How Many Holes Does A Woman Have – Location and Function

By Last Updated: January 30th, 2023Categories: Sexual Education

Sex education is pretty crucial these days. If it’s not taught in school in detail, you may need to navigate through it yourself. One of the most pressing questions that have been asked time and again is: how many holes does a woman have? Many men who are curious about the female body and women who are just starting to explore their genital area have this in mind.

If you have been asking the same question, you’ve landed on the right page! In this article, we’re going to discuss with you the female genitalia, specifically the number of holes, their locations, and their functions. So, dive in and unlock the truth yourself.

Question 1: How Many Holes Does a Woman Have

There are three holes down there namely: vulva/vagina, urethra, and the anus. The former two holes are often confused by some men and women. Knowing these holes is very important when you’re starting to have sexual engagements. You wouldn’t want to stick the thing into the wrong whole, would you? You can refer to the image below to visualize the holes.

Female Genitals

When it comes to their locations, they are pretty easy to spot. When the woman is lying down facing the ceiling, you can see the holes lined up vertically. The urethra is on the top, the vulva or the vagina is in the middle, and the anus sits at the bottom part. Like the back of your hand, right? That’s all you need to remember when navigating down there.

Question 2: What Are the Holes for

Of course, besides the number of holes and their locations. It’s also crucial that you know their purpose and functions. This is particularly a must for people who still don’t understand how such body parts work.


Let’s start from the top. The urethra is the smaller hole of the three. It’s the passageway where a woman’s pee can come through. That means it’s connected to the urinary bladder. In most situations, the urethra closes during extreme arousal, sexual intercourse, fingering or sucking. A woman’s body really makes sure that there won’t be any peeing incidents during an intimate time.

Vagina Woman

Vulva or Vagina

Now, the busiest part down there is the vulva or vagina. It’s the primary female sex organ. The vulva is the term used for the hole or the opening of the vagina. It is used mainly for sex, and masturbation or fingering most of the time. Yes! It is where the erect penis is inserted during sex. Sometimes, vaginal orgasms can happen in the area, but not as common as those orgasms of clitoral origin. Other purposes include menstruation and childbirth.

Yes! That’s how busy a vulva can be. It’s the gateway for all those activities. It’s even where the process of abortion goes through.


The last hole you should know is the anus. Its main function is really for excreting waste from the body or defecation. However, over the years, humans have discovered an incidental purpose to it– anal sex. Yes! With proper anal douching, the anus can be used for penetration, fingering, and rimming.

Bonus: Other Parts of the Female Genitalia You Should Know

Besides those three important holes, you may also want to check out the other important parts of the genital area that have specific functions, too.


This one stands out when you look at a woman’s vagina. It’s like a tiny nub on top. One thing certain about the clitoris is that it has over 8,000 sensitive nerve endings. With that, it’s one of the best parts to stimulate during masturbation or sex. In fact, some women achieve orgasm when it’s being rubbed during penetration or fingering. So, if you’re a guy, take advantage of it during sex. Women like it.

Checking Vagina

Labia Majora and Labia Minora

These two are the other visible parts of the vagina. Labia majora or the outer lips of the vagina act as a protective barrier. They guard the sensitive areas in the inside the vagina. You can see them easily because they are where pubic hair usually grows. On the other hand, the labia minor, or the inner lips protect the parts inside. Aside from that, they also have oil glands that are responsible for natural lubrication.


Women have three holes down their genital area. Knowing how many holes there are is incredibly important, especially for those women who are trying to learn more about their bodies. This is also true for men who are planning to have sex with women for the first time. Such a topic may be uncomfortable to discuss for some but as you age, you have to confront it with an open mind.


For starters, the erect penis should be inserted into the vagina through the vulva. It shouldn’t go to the urethra, but it can be inserted into the anus if you’re into anal sex.

Doctors don’t really recommend vaginal douching. This is because the pH balance down there could go wrong, which could introduce bacteria and infection. However, there are alternative ways you can do it instead of douching.