Got Him! How to Know If Someone Has A Grindr

By Last Updated: October 17th, 2023Categories: Catch Cheater

While Tinder and other dating apps that cater to all genders are available, there is also a demand for gay, bisexual, trans, and queer Social Networking apps these days. One of the most popular ones is Grindr; it is an app that allows users to find casual hookups and dates via GPS Locations.

Such an app may seem harmless now, but if you’re in a relationship– it’s a major deal-breaker! Your partner using Grindr is not only a form of cheating but an exposition of their sexuality as well. Who knows if your boyfriend/husband is bisexual or whether the rumors about his being gay are true, right?

Well, you need not worry about looking for ways to know the truth. In this article, we will show you how to know if someone has a Grindr.

Part 1: Facts about Finding Someone on Grindr

Before you investigate whether someone has a Grindr account or not, it’s important to know some facts about Grindr. This way, you’re more ready to find the truth.

Is it possible to find a Grindr profile by Email or Phone Number?

Unfortunately, NO.

Unlike other gay dating and Social networking apps, Grindr does not have a user search option. This means that you cannot search for a Grindr account. Even with a phone number or email of your partner.

Find Boyfriend/Husband’s Grindr Account via GPS Location

The only way for anyone to find a Grindr profile is to save the profile as a favorite.

So, you need to have interactions with the person on Grindr first. Maybe you can try to sign up for a Grindr account and turn on the GPS location. Then, try to stay near your partner and see if you can find your husband or boyfriend’s Grindr profile.

Grindr Logo

However, this method has a very vague effect. If your man turns off the GPS on Grindr when staying with you, you can’t find his profile.

Luckily, this doesn’t suggest that there is no other way to know if someone has a Grindr. Despite all that hindrance, there is still one effective way for you to know if someone has a Grindr. Read the next part to unlock the answer.

Part 2: How to Know If Someone Is On Grindr with mSpy

We can’t find your boyfriend or husband’s Grindr account. Then, don’t. What matters most now is to know if he has a Grindr on the phone or not. And you can do it if you use a powerful phone checker called mSpy.


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

mSpy is a phone monitoring tool that unveils everything. You can use it to see your partner’s secret and suspicious phone activities. Calls, SMS, social media chats, phone location, browser history, and app usage are no secrets to you.

Most importantly, mSpy has features that will help you know if someone has a Grindr.

See Installed Apps to Know if Someone Has a Grindr

Once installed, it will collect phone data remotely and send them to your Web Control Panel. What data – All apps installed and used on your man’s phone. Browse the app list and you will know if he is on Grindr (or using Bumble, Tinder, and other dating apps).

mSpy Track Apps

You Can Block Grindr, Too

mSpy also offers the Restricted feature that allows you to block any app on the target phone. Just in case you want to help your partner get over the urge to use Grindr, you can do him a favor and restrict the app with mSpy. You may also use this feature to restrict Facebook or block Instagram on your phones remotely.

Check Browsing History to Find Someone on Grindr

Also, mSpy can provide you with a list of all the websites that your partner has visited recently. Given that Grindr has a web version of the app, this feature will surely come in handy. This way, you can make sure that he has not subscribed to any gay hookup/dating sites.

mSpy Browser History

Overall, mSpy is packed with many features to catch a cheater. You can explore further if you read things you should know about mSpy.

Steps to use mSpy to Find If Someone Has A Grindr

Step 1:

Subscribe to mSpy. Review the subscription plans offered and purchase the one you need.

Step 2:

Download and install mSpy to the target phone. Just follow the prescribed instructions in the email.

Step 3:

Use your new mSpy account to log in to your Web Control Panel.

Step 4:

On the Dashboard, find the Installed Apps. If you find a Grindr app there, your husband or boyfriend is likely cheating on you with Grindr.

Don’t stop if there’s no Grindr on the list. He may use Grindr on a browser, check the browser history on mSpy. See if he has a Grindr visit record or not.

Also, check the Emails and Text Messages. Grindr needs a phone number or email to sign up. There might be some messages sent to the inbox.

Editor’s Note:

Using Grindr is not wrong per se. It only becomes a problem when someone’s cheating with the Grindr app. This could cause issues of cheating and changes in the relationship that could end up hurting innocent people.

Though the above method is truly helpful in finding someone on Grindr, we don’t encourage you to do it.

Since checking up on someone’s phone without consent is considered illegal in most regions even if the phone belongs to your legal wife or husband. To avoid violating the law and getting punished, don’t peek at your husband’s phone. Try to have a conversation with him. Communication is the most important.

Or just ask him straight. Have a talk with your partner. Communication is the most important.

Frequently Asked Questions

The latest iterations of the Grindr app remove and erase entire conversations, including chat media files, when a user blocks another user. So, if you catch your boyfriend/husband using Grindr, and he has no messages, it’s possible that he deleted them or blocked the person he’s been chatting with behind your back.

A big YES! You have the freedom to customize your profile without any kind of verification and the option not to include face pics. That’s why this app can be considered one of the most notorious and popular cheating apps to date.

When someone’s Grindr profile is offline, it’s either they’re inactive when you view their profile or they are using the app in Incognito Mode. Nevertheless, the time while someone is away from Grindr will be displayed.

Grindr does not allow any screenshotting on chats, photos, and profiles. This further protects its users from any risks.

Yes. If your app drawer has an option to hide apps, you may select Grindr as one of the hidden apps. However, if there’s none, you can use Grindr’s in-app Discreet App Icon feature that allows you to change the app’s icon into the camera, notes, calculator, music, or to-do list icons.