Smooth Ways to Ask A Girl if She Likes You

By Last Updated: January 12th, 2023Categories: Relationship Counseling

There’s a giddy feeling when you think a girl likes you, especially when you have a crush on her, too. It just feels like you’re the luckiest guy on earth. But not so fast! There’s a thin line between basing expectations on the truth and just assuming things plainly. Have you heard her say that she likes you? If not, calm yourself down and read this article we’ve written for you.

Whether she’s a friend, workmate, classmate, or an acquaintance, it’s important that you know the truth right from the source. That way, you don’t expect too much and get hurt in the end. And even if you don’t like her back, you may still need to know, especially if she’s one of your closest friends. It can help you avoid showing mixed signals to her and not lead her on.

With that, below are some effective ways on how to ask a girl if she likes you directly or indirectly. Try them out!

Part 1: Directly Ask the Girl if She Likes You

If you are really sure that she likes you, and you’ve seen all the signs and hints. The best thing you can do to confirm is to directly ask her. You may talk to her in person or through other means. Yes! You may try talking to her when she’s alone. That way, she’s more comfortable. Calling or texting her works, too, if both of you are not into confronting the question “Do you like me?” face to face.

Guy Girl Talking

The most important thing is that you are able to confirm if she likes you directly from here. However, if the facts are still a bit vague and want to make sure you’re not misinterpreting the way she treats you, there are indirect and more subtle ways to ask her if she likes you without her knowing.

And if by any chance you like her, too, and you want to ask her on Valentine’s day, you may need to have creative ideas to get her to say yes.

Part 2: Indirect Ways to Ask A Girl if She Likes You

These indirect ways require you to be more perceptive. The chance of you getting confirmation that she likes you is only 50% as some of the clues you may find could be ambiguous or have no significant meaning at all. But it’s worth a try if you’re collecting more signs she likes you.

1. Strike an Eye-to-eye Contact

If you both see each other frequently, this method can give some results. If you stare at her and she looks back at you, then she looks away smiling, that’s an indication she might like you. You may also surmise she likes you if she’s blushing whenever your eyes meet.

Eye-to-eye contact can happen unintentionally. But if you choose to intentionally look at her, just make sure you don’t look like a creep as it would definitely make her uncomfortable and you may get the wrong conclusion.

2. Try Talking to Her when She’s Busy

This trick can immediately reveal if she really likes you. You see, if she’s busy doing important things such as studying for an exam, work, etc., and she willingly takes the time and interrupts them to accommodate you, that spells it. There’s a huge chance she likes you.

Girl Likes You

Because if she doesn’t like you at all, she would probably just ignore you and make excuses not to talk to you.

3. Let Her Talk About Her Ideal Guy

When you ask girls about their ideal guy, there’s no doubt they write a whole book about it! They get excited to explain all the qualities they are looking for in a guy they want to be with. So, use this trick with the girl you think likes you.

If she ever happens to describe things that match your qualities, that’s a sign that she’s actually describing you. And that increases the possibility that the person she’s been dreaming of is you.

If that happens, you may follow it up with a question if what she’s describing is you. Then, observe her reaction and see if she blushes. And if she ever jokes around saying you’re her ideal guy, that speaks for itself. She likes you but just playing it safe, too.

4. Ask Her Friends if She Likes You

Friends are usually supportive when it comes to romance. Some of them even go as far as to find you a perfect match or date. This goes to her friends, too. If you can’t ask the girl directly, ask her friends instead. There’s a high chance they’d tell you the truth and even help you ask her yourself.

Talking To Friends

And if you like the girl, asking her friends if she likes you can get you guaranteed if you have a chance to court her. You may even ask them if she’s single. That way, you can stay away from trouble.

5. Observe How She Acts when You’re Around

If words can’t tell if she likes you, then go for her body language and facial expressions. When you’re with the person you like in the same room or you’re near to each other, the normal reaction is to look a bit distracted.

So, try observing her whenever your paths cross if she exhibits the following hints:

  • She’d stare at you for a few seconds and look away when you notice.

  • In some cases, she may even want to get seated near you.

  • When you talk to her, she may stutter, hide her shaking hands or can’t look into your eyes.

  • She might also try to fix her hair to look presentable or check herself in the mirror.

  • In rare instances, she might wink at you and then shy away.

  • You may also find her hiding from you.

There are more physical clues that you may find once you are with her. However, if your presence doesn’t faze her at all and she’s not giving any nervous reactions. It may be safe to assume she doesn’t like you. But mind you, there are girls who are good at hiding their emotions.

6. Ask Her Out and Check Her Gestures

If the girl whom you suspect likes you belongs to your group of friends, you can try asking her to hang out, just the two of you together. And if she outright refuses your offer, then that’s an obvious indication she doesn’t like you. Not convinced? Well, you can ask her out multiple times. If you continuously get more excuses, you have to accept she’s not interested.

Clingy Girl

But by any chance, she hangs out with you, be it on a dinner date, movie night, or walk in the park, try to check her physical gestures towards you. See if she’s attempting to be clingy and touchy-feely with you. Whether or not she’s aware of it, if she touches you more often, that’s a sign she likes you. Her body gestures just can’t lie when it comes to her feelings. As much as possible, she’d find a subtle way to let you know she likes you.

Aside from gestures, you may also notice that she puts more effort into her outfit on coffee dates. She wants to look attractive to you whenever the two of you go out.


Knowing if a girl likes you or not is a great advantage for any guy. It can help put your expectations on the right track to avoid getting hurt or hurting someone. So, if by any chance you suspect that your girl friend, workmate, classmate, etc. has a crush on you, act right away.

Taking the step to confirm whether or not it’s true is especially an advantage if you like her, too.


The most important thing to consider if you want to make a girl stay interested in you is to make time for her. Despite your busy schedules, make sure that you can still find time to hang out with her through dates, vacations, and whatnot. You can also add physical contact if it’s one of her love languages.

There are three things that can tell you she’s in love with you:

  • She always talks about you with her friends and family.
  • She tries her best to maintain your chat or conversation to make sure you don’t get bored.
  • She remembers every important fact about you in detail.