How Long Are Rabbits Pregnant For – Facts You Should Know

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“Breeding like rabbits”

Almost everyone knows what this saying is, but only a few know its origin. For starters, rabbits are known for their ability to reproduce quickly. In fact, as long as you have a male and a female rabbit at home, you can expect more baby rabbits in a very period.

Now, if you have rabbits at home and you are asking “how long are rabbits pregnant for”, you’ve just found the answer. Below we are going to discuss all the important things you need to know about rabbit pregnancy.

Part 1: What Age Do Female Rabbits Usually Get Pregnant

One of the reasons why rabbits are fast to reproduce is because their reproductive system is developed at a very young age, around 4-6 months. Yes! Not even a year and you can expect your female rabbit to get pregnant if there are males around.

Rabbits Male Female

With this, it’s critical that you always separate the male ones from the females if you don’t want them to propagate in less than a year. Categorizing them by gender early on is the best way you can get around their nature to breed. You may also have your male rabbits neutered if you want to directly eliminate the possibility of breeding.

How Babies Can A Mother Rabbit Have

As per observations, it’s found that a mother rabbit can deliver one to 12 babies in a single pregnancy. And after delivering the babies, a female rabbit can be pregnant again in just a few days. The cycle repeats unless you take active action to deter it.

Part 2: How Long Are Rabbits Pregnant For

When rabbits are pregnant, you can expect around a month or at least 30 days before delivery. That’s the usual length of the pregnancy. However, there are cases where delivery goes up to 33 days.

Rabbit Babies

Now, if you only have two rabbits, male and female, the duration of the pregnancy may not become too much of an issue for you. However, you still need to take into consideration that their babies will sexually mature within 3-6 months, and they can breed with their siblings and have more babies alongside their parents.

Such a situation may be good if you sell or breed rabbits for a living. But if you just want to have pet rabbits around, it could pose a real problem over time.

Part 3: What Are the Signs Your Rabbit Is Pregnant

In case you are curious or worried about whether or not your female rabbits are pregnant, there are things you can do and signs you can see to confirm it. Actually, it’s pretty simple to tell whether your rabbit is pregnant. You can just gently put your two fingers on your rabbit’s belly and observe tiny bumps.

Check Pregnant Rabbits

There are also other signs that you can see for yourself such as:

  • The rabbit’s breasts are swollen, which means that she’s preparing her milk.
  • You observe a nesting behavior. That is common in most pregnant mammals. You will see her dragging everything she needs to make a comfortable nest.
  • She’s drinking water or eating more often. This is because she needs all the energy she can get.
  • Because there are babies in her belly, you can expect a drastic weight gain, especially at the final days of pregnancy.
  • Your rabbit is more aggressive than usual. This is normal behavior for every pregnant animal. She just wants to protect her babies and herself.

If you are unsure whether your bunny is pregnant, you always take her to your trusted vet clinic for a checkup.Your vet can also give you the best advice for your rabbit situation at home.

Final Thoughts

It’s important that you know how long rabbits are pregnant so you can prepare. This is especially the case if you treat your rabbits as your house pets. Such information is also relevant when deciding on the sex of the rabbits you are going to take home. If you want more rabbits, you may have male and female ones. However, if you only need one, just go for the male one to be safe.


Kindling is a word that refers to rabbits delivