How to Effectively Detox Child Video Game Addiction

By Last Updated: October 24th, 2023Categories: Parental Control

Video games, parents’ nightmares and teenagers’ remedies, are born to be entertaining and relaxing. However, due to the weak self-control of its players, video games are now considered digital drugs among parents and elders.

When a child gets addicted to video games, the parents must be worried about it. The stories and news about teenagers becoming losers due to this bad obsession are never new. To make sure your child isn’t the next typical example, actions to stop them from getting further addicted to games are necessary.

Without further ado, let’s explore every possibility to detox your child from this sweet but dangerous trap set by the game company.

Signs Your Child is Addicted to Videogames

To begin with, you need to make sure your child is addicted to video games. It’s nothing when the teenager plays the game for a few minutes every day. We’re talking about “hours”.

Studies say that if your child plays video games for about 80 to 100 hours per week, it can already be considered a child video game addiction. Other than that, there’re other signs to support the idea:

  • Playing not less than 10 hours a day, 7 times a week.
  • Irritability and anger issues on consecutive losses but won’t stop playing.
  • Can’t do chores or responsibilities at home.
  • Can’t focus on studies, always thinking about the game.
  • They lack socialization skills.
  • Have extreme reactions like aggressiveness if you stop them from playing video games.

If your child’s actions fit what we mentioned above, you can make this conclusion: your teenager is having a video game addiction.

Still, I want to warn you one thing. It’s totally natural for kids to entertain and relax via games. Just like everyone is having a hobby. So, before you take action to stop your child playing games, evaluate carefully.

1. Detox your Child from Video Games by Having a Conversation

Parents, before everything, answer all the questions below:

  • Why is your child getting addicted to video games?
  • What does your child like other than video games?
  • Is he/she having a good time at school?

If you have no idea, you should not be mad at your child first. Try to talk to the teenager peacefully and get the answer.

Get Your Kids off Roblox Now

To be clear with you, a large number of teenagers will turn to the digital world when the real world hurts them. The bullying at school, absence of parental care, moving house frequently, and the introverted personality will all push your kid to embrace video games. Fear, disappointment, anxiety, and depression may be their feelings in the real world.

As parents, kindly and patiently figuring out the cause of the addiction is the key. So, go and talk to your child and solve your questions.

2. Stop Child’s Video Game Addiction through Family/Friends Bonding Time

Regardless of how busy you may be, spending quality time will always be worth it and appreciated by kids and teenagers. You can start by having a Family Day, Family Dinner Time once a week, or have an entertaining theme party.

You can also make time for Friday Night Sleepover Activity and let his/her friends play board games or do musical jams with a bonfire.

How to Play the “Do You Really Know Your Family” Game

Another is to organize an outdoor activity with family or with his friends, like camping, fishing, hiking, etc.

Or if you can’t spare time with your child, you can coordinate with your Community Outreach Programs and encourage him/her to join them. Finding what he/she likes to do the most can be helpful to keep your child detached from video game addiction.

3. Detox your Child from Video Games by Playing Games with Your Kid

To get your child to stop playing that game, you need to play it first. To beat your enemies, you need to know them. Otherwise, what are you supposed to reply when your kid shouts“what you do know? You know nothing”.

Get an account of the game that your child is playing, Genshin Impact, Minecraft, Fortnite, Elden Ring, etc. Then, play the game with your child and you can have a better conversation during game time.

Playing Games With Kid

With a good grip on it, you can ask your child to stop playing this game or at least, play it with a schedule.

At this time, your will be less likely to refuse or tell at you. The connection between you is closer and he/she would value your suggestion.


This method comes with two major cons. One is that you need time to play this game with your child. And also, if you’re not self-disciplined like your kid, you get addicted too.

4. How to Get Your Child to Stop Playing Video Games Using Parental Control Tool

Teenagers now are smart. They will fool you and will pretend to quit video games when you’re around. But it’s a totally different way when you walk away.

To make sure they truly give away and completely move video games from their life, we need some technical support: parental control program.

FYI: What Is Parental Control Programs

Phones and computers are everyday equipment now and most video games have a mobile version, a PC version, or even both. To restrict or manage your child’s gaming time, we need a program to block those video games – a parental control application.

A lot of parental control apps can contribute to two tasks:

  • Monitor your child’s mobile and desktop activity;
  • Control or restrict access to any games.

This means you can easily find out if the teenager is still on the game when he/she says no and also, you can block this game on the device easily. So, no lies will work and no games will survive.

Kid Playing Video Games

Warning: Don’t Take Away Your Child’s Phone and PC

First of all, you can’t just take away your child’s phone. This is brutal. The teenager needs a phone now.

  • School and life will be tougher for a teenager that doesn’t have a phone life, He/she can never catch up with the latest topics that peers are discussing.
  • Also, the young generation loves to share moments on social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok. That little mobile gadget is the key for your child to stay connected with best friends.
  • The emergency comes and when it occurs to your kid, a phone will be his/her best way to ask for help.

And a computer is always helpful to a child’s study. Google is the bridge that connects your child to the world’s knowledge. Also, online teaching has been a trend now, if you cut off their computers, I’m afraid that it will have the opposite effect.

To wrap up, it’s totally acceptable to let your child have a phone and computer. For children who love video games, we need to download a parental control app to help them detox.

Case 1: Detox Your Child Playing Video Games on the Phone

More and more video game companies have released the mobile version of their best-selling, including Minecraft, Fortnite, Pokemon, Genshin, and a lot more. So, adding parental control to your child’s phone is a job you must do if you want him/her to fight addiction.

For parental control apps on phones, there’re actually a lot of good choices, like:

  • the leading icon: mSpy;
  • an old-school phone hacker: FlexiSpy

All of them are helpful and just differ in some features. You can choose any of them.  Today, we will use mSpy and show you how to protect the kid with mSpy.

mSpy Parental Control
Monitor your child’s mobile device without them knowing! Stop worry, let’s take action!

  • Track real-time and history GPS location & geofence setup
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browsing history
  • Read Social Media: FB, IG, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, etc

mSpy is a competitor among parental control apps and quickly wins the hearts of concerned parents with its wonderful features.

It spies on the phone and gives parents everything: time of using the phone, installed and frequently used apps, browsing history, messages, calls, etc. Is your child staying up late for video games? The answer takes only one glance.

When your child is addicted to video games, uninstall the app from your child’s phone remotely. You don’t have to use his/her phone and be there. Simply click the Block button on your phone to remove and block this game on your kid’s phone. From then on, this game will never accessible on your child’s phone unless you cancel the restriction.

mSpy Dashboard

When your child behaves well most of the time and just can’t help to play the game at night occasionally, mSpy provides a milder solution: block the Wi-Fi.

Your child can still enjoy the game in their leisure time. But at bedtime, you can block your house’s Wi-Fi on your child’s phone. It’s a brick now and the teenager has no other choice but to sleep.

To make sure the relationship between you and the kid is stable and harmonious, this app is designed to be hidden and invisible. Everything you do to your child’s phone via this app is unknown. “Maybe it’s because of the restriction of the system, the platform, or the network”, this might be your child’s answer but will never blame it on you.

Ultimate Attempt: Don’t Stop the Game Addiction, Support It with Full Strength

To be honest, some teenagers are born to be rebellious.

No matter how hard you try, the video game addiction will never go away. Your child may never listen to any of your advice and avoid family or friend gatherings. In some extreme cases, kids might steal to get money to buy a phone or PC for games.

When persuasion, restriction, and punishment help a little, consider this: encourage and support him/her to play video games.

Tell Your Child: Become A Professional Gamer or Quit It

Passion dies. Your child may love video games. But what if you ask him/her to play that game 24/7 for a week or a month? The interest, curiosity, and passion for the game will vanish when your kid has to face the game all along.

That’s just like someone who loves Big Mac but will never eat it again when he only eats Big Mac for food a year. This is what people do when they have to face something every day.

To make sure the impact, you need to give your full support to his/her gaming “career”. You need to ask for a long leave from school for your kid. Tell your boy or girl this:

Since you love video games so much, I’m thinking about letting you quit school and become a professional gamer. And I want you to focus on your game and nothing else. If you agree, we will start. Otherwise, say goodbye to your device.

No kid can refuse that. They will happily take the challenge.

Make A Training Plan and Be Harsh

Then, set up the rules and target:

  • Train (play the game) 12 hours per day including weekends and holidays;
  • Must win 85% of the games and duals. Otherwise, you need to play for extra hours to achieve this (like OT);
  • No more TV time, no cartoons and movies, no party time, and sporting time.
  • Join a competition every month and must win a title. Increase 2-hour training when fails.

During “training”, you must be 100% strict and have no mercy. If your child fails to achieve the 85% winning rate, ask him/her to continue even if midnight comes.

Check his/her room repeatedly, and don’t let your kid take a break or nap. Wake your child up and make coffee for him/her. Rest when 85% is displayed.

A Training Center Will be More Efficient

If the interest doesn’t die in a week or month, send your child to a gaming training center where all gifted and skillful gamers start. The training there will be harsher. And more deadly, your child will feel desperate when everyone at the center outruns him/her on gaming. Trust me, this is not rare.

Now, playing video games is no longer entertainment but a mission, an obligation. He/she will soon give up on the dream of being a professional gamer. However, you need to realize this if your child survives all the training and harshness, he/she may be born with this talent. You’d better consider letting this genius become a gamer.

Consult the Prefessionals

If you plan to take this plan, I have to tell you that this is the helper when you’re desperate. There’re lots of cases of kids detoxing video games in China under the effect of this plan. However, there are no such cases in the US, at least it’s not covered and released.

You’d better consult some professionals, including the local therapist, the manager of the target training center, and most importantly, your partner, for sure.


Now that you know these beneficial ways to help lessen children’s addiction to video games, if not detox/stop it, you’ll be able to help improve his/her wellbeing. Being able to check and know our children, especially teenagers, helps us guide them according to their needs as they grow. Teaching them to become responsible and not to play all the time is something they would surely appreciate in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Research studies show that it needs up to 90 days to detox from video games. And within these 90 days, he/she may experience the following.

  • Mood swings/irritability
  • Urge to play video games
  • Anxiety/depression
  • And any response depends upon what the person may show

Interactive and educational video games had a positive effect on a child’s brain development. Exclusively aggressive or lethal and entertaining media video games on the other hand had a negative effect.

Yes, too many video games, especially violent ones, have negative effects on children’s behavior. Aside from irritability and aggressive behaviors, they lack the interest to socialize with others. As well as to read or study, play physical games/sports, and exercise. They deprive themselves of sleep and become overweight or lose eating appetite.