Two Best Ways on How to Catch a Cheating Husband

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My husband cheated! This is the greatest fear of every woman. Young and old, rich and poor, sweet or not, romantic or not, great provider or not, Mr. Perfect or not, if he will cheat on you, he will.

Bad Memory – My Husband Cheated on Me

“I got pregnant at the age of 19, married the next year, and caught my husband cheating at 25 through his phone. Caught him cheating again a year after that, then he abandoned me with two sons for a rich woman 20 years older than me.”

One cannot truly imagine the pain a wife goes through from the moment she thinks of her husband cheating. All the process of finding out the truth and desperately making a move to prove the hunch until finally unraveling it.

Two years after he’s gone for good, I was able to move on and live a happy life. My reputation resulted in having my closest female friends coming at me, confiding, and asking how to know if their husbands are cheating. It’s quite ironic laughing while talking about it with them now. Let me share it with you, too!

Part 1: Is Your Husband Cheating on You

First, through your instinct! It’s inevitable for women to feel something is wrong, or to sense that something is fishy in a relationship. When you have this feeling towards your husband – he’s cheating, don’t just ask him whether he is cheating or not! Most husbands say wives are just “paranoid”. So never confront your husband without proof. Indeed, we need evidence to prove that he is a cheating husband, the key is how to.

See if he has the behaviors below. All of them below are summarized by countless heartbroken wives. Read on and check your husband.

  • If your husband is always talking to someone on the phone and would simply slip away to distance himself. Sometimes there is a scheduled time for the call, but mostly, it’s when either of them is vacant. They can even do that via chat messages. No offense meant, guys.
  • You better watch out if there are only a few contact persons on the list or a male-named person suspiciously calling him most of the day and/or night. Because most husbands are naming their other girls after male friends or colleagues for you not to suspect.
  • He won’t let you know his device’s passcode: phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Privacy reasons? Really?
  • We don’t want to be paranoid but their sudden sweetness and romanticism can also be a hint. If he shows you gifts and surprises out of nowhere that you gradually get used to, then beware. Don’t be too confident, wife!
  • Always absent-minded. Physically present but mentally absent whether in daily life activities or during occasions. And he isn’t focused on your conversations about family matters and kid’s stuff like he used to.
  • He’s not a jealous type of husband but suddenly, he becomes very suspicious of you. Worst of all, he accuses you of cheating as a projection of his deeds.
  • And finally, he’s very vocal about your shortcomings as a wife or as a mother. When he used to adore you being a wife and a mother.

Therefore, you shouldn’t let these behaviors slip away if it’s recurring. No matter what they say, women’s instinct is 99% accurate! It’s inborn! Connect the dots and do the math before it’s too late. Always, trust your instinct!

Confirming your hunch can lessen the emotional and physical stress and likely gives you peace of mind. Still, you need to find the actual evidence to prove a cheating husband. Now, let’s see the best ways how to catch a cheater.


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Part 2: Find Out How to Catch a Cheating Husband

Aside from money and resources, it also needs time and patience for us, wives to successfully catch a cheating husband. This isn’t instant! Below are the two best ways that I found useful to catch a cheating husband. One takes money and resources, and the other requires patience.

Method one: Catch a cheating husband by hiring a Private Investigator (PI)

Hire a private investigator (PI) near your husband (makes sense!). Private investigators are detectives who are experts in the field of spying. They work invisibly to keep track, monitor the target, collect proof and evidence, and shadow the person of interest.

However, getting a trustworthy one is challenging. Some might only take your payment and disappear without a trace. Do your research first and prepare some questions before consulting one. Here are some of my suggestions in finding one:


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

However, getting a trustworthy one is challenging. Some might only take your payment and disappear without a trace. Do your research first and prepare some questions before consulting one. Here are some of my suggestions in finding one:

Highly Recommended PI

A PI must be recommended by a trusted attorney or person close to you. Be wiser to know who is fake or liars and who is legitimate.

Knows Limitations

Also, you need to pay attention that technically and legally, PIs are not allowed to hack or access your husband’s phone and other personal records. So never ask them to do any illegal activity. Basically, all the PI could do is somewhat stalk your husband for hours in a week or so taking pictures and videos.

Professional PI

Look for a professional PI whom you’ll be comfortable working with since you’ll be entrusting him confidential information. He should have an office where you can talk business and a license if it applies to your place or country. Ask for some references and do some background checks through police department clerks, the FBI office, criminal defense lawyers, and District Attorney’s office investigators.

PI License

Consult with Prospect PI

Meet with your prospect PI. Ask about his work experiences, the length of time the PI has been working, and their specializations. Prepare and bring the important information relevant to the case to help you decide whether you’ll hire him or not. It’s not necessary to pay any money before the PI starts but you need to know how much the charges will be. Note that their service rate varies. You also need to fund additional fair expenses or calls.

After you chose one, set up a meeting to close the deal. Your cooperation and honesty are a must in answering the questions. Look for a new one if you feel like you’re not comfortable sharing confidential information with the PI anymore. Be patient as it would take days or weeks to get results. Therefore, the PI should call you or update you in any manner you agreed upon after a few days.

Any wife can hire a private investigator though there still are limitations when it comes to surveillance and monitoring. Evidence collected might also be circumstantial. Choosing one with good and professional working skills, won’t waste both your time and money.

Method two: Catch a Cheating Husband Without Being Found Out

In a fast-evolving world, we now have a better and easier way to get through our husband’s devices undetected, much cheaper than hiring a PI. Husbands become wiser on cheating but guess what, technological apps are too! If the PI can’t do any surveillance on his device, then no problem. There’s a mobile spy app that can help you do all that, mSpy!


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

mSpy is the leading hidden phone tracker app. It’s a one-stop solution app for tracking your husband’s phone activities in the background. It helps monitor your husband’s digital activity from contacts, text messages/conversations, calls, events, photos, videos, installed apps, and social network chats plus GPS location and screen records. How is that?

mSpy can do more than stalking for you. It can hack into your cheating husband’s device and lets you gather proof that he’s a cheater on his digital activity.

Monitor the contacts on his phone and all calls. Check names and contact numbers, as well as who calls him or who he calls in to and for how long, even the calls he has missed.

View Contacts on mSpy

Read all his text messages and messaging apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Instagram, Hangouts, Line, Tinder, Telegram, Kik, and iMessage. See any conversations that suggest he’s having an affair.

Also, read emails (incoming and outgoing), view the sender, date and time, and the subject. Track even the recipient’s information as if it’s your email.

mSpy’s GPS location features give you a comprehensive report of his whereabouts in Google maps. Find his exact location with date and time. And it also tracks all Wi-Fi hotspots he visits, views its full connection details (name, time, duration, type). Look through the Wi-Fi network list to further confirm if he’s in a suspicious building/place. So your husband can’t trick you where he is.

View Map GPS on mSpy

  • Do you want to see what he’s been saying visually? How about reading the messages that have disappeared? Here comes mSpy Screenrecorder. It snaps pics and captures everything in a chat every time the screen changes. As the keylogger captures every keystroke, Screenrecorder keeps complete photos of all of their actual conversation in the most popular social media apps. It’s downloadable too! Everything can be checked.

It’s all at your fingertip by remotely browsing the mSpy Control Panel. You can do all these yourself undetected, anytime, anywhere, 24/7 if you want to.

Install mSpy at Your Husband’s Device

Step 1: Subscribe to mSpy

Click the button below to subscribe and follow the detailed instructions sent to your email. Then you’re all set to do the espionage.

Step 2: Start monitoring to catch your cheating husband

Visit the link sent via email to access the mSpy Control Panel.

Log in using the username and password sent via email.

mSpy Download

Track your husband’s cell phone. Just choose the Calls in the General Features option to see incoming/outgoing/missed calls log or Text Messages/Social Networks to read and view all conversations. See the update every 5 minutes.

You surely won’t have any problem. It’s that simple!

Final Words

Number 1 rule, trust your instincts. Check on the signs of a cheating husband and never confront your husband without proof of evidence. It’s not entirely your fault he cheats, but knowing that you feel something wrong is going on and having hunches, doing nothing to confirm it is, I may say, partly your fault. So face your fear!

Catching your husband cheating doesn’t mean it’s the end of your marriage. There are many married couples centuries ago who overcame this challenge up to the present. Now that we already have the software and app like mSpy Cell Phone Tracker to help you confirm it, you can now have peace of mind. You can sleep tight and save your marriage or set both of yourselves free. Better subscribe to this app now and think of your future than forever hold your peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are more chances of catching a cheating spouse using the spy app nowadays compared to hiring a trusted Private Investigator or confronting him/her and getting a straight answer. Here are some of the good apps you can rely on to catch a cheater:

  • mSpy
  • uMobix
  • ClevGuard
  • Hoverwatch
  • FlexiSPY
  • MobileSpy

A cheater would always do whatever it takes to hide his/her track. But action speaks louder than words! You can never let go of the feeling or thought that he/she is cheating on you if his/her body language gives the cues. Lots of these gestures combined means something’s fishy.

Here are some of the ways how cheaters hide their tracks:

  • A change from “normal behavior”, like from being romantic to friendly gestures; you are not included in the loop or schedules anymore; 
  • Sudden but an unknown confidence booster; there’s something that spikes his/her happiness; 
  • Avoids serious conversation and eye contact; that means he/she is lying or hiding something; 
  • Body languages that mean avoidance of you: cross arms, eye scratching, he/she is moving away from you, rubbing their back or back of neck, closed hands, works more hours which doesn’t make sense, and many more; 
  • Won’t tell phone’s passcode or becomes super cautious on turning phone off before sleeping; their phone becomes the most important thing in their life; 
  • Sudden want to try new on bed; it’s a mirror of newly discovered bed experiences, as if they’re boasting their affair with you; 
  • More body-conscious to get rid of suspicious scents; take shower first when they get home or buy a new set of cologne or perfume; and 
  • Always super stressed and upsets easily with NO obvious factor where these are coming from; it’s as if they’re hiding a deep secret.