List of Inappropriate Websites to Block and How to Block Them

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Some websites are healthy for every group of people. However, some toxic websites like pornography, violence, gambling, and drugs make everyone who reads them crazy.

These inappropriate websites are stately listed and can be easily accessed by every phone, waiting to destroy the next victim who gets in intentionally or accidentally. Nobody should underestimate the damage that these websites do to young and naive children. They’re extra vulnerable and lack the ability to take these new, attractive, and addictive websites correctly. Once they take the first sip, there’ll be no end unless external intervention is taken.

Parents, you’re the external force. You will take responsibility for your child’s mental health and stop him/her from accessing those inappropriate websites on the phone and computer. Let’s buckle up to guarantee a pure and clean adolescence for your child.

Method 1: How to Block Inappropriate Websites on Android

To block these bad websites on your child’s Chrome, we have multiple solutions. Now, we will use the easiest one and you can start to do it right after you finish your reading. It’s very handy and requires no skills at all.

Steps to Block Inappropriate Websites on Android

To begin with, you need physical access to your child’s phone and you need to pass the lock screen. Once you achieve that, we will move on to the formal steps.

Step 1: Download A Third-party Blocker

We need help from third-party apps to total remove all access to inappropriate websites. What apps can we turn to? Anti-virus, firewall, or some specifically designed apps can be of good help.

Here, I will take the famous anti-virus Mcafee as an example to show you how to block websites from your child’s Android phone.

First of all, download Mcafee on your child’s phone and complete the installation. As for the permissions that it asks, allow all.

Step 2: Complete the Setup

Launch the Mcafee app. Sign up for an account and subscribe. You may choose to start with the 30-day free trial.

Mcafee Installation Setup

Then, choose to turn on the Safe Web function to block risky websites and links. There, you can see that Mcafee will filter all the safe and suitable websites on every browser app of this phone.

Now, your child will not have any chance to access inappropriate websites on this Android.

FAQs: Can I use other apps?

Of course, other good anti-viruses like Kaspersky and Norton will help too. You can use any other app that you trust. They will help you anyhow.

Method 2: How to Block Inappropriate Websites on iPhone

When it comes to the world’s most popular phone – iPhone, things get easier. Apple Inc. has put an iPhone Parental Control on their system.

For parents, you only need to tap some buttons on your or your child’s iPhone to block all access to bad websites and content. And most importantly, it’s free. And with the right setup, you can even do it remotely.

Also, to make sure the blocking is stable, iOS will ask you to set a password. So, your kid cannot disable that parental control and regain access to any inappropriate websites.How to Put Parental Controls on iPhone/iPad

Below, I will show you the steps to do on your child’s iPhone. You can do the same setup on your own iPhone when both of you are in the iOS Family settings.

Step 1

Open the Settings app and tap on Screen Time. Under this function, choose to Turn On Screen Time Passcode. Then, enter a 4-digit combination (pure numbers).

Step 2

Done adding the passcode, back to the Screen Time page. Locate the Content & Privacy Restriction tab and tap to enter. Turn on this feature and enter the passcode to confirm.

Step 3

Follow this path: Content RestrictionsWeb ContentsLimit Adult Websites. By doing this, iOS will block all adult websites that are not suitable for your kid.

iPhone Web Content

Also, you can choose to add specific websites that you won’t let your child browse. Find the Add Websites button below NEVER ALLOW and enter the address of a website. Repeat the process to block multiple websites.

Exit the page to complete.

Method 3: How to Block Inappropriate Websites on Phones

Anti-virus, firewall, and iPhone Parental Control can block most inappropriate websites. The sad thing is some inappropriate websites will still be accessible due to great disguise.

The website host will first of all fake the website as a normal and clean website. Later, they will add certain entrances that lead to the hidden toxic contents. This is just one way of their disguise and there’re a lot more.

As a result, these bad websites will still be on the white list instead of being blocked on your child’s phone.

What to Do to Completely Block Inappropriate Websites

To block a disguised inappropriate website, you need to know the target first. There’re millions of websites out there and you need to narrow down to one and block it. So, check your child’s browser history.

Checking the history is never easy, especially when your child uses incognito mode or deletes the history from time to time, you can lose your target.

Is there any solution to help us check all the websites your child visits? Sure, there’re a lot.

Monitor Browser History Before You Block Inappropriate Websites

There’s this kind of phone monitoring app that can help you keep an eye on your child’s browsing history, including the visits, searches, likes, etc. To locate and block websites on your child’s phone, we need help from it.

To save time from picking one app from hundreds of options, allow me to give you one top-class app in the industry: mSpy.

mSpy Parental Control
Monitor your child’s mobile device without them knowing! Stop worry, let’s take action!

