen your voice.

Take Voice Training

Actors and theater performers often go to these training to prepare for a role. Here are some actors who enrolled in voice lessons to change their voices for roles.

  • Robert De Niro for the role of Max Cady in Cape Fear
  • Heath Ledger for the role of Joker in the Dark Knight
  • Christian Bale for the role of Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy
  • Austin Butler for the role of Elvis Presley in the movie Elvis

But keep in mind that these lessons could be quite expensive. But there are free voice lessons on YouTube that may help you. There are also some sites that you can try like Trans Vocal Training which offers a range of lessons to help you transform your voice.

Final Advice

When you making progress and you notice that your voice is deeper than usual, don’t be too weird about it. You may feel excited about your progress and will start to show off and act odd. Try to be more natural and confident with your voice. A great attitude and a positive outlook will make you look more manly. Trust me.


In most cases yes. Voice qualities are largely determined by the size and shape of your larynx, neck, throat and facial structures all determined by genetics.

Testosterones. Men usually produce this in their adolescent years. Testosterone is also responsible for the growth of facial hairs, the Adams apple, and more.