How to Find Out if My Husband/Boyfriend Is On Dating Sites

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Any girlfriend or wife will be extremely anxious if they caught their boyfriend/husband on a dating app. Using dating apps while in a relationship is a big red flag. It’s literally a form of cheating.

If you are worried whether or not your husband or boyfriend is on dating sites or apps, you’ve come to the right page. In this article, you will learn how to find out if your husband is on dating sites. Read on!

Method 1: How to Find Out if My Husband/Boyfriend Is on Dating Sites with mSpy

To avoid uncalled conflicts with your husband/boyfriend, the only way to find out if they are on dating sites or apps is to install mSpy on his phone.

mSpy is a reliable spy tool that operates discreetly on the target device, be it an iPhone or Android. It offers powerful features that can monitor their Internet Usage and Installed Apps and hack someone’s Social Media chats. This is the easiest way to see if your husband/boyfriend is on a dating site.


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Check Browser History

Before you peruse his Social Media chats, you may check his browser history first. Who knows if your boyfriend/husband is visiting dating websites, right? By being able to access his browser history and bookmarks, you will know which dating site he visits and when he usually does it.

Most importantly, even if he deletes all the browser history, mSpy can still detect them and show you all of the dating sites that he visited recently. There’s practically no escaping from mSpy.

mSpy Browser History

You can also find out if someone is on Bumble or if he’s on Tinder. Well, there are countless dating sites online such as Hinge, OkCupid, eHarmony, Match, and many more. You may try searching for the other ones to get an idea of the kind of website you are looking for.

Monitor Installed Apps

Ladies, don’t focus on the dating sites only, there are dating apps as well. With mSpy, you can easily monitor the apps your boyfriend/husband installs on his phone. You can see whether he installed Bumble, Grindr, Tinder, and other similar dating apps.

In addition, mSpy gives you the option to block apps whenever you want.

mSpy Installed Apps

Hack and Read Social Media Chats

With mSpy’s Social Networks feature, you can easily hack and read through your boyfriend/husband’s Social Media chats, including the ones on his Tinder. This gives you an advantage as you will not only know whether or not they’re using such apps to date somebody else; you will also know their entire conversation behind your back.

You may also try checking out the most popular cheating apps for secret affairs. Look out for apps your husband may use to cheat on you.

mSpy Tinder

Get Started and Catch Husband/Boyfriend on Dating Sites with mSpy

Dealing with a husband or boyfriend who is disloyal is already devastating. That’s why mSpy is made easier to lessen the things you need to think about. Just follow the easy steps below to get started right away.

  1. Click the button below to create an mSpy account.
  1. Select the best plan for you.
  2. Install mSpy according to the instruction provided.
  3. Log in using your new mSpy account and start using the features mentioned above. You can find them on the Dashboard tabs.

Method 2: How Can I Find Out if My Partner Is on A Dating Site with FlexiSPY

Now, if you can’t find anything suspicious on his phone, it’s time you consider monitoring his computer. It’s likely that he logs in to dating sites using a computer browser to avoid suspicion. Well, fortunately for you, you can still catch him using FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY is another monitoring program that you can use on your partner’s computer, be it Windows or Mac, to check their online activities. This comes in pretty handy when you really want to get to the bottom of the truth.

In addition, with FlexiSPY’s Stealth Mode, you won’t get caught monitoring your husband/boyfriend’s computer.

FlexiSPY Hack Mac PC

Check Web Activity

FlexiSPY can give your access to your boyfriend/husband’s Web Activity. There, you will see the dating sites he’s visited recently, with the complete date & time. There’s even a search option where you can type in the name/title to quickly find possible dating sites. Once you know how he behaves online, he can’t lie to you anymore.

FlexiSPY View Websites

Capture Screenshots

Once you confirm your boyfriend/husband has profiles on dating sites, you can use FlexiSPY’s Capture Screenshot feature to take a photo of his online dating activities. You can’t just confront him without a solid piece of evidence, right? You may download your screenshots to make more backups.

FlexiSPY Capture Screenshot

FlexiSPY for Windows has a lot more features you can use to catch your boyfriend/husband cheating. The ones mentioned above can help you find out if he’s on a dating site.

If you want to use this powerful monitoring program on your husband’s PC, just click on the button below to subscribe and get started.

Final Word

If you are starting to suspect that he’s using a dating app, you need to act with haste and start learning how to find out if your husband/boyfriend is on dating sites. This way, you can find out the truth for yourself. You deserve to know what’s best for you. You may try the methods suggested above to do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. However, you must prepare your evidence so he won’t be able to make up an excuse or be ready for whatever his reaction is going to be. Confronting him for his wrongdoing also means that you care about your marriage.

It depends on your situation. You may consider ending the relationship as there is no point pursuing it anymore. Using a dating app while in a relationship is a big deal, especially if your boyfriend kept you in the dark about it. Nevertheless, it’s up to the both of you which decision is the best for your relationship.