  • Track real-time and history GPS location & geofence setup
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browsing history
  • Read Social Media: FB, IG, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, etc

A Glance at mSpy: An Efficient Web Checker and Blocker

mSpy has won parents’ hearts for more than a decade. This British parental control app works so hard to deliver a clean and safe environment to the child and absolute ease to the parents with its full-range monitoring features.

This app will be installed on the child’s phone and ever since that, parents can check and restrict the activities remotely without touching the child’s device. In this case, you will be less like to irritate your kid by checking the phone all the time. Your action remains secret and no fight will occur.

Monitor and Block Browsing Activity

The very first reason why I recommend mSpy is that it can do both monitoring and blocking at the same time.

First of all, no matter it’s

  • the famous Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera,
  • or a private browser like DuckDuckGo or Aloha,

Every visited website will be marked down by mSpy.

Incognito mode? Don’t worry, every page and search is visible even in incognito mode. Deleted history? Never a thing when you use mSpy. The history has been recorded already. Your child can erase the history on the phone but can never erase the record on mSpy.

Block Pornographic Gaming Sites on Your Child’s Device

Once you find the websites, visit them and test them by yourself. You will soon find out whether this is a good website or not.

Target located. Still, on mSpy, we use its website blocker feature to completely block this website on your child’s phone.

Type in the URL and click the Block button. Easy as that. This disguised bad website is no longer a threat to your child.

Steps to Monitor And Block Websites on Phone

Using mSpy and protecting your child’s network activity is pretty easy. To begin with, sign up for mSpy and finish the setup.

Depending on your child’s phone – Android or iPhone, you need to choose a different option.

And then mSpy will send an email to your registered email address. Check your inbox and you will find one with these attachments:

  • Link to download the mSpy app;
  • A tutorial to download, install, and activate the app on your child’s phone;
  • Login details like account and password;
  • etc.

Now, on your child’s phone, go to the download link and get the mSpy monitoring app. Complete the download and installation as the tutorial said.


The mSpy app will be invisible on your child’s phone, both on the desktop and in the background. So, don’t worry about getting caught.

After that, you can go to mSpy dashboard and find the Browser History option. Then, on the right panel, you will find the name of the website, the URL, and the time your child visited this page.

Locate the website you want to block and click on the Block Websites option. Enter the URL and click Block to complete.

Block Pornographic Gaming Sites on Your Child’s Device

Major List of Inappropriate Websites to Block

Upon research, here are the major apps or sites we should never ignore if installed or accessed by our child. Note that every day, there are new inappropriate sites being launched. So we should monitor our kid’s phones on a monthly basis or every 3 months and block such.

List of Porn Sites to Block

Actually, there are so many porn sites online. Some are through photos and videos. Check these out and block porn on your kid’s device.

  1. Chaturbate – (URL: It’s a live performance done by models or couples on a webcam.
  2. Bongacams – (URL: An app that live streams erotic performances of camboys, models, or couples.
  3. Stripchat – (URL: Offers free live sex shows wherein you can interact by chatting.
  4. Sex Like Real – A virtual reality porn sharing site.
  5. Badoink VR – A virtual reality pornography production company.
  6. Brazzers – A Canadian porn video production company.
  7. Pornhub – It streams hardcore porn videos.
  8. Extreme Movie Pass – Has extreme sexual acts videos.
  9. – Selected videos of sex scenes and full porn movies.
  10. Redtube – A pornographic video sharing site.
  11. Ersties – Real sex on cam, orgies, and others.
  12. YouJizz – Porn movies and sex videos.
  13. Simply Hentai – Hentai manga and anime porn.
  14. IPornTV – Offers mobile porn.
  15. MobilePornMovies – Sex videos, movies, and triple X photos.
  16. Bikini Fanatics – This shows women having fun in sexy bikinis.
  17. YourVoyeurVideos – A site of voyeur videos and pictures.
  18. Hot Guys Fuck – Porn videos focusing on guys’ muscles and hot physical features.
  19. Backroom Casting Couch – A website that shows the real ordeal behind adult modeling interviews.
  20. 4Chan – An imageboard website with a variety of topics including anime, history, cooking, and more. 4Chan’s contents are hardcore porn and hatred.
Block Pornographic Gaming Sites on Your Child’s Device

Gaming Sites

Block the pornographic gaming sites on your child’s device.

  1. VR Porn – An American virtual reality porn site with games.
  2. Nutaku – Offers mobile sex games.
  3. Kink – Shows kinky videos and other aspects of pornography.
  4. PornGamesHub – Porn games featuring incest and new adult sex theme.
  5. FapTitans – An adult gaming and dating site.

Chat Sites

These apps can be an easy platform for sextortionist and sexual predators. And these perpetrators intentionally target youngsters and teenagers to groom. Simply because it’s not difficult to lure curious kids. Watch out for the signs of child predators or pedophiles to keep your kids safe from online threats.

