Two Recipes to Make Strawberry Puree At Home

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The secret to tasting the sweetness of strawberries is through jars of strawberry puree. With a spoon of puree, the special flavor of strawberry will explode in your mouth and overwhelm every bud.

Where can you get the puree? The markets, for sure. But they don’t really sell the best strawberry puree. There’s too much sugar and additives, which are not friendly to kids, diabetics, and gym-goers.

To have a safe, tasty, and fresh strawberry puree, we can make it ourselves with some easy cookware and newly purchased or frozen strawberries. It’s very easy to do it, buckle up and let’s start our homemade strawberry puree production!

Note that the process below can be applied to other fruit purees too.

Preparation: Get All Ingredients And Cookware Ready

Before making the sauce, get the most important ingredient ready, the strawberries.

  • Defrost them if they’re frozen;
  • Clean them, take away the bad ones;
  • Drain the water away;
  • Hull the strawberries;
  • Chop or slice them to save some time for the blending, you can skip it too.

Strawberries are prepared. All we need for the puree is the fruits only.

Two Recipes to Make Strawberry Puree At Home

Then, if you love something sweeter, prepare some sugar.

Meanwhile, to give the sauce freshness and a better fruity taste, we will need a quarter of a lemon for the juice and zest (very few).

Next, let’s get the cookware ready.

  • To make a puree, we will need a food processor or blender to puree the strawberries. If you don’t have it, you can choose to dice the strawberries instead.
  • This is a bonus: make a better taste puree that lasts longer, we will need to heat the puree with a pot.
  • Get some jars that are big enough to store all puree. Sterilize them by placing them in boiling water for 5 mins. This kills most bacteria so your puree won’t get bad soon. Be cautious when you take the jars out of the water.

All ingredients and kits are ready, there’s one last warning you must read: make sure nothing is polluted by oil.

No matter it’s the knife and chopping board you use to hull the strawberries, the blender to puree them, or the pan and spatula to heat the puree, you must make sure they’re 100% clean. No oil is stained.

A single grease spot will ruin your puree.

Two Recipes to Make Strawberry Puree At Home

Method 1: Easy and Fast Way to Make Strawberry Puree

Step 1:

Pull all the hulled strawberries into the bowl of the food processor along with the sugar, lemon juice, and zest.

Step 2:

Turn on the blender and keep it running for one minute. Stop and take a look if there’s obvious flesh. Resume until it’s smooth.

Or if you fancy some special chewy taste, you can stop even if you can see the fruit.

Two Recipes to Make Strawberry Puree At Home

Step 3:

Pour the puree into the jars. Seal the jars and put one in the refrigerator. Store the rest in the freezer.

Done eating one jar, take out a new one from the freezer. Defrost it in the microwave for 30 seconds and waken the flavor. This helps you keep them for a longer period of time and most likely preserves the special taste of the puree.

Two Recipes to Make Strawberry Puree At Home

Method 2: How to Make the Tastiest Strawberry Puree That Lasts for Months

To make a tastier strawberry puree, we need to boil it down for a while. This helps:

  • Evaporate water from the mixture to make it thicker;
  • Kills bacteria to extend the life of the puree;
  • Eliminate much of the fiber and concentrate the puree, making it more flavorful.

Put the puree into a pan and sim it over low heat. Keep stirring with a wood turner to avoid burning. If it bubbles, keep on heating.

When will you stop? Scoop up some mixture and turn the scoop over. If the puree drops slowly, you can turn off the stove then.

Two Recipes to Make Strawberry Puree At Home

Cool it and bottle it afterward. Thick, tasty, and flavorful strawberry puree is done! Put one in the refrigerator for recent eating. And put the rest in the freezer. This way, the puree is still edible after 6 months.

Tip: How Can I Puree Strawberries without A Blender

For those who have no blender or food processor around, you can use a pan and the stove to make your own puree.

Step 1:

Put all the chopped or diced strawberries into the pan. Turn on the stove and keep it low heat. Stir the fruits.

In a few minutes, jams come out and fruits get soft. Now, you can use a spoon or spatula to squeeze all the fruits.

Two Recipes to Make Strawberry Puree At Home

Step 2:

Keep stirring and squeezing till the puree is thick and fully boiled. Turn off the heat and cool it down. Bottle the puree after that.


It depends on the age of your baby.

If your baby is less than a year old, the best option is to cook or stream them. Also, you may choose to puree them. This helps your baby to better digest the fruits.

When your baby is older than a year, you can feed them raw strawberries. Just make sure it’s perfectly washed. Also, diced fruits will be better.

Yes, with the right tools, you can puree the strawberries by hand.

For instance, a pestle and mortar will be the perfect tools to puree the fruits. Simply put all the strawberries into the mortar. Smash the fruits with the pestle.

Also, you may dice the strawberries first and then place them on a board. Grind them with a rolling pin. This is make your hands, the board, and likely, the table dirty though.

They’re similar. Both strawberry products are pureed strawberries. While the puree is normally uncooked, all the jams are cooked. Also, strawberry jam is more likely to be sweeter because of a higher sugar content.