The Truth: How Often Do Guys Think About The Girl They Like

By Last Updated: January 12th, 2023Categories: Relationship Counseling

When a guy falls in love or gets attracted to a girl, there’s no telling how often he would think about her. Sometimes, he’d just zone out at work, school, or even while traveling and think of her face. He’d also find himself listening to love songs, imagining the feeling of holding the soft and gentle hands of the girl he likes.

You see, men and boys are really good at hiding their emotions. Some even go as far as to keep it a secret to the grave. You may not even notice they’re thinking about girls and you may also not know what’s happening in their thoughts. But it’s normal! Men and women are designed to think of each other when it comes to attraction, love, etc.

Now, if a guy likes you and you’re wondering or just curious if he thinks of you all the time, you’re just in time. In this article, we will answer: How often do guys thinks about the girl they like? We will also discuss the possible factors that contribute to such behavior. We will also give you tips on how to make him think of you more often. Read on!

Part 1: How Often Do Guys Think about The Girl They Like

According to recent studies, when a guy has a crush on a girl, he would think of her 10 times a day. The maximum is 70 when he’s really into her and not too busy.

However, in cases where the guy is dating with the girl, the number of times he thinks of her diminishes. that doesn’t mean his feelings for her have gone down. And if he sees her every day for several times, there’s no need to think of her multiple times.

Man Thinking

Indeed, if the guy and the girl are in a relationship, the frequency of them meeting can directly affect how often he thinks of her. This is evident in long-distance relationships where one of the easiest ways to strengthen how you feel about your partner is to think of them more often.

Overall, keep in mind that these numbers are just an estimate. They don’t really speak for all guys in general. The number of times guys think of the girl they like varies from person to person and depends on the factors that contribute and influence their actions and thoughts.

Part 2: Things that Make Guys Think of The Girl They Like

Below are the things that make guys think of the girl they like more often. It’s important to understand them so you won’t accuse every guy who likes you of being obsessed with you.

Relationship to the Girl

A guy’s relationship with the girl has the biggest impact on how often he thinks of her. This goes to whether or not he’s dating her or if he has a simple crush on her.

When a guy is still not in a relationship with the girl he likes, he would often imagine things such as dating her or having a movie date with her and more. Being friends, classmates, workmates, and strangers with each other heavily affects the situation as well.

Guy Relationship Girl

His Chances of Winning Her Heart

Considering the level of relationship the guy has with the girl he likes, he would also take into account his chances of finally winning her heart. He would weigh on his chances and see if the girl has any positive reactions to his subtle advances. If he surmises that he has one good opportunity, he’d think of the girl more often.

He will plan his next moves like courting her or whatnot. Yes! He would start investigating, asking the people around the girl about what she likes, etc. Unknowingly, he’d invest more of his thoughts on her. However, if the situation is otherwise, he may still think of her often, but he might also think of ways to distract himself from her.

Things that Remind Him of Her

When a guy likes a girl, he’s going to make sure she’s carved into his memory. He would know as many things about her like her favorite color, food, poster, etc. That’s when thinking of her becomes more often.

As he goes on with his day, he would see things that will remind him of the girl he likes, and from there, he’d start thinking of her. How she’s doing and where she’s at. These things also include scents, mannerisms, clothing, pictures, etc.

Man Closed Eyes

His Sexual Urges

Guys have sexual fantasies, too. More often than not, they would think of the girl they like in a sexual way, and it’s normal. Some girls do this, too. This factor is especially true for those guys who have strong sexual attraction to the girl they like but can’t be with.

Part 3: How to Make A Guy Who Likes You Think of You More

Now, if you like the guy and you want him to want you bad and think of you more often, below are some useful tips to get started.

Make him feel like a hero

Ask him for help when you have troubles. He’d think that you need him and will often think of you and your needs.

Be different

Guys love girls who are unique from the rest. You can be weird or unique in ways like doing things that only a few girls love doing like playing basketball, riding a motorcycle, etc. It’s considered a huge turn-on for some guys when the girl they like can do things that other girls can’t.

Ignore him sometimes

Most guys love being challenged, and one way to do it is when you don’t give them your full attention at all times. That way, he’d think of you and how to get your attention.

Compliment him sometimes

Try to drop some compliments for him once in a while, they will stick to him. You can try to tell him how gorgeous he looks with his new shirt, glasses or haircut.

Compliment Him

Make him jealous

When necessary, talk to other guys as well. Let him think about his position in your life. That could also prompt him to think about you hanging out with other guys, which could make him think of more ways to bring you to his side because he can’t stand being jealous.

Be sexy and beautiful sometimes

If you’re someone who’s not into dressing in a provocative way to avoid getting attention, well, try it once in a while, especially when the guy is around. Surprising him that you can be sexy and pretty can be a huge turn-on for him. He would think of it for days. However, don’t do it too often as it might bore him out. Just do it in small doses or when necessary.

Be mysterious

Don’t give everything. There are parts of you that you shouldn’t tell a guy directly. Allow him to have a mysterious image of you. That way, he’d think of you and find a way to discover more about you. If he asks you certain questions about your personal life, don’t answer them all. Guys love solving mysteries so be one if you want them to think of you more often.

With all these tips, you also need to practice being an adult in a relationship. This applies only if you and the guy are already together. But of course, it wouldn’t hurt to be an adult in any kind of relationship, right?


Guys think of girls all the time. And there are a lot of reasons why it happens. It could cause some girls to get into their nerves and annoy them. But more often than not, it’s because they like girls. That;s their nature. So, if you want to know how often the guy who likes you thinks of you, there you have it. He thinks of you a lot and it’s okay.


A man is classified as a pervert if he peeps on women in restrooms or private dressing quarters. Another instance is when he constantly makes you feel uncomfortable with his unsolicited groping or staring at your private body parts. If you see a man do these things, get away from him as soon as possible or seek help from those you trust.

You’d know that a man no longer likes you when he stops being affectionate toward you, either in words or in actions. He stops doing all the sweet things he does to impress you because he’s thinking that it’s no longer worth it and he needs to move on.