How to Get a Walmart Fishing License

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Whether you want to fish in local waters or travel to another state for fishing, always remember to get a fishing license to stay away from trouble.

Luckily, we don’t have to go to any government buildings and fill piles of charts for that license. We can get one easily through Walmart.

Can We Get A Fishing License at Walmart

Yes, Walmart provides every angler with a quick and easy way of getting a fishing license.

In a US-based Walmart, you can find the Sports & Outdoors or Sports & Leisure section. This is where you can buy a license for fishing, hunting, and other sports. You just need to provide an ID with a clear image of yourselves and pay the fee.

How to Get a Walmart Fishing License

As the biggest grocery chain in the US, Walmart is authorized to release sporting licenses for quite a few years. From short-term licenses (1 to 7 days) to annual ones, you can choose a license that suits your need immediately.

Also, both freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses are accessible in most Walmart stores even if the one you drive to is inland.  As long as you’re 18 years old or older, Walmart will take your request and complete the process fast.


Apart from local Walmart stores, you can get a fishing license in other authorized spots like a tackle store and marina.

Getting a Walmart Fishing License Is Better

Compared to visiting a state licensing department or filing on a slow and outdated official website, turning to Walmart seems to be a better option.

First of all, you may not know the address of the local department that releases fishing licenses. But you will surely know the location of a local Walmart store.


For all 5o states, only Walmart stores in Alaska don’t sell sporting licenses so far.

Also, the staff behind the counter will give you the license within an hour after you complete the application and payment.

More surprisingly, some Walmarts are 24/7. So is their Sports & Outdoor section. This means you come over any time of the day and apply for a fishing license. No time restriction!


This is only available in some Walmart stores. If you really want to get a Walmart fishing license at night, better call before you make a move.

By the way, when the license is ready, you may need to buy some tackles and baits before you set up for a challenge. You can buy all the stuff right on sight. Plan for camping? Remember to buy some food, water, cookware, and emergency kits.

How to Get a Walmart Fishing License

How to Buy A Walmart Fishing License

Step 1

To get a Walmart fishing license, simply go there by yourself with:

  • A photo ID like your driver’s license or state-issued
  • Residency proof like utility or rent bills (for a non-resident fishing license, you can just bring your ID with you and get a short-term license)
  • The proof of military service if you’re a veteran or still serving (this helps you save several bucks).

Step 2

Go to the Sports & Outdoor section of the store and tell the staff what you want. They will give you a form that you should fill up your personal information and demand for the license: type (freshwater or saltwater) and duration (days, months, years) mostly.

How to Get a Walmart Fishing License

Step 3

Hand them the form when you finish. They will spend a few minutes checking everything.

Next, they may ask you to do a test. If not, they will give this booklet with regulations and knowledge. It tells you the out-of-bounds, protected species, and other state-related rules.

How to Get a Walmart Fishing License

Step 4

Lastly, of course, you need to pay for the fishing license. The price varies from state to state.


The elderly (above 60 or 65 yrs in different states), children ( under 14 or 16 yrs in different states), veterans, and soldiers can get a discount.

After you pay the fee, wait for a while. And the staff will give you the state fishing license.

How to Get a Walmart Fishing License Online

Unfortunately, you cannot apply for a fishing license online from Walmart’s official site. Though there’re people claiming that’s applicable, we still cannot find that access to the online application.

If you hate to pay a visit to Walmart due to Covid or any other issues, try to order it on the official page provided by the state government.

This is how to:

Type in “state (you can write down the exact name like PA) fishing license”, get into the website and purchase the license. Normally, it will take you a week to receive the license.


To get a Mississippi fishing license, you can go to any Walmart and find the Outdoor Service counter at the market. You can file a license there and get it right away.

Also, any local offices of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) are open for applications.

If you have no idea where the office is, you can order online through the MDWFP’s site.


If you’re 65 years old, you can fish without a fishing license. Note that this only applies to Florida residents (and Oklahoma residents as well).

Also, kids under 17, residents or not, enjoy the same benefit too.

Yes, Walmart is authorized in 49 states to establish fishing licenses, but Alaska is excluded. So, you can surely get the fishing license for CA, TX, and NY.