How to Hack a School Chromebook for Effective Monitoring

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School Chromebooks are largely used in modern-day learning because they’re affordable, handy, and helpful. Teachers can give assignments online and students can complete them without hassle. Everything taghut in the class is saved and will not disappear.

There’s one more big advantage that the school Chromebooks contribute: restricted access to entertainment. Whoever uses a school Chromebook cannot download games, movies, or cartoons, or watch YouTube or Twitch. This helps students focus on their current mission: learning.

Why Do You Want to Hack A School Chromebook

As a parent or a teacher, we must know that it’s possible for teenagers to hack a school Chromebook. Even if they have no technical background, such hacking is handy and will be done in minutes. Then, they can turn this educational device into a machine for fun.

Video Games for School Chromebooks

Game developers will never let go of any chance to make a profit. This time, school Chromebooks for teenagers become the target.

Nvidia, the world’s leading software company, has released an update for quite a few years, the GeForce Now. This is a website that supports users playing video games in the cloud. You don’t need to wait for the download and installation. All you need is to log into the website, choose a game, wait a while for the loading, and play.

Minecraft On Chromebook

Can teenagers play games with GeForce Now with their school Chromebooks? The answer is a big yes.

Nvidia has made the website accessible and compatible with every computer and laptop including Chromebook. Moreover, they work with other game developers and has come out with web version of many famous games, like Fortnite, Minecraft, Assassins Creed, Destiny 2, Apex, etc.

So, that educational device is no longer a no-go zone for video games.

Chances of Administrator Changing

Tutorials of teaching people, mostly teenagers change the administrator on a school Chromebook to bypass restrictions are heated in cyberspace.

On Quora, Reddit, 4Chan, Discord, and other platforms, hackers love to share their hacks. And plenty of teenagers choose to believe them and follow the steps shared online.

Luckily, most of these materials are fake and cannot help kids truly remove the restrictions. However, their attempts might damage the Chromebook’s software and hardware, causing dysfunction. As a result, parents and schools may need to get a new one.

Kid Using School Chromebook

Inappropriate Websites on Chromebook

Google Chrome leads you to almost every website in the world, including the good and the bad. This will remain the same on a school Chromebook. That means your child can access any website they like with this educational machine. YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Twitch, Quora, and Reddit are all open.

Worse still, some inappropriate websites like porn, gambling, and adult dating sites are viewable. The negative impacts of such unhealthy content are deniable and cannot be unseen.

And it’s natural that parents will worry about a child getting addicted to these websites. For parents, hacking into the school Chromebook and setting further restrictions seems reasonable.

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Can We Have A School Chromebook

To be honest, we can’t hack a school Chromebook as someone who’s not an IT freak.

You need to know that Chromebook is designed by multiple talented programmers of Google- the world’s biggest software developing company. If one individual can bypass the firewall built by the genius and hack into the Chrome OS, this person is the chosen one and will be admired by Chrome. And possibly sued as well.

So, you can start asking yourselves these questions:

  • Do you know CSS, JAVA Script, Python, SQL, and other programming languages?
  • Have you tried building any software or system yourselves?
  • What will you do if Chrome sues you and ask for compensation?

It seems that the cost of hacking a school Chromebook is pretty high. We have alternatives to better restrict your child’s activities on this schooling device – to block websites in Chrome on Chromebook.

Further Restrictions of School Chromebook: Blocking Websites

Teenagers can still visit gaming, streaming, porn, and other websites with the browser on Chromebook.

Luckily, Google Chrome provides parental control solutions for parents to add certain categories of websites to the blacklist on their child’s device. Better still, such settings will not be disabled on the child’s end. So, parents can have great relief once the blocking is complete. It will last till you manually disable it.

Found it pretty helpful? Read on for more details.

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School Chromebook Hacks: Block Websites on Chromebook

When Chrome is the only browser on a school Chromebook, we can only do the settings on this browser app. And we have multiple ways to create a blacklist for inappropriate websites. Here, we will look at three handiest solutions and you may apply one or all of them together.

Method 1: Block Websites on Chrome Through SafeSearch

On your kid’s Chromebook, launch Chrome and visit Then, find the Settings option in the lower right corner. Next, turn on the SafeSearch mode. Click Save to complete.

Next, Google will automatically filter the search content for your child. Though it’s not 100% accurate, it still helps block a lot of violent and adult content from your child’s Chromebook.

Google SafeSearch

Method 2: Block Websites on Chromebook with Chrome Extensions

On Chrome, there’re extension developers who have released a lot of website blockers for parents.

All you need is to search “Website blocker” on Web Store. Then, choose one or two extensions and add them to your child’s Chrome. Complete the setup as prompted.

Website Blocker Extersion for Chrome

Every time when your kid wants to visit specific websites, the extension will stop the access.

Method 3: Manage Browsing on Chromebook with Family Link

Officially, Google releases a program named Family Link for parents. Through this app, parents can manage and control everything that teenagers do on their Chromebook. Their browsing and searching are certainly covered.

Simply download that app on your Android phone or Windows PC. Link your Google account to your child’s Chromebook. Everything is under control later.

Family Link

Frequently Asked Questions

Chromebooks are affordable laptops run by Chrome OS that are easy to use and are very useful for learning. Due to its limited storage, speed and power, there are things you CAN’T DO on Chromebooks. Here are a few.

  1. Can’t access third-party apps, only those that are available in the Chromebook app store.
  2. You can’t fully customize the Chromebook according to your own needs since you can’t access third-party apps.
  3. The smaller screen and lower resolution make the viewing range of images and videos isn’t as good as Windows laptops or Macs.
  4. The interface isn’t designed to handle heavy work or multitasking.
  5. It has limited hardware specs, therefore, it doesn’t have a built-in tool for photo or video editing. You need to rely on online apps to do these.
  6. Everything should be done online because it has storage that is about equal or lesser to a smartphone – 32GB. You can’t save much plus most of its features require an internet connection.
  7. You can’t organize your files into folders and subfolders like with Windows or Mac do because it uses Google Drive or other online cloud storage platforms.
  8. Its hardware specs aren’t for gaming, although you can play a few Android games on it.

Chromebooks are durable and affordable although, they won’t be suitable for IT students and related courses. Because they’re designed to do simple things fast. It’s good for an online school if you’ll only do online research, write essays, and do other online tasks that don’t need multitasking. But for more advanced tasks like video editing, or other tasks requiring higher processing speed, power, and storage, the Windows laptop is better.