  1. Yubo – (URL: Considered a teen dating app.
  2. Chatroulette – (URL: An on-cam chatting website that pairs two users by lot.
  3. Omegle – (URL: Anonymously chat one-on-one with any other users worldwide. Parents must keep their teens safe from Omegle.
  4. ChatRandom – A video chatting app for random strangers.
  5. TalkWithStranger – Private video chat room with other cool people.
  6. Fruzo – A dating Social Network app that connects possible matches.
  7. Chat-Avenue – Chat room website for adults, singles, gays, and lesbians.
  8. FaceFlow – A video conference with several friends, family, and strangers.
  9. iMeetzu – A live video and text chat room with random people.
  10. PalTalk – Offers video group chat room services for all people worldwide.

Dating Apps

For all the single ladies and gents, this is a way to look for a flirting partner or a prospective spouse. Sadly, teenagers can fake their age and join these dating apps. Therefore, underage kids can be an easy target of sexual predators and pedophiles. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

  1. eHarmony – (URL: An international dating site for adult singles.
  2. Match – (URL: A dating site for young adults.
  3. Zoosk – (URL: It’s an inclusive mobile dating app that matches users by behavior.
  4. EliteSingles – A dating website for highly educated men and women.
  5. Tinder – Dating app for young and old users. Both users must match first before they can chat with each other.
  6. OKCupid – Matches users based on their shared interests and what they love.
  7. AdultFriendFinder – An adult dating app for casual sex and secret hookups.
  8. Bumble – A modern dating app that encourages equality among men and women. Find out if your child is on Bumble.
  9. MeetMe – Lets you chat with new users near you right now.
  10. HER – A geosocial networking app exclusive for lesbian, queer, bisexual, straight women, and nonbinary people. Cisgender men aren’t welcome.
Block Social Networks From Child’s Device

Social Media

Approximately all parents think Social Media is fine for kids. Unfortunately, the research result doesn’t say so. Because these sites can cause anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and wrong mentality on body image. It’s time for you to weigh whether you should block these Social Networks from your child’s device.

  1. Snapchat – A platform for photo sharing and chatting.
  2. Instagram – A Social Media app for posting photos and videos.
  3. – This can be an addictive online community for all people worldwide. Anyone can share their real experiences, express their own ideas, and meet new people.
  4. Facebook – A site for posting, chatting, and online business.
  5. Twitter – A microblogging and Social Network site for posts and tweets.
  6. YouTube – A website for video sharing.
  7. TikTok – This allows you to create and share 15-second videos up to 10-minute videos.
  8. Kik – An interactive messaging app.
  9. Telegram – Mobile and desktop messaging app.
  10. MeWe – A next-generation Social Network site.

Gambling Apps

Undeniably, playing is fun. Although, it’s another story if our youngsters play poker online. They might become addicted to gambling if not corrected. So it’s better to often check for any gambling on kids’ devices too.

  1. Planet 7 Casino – (URL: An online casino in America.
  2. Bet Online – (URL: Private held online gambling site for sports betting and online casinos.
  3. Cool Cat – (URL: A virtual casino.
  4. Free Spin – Offers slots games, table games, video poker games, and more.
  5. Grand Prive – Has excellent online casinos.
  6. Bovada – A gambling site for sports betting, poker, casino games, and horse race betting.
  7. SlotoCash – Online casino with classic videos.
  8. RoyalAceCasino – A large collection of online casino games for USA players.

Tip: Adults’ Websites Names

You may also try to check out the adults’ websites’ names to have a hint of what websites should be blocked. Some can be as simple as PinkVale or Fixsive. Most are as vulgar as EroticaDater or NastyExposers. Search further online.

We, parents, should be aware of the list of inappropriate websites to block so we could protect our children from accessing them. Learn how to block inappropriate websites on phones or your child’s device.

Final Words

In view of this article, we can do better to prevent our children from getting addicted to pornography or gambling. Naturally, we will do anything we can for them not to see adult materials at a young age. In time, you can educate them about these matters for them to be able to avoid it. Try to use a higher level of restriction if verbal prohibitions aren’t effective like the mSpy Parental Control app.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can block unwanted websites on Android phones without using an app by doing this.

  1. On your Android phone, tap the Google app.
  2. Then try to search for anything on the search box.
  3. Look for the More option in the lower right corner and click it.
  4. Go to Settings and choose the General option.
  5. Toggle on the SafeSearch button.

So all inappropriate websites will be blocked on your Android phone. Though kids can learn to undo this in time. So better use mSpy Parental Control.

For what it’s worth, it’s very sad to say that Snapchat’s auto-deletion feature causes parents to hate it. This feature makes it difficult to see what your child is doing on Snapchat. Knowing that it’s a dating app, it really is flooding with online predators and sextortionists.

But thanks a lot, we have reliable spy apps nowadays like mSpy. We no longer need to manually get our kids’ phones and scan them. mSpy lets us see all of the popular Social App conversations. As well as block unwanted Social Media apps like Snapchat. Preventing any harm from befalling our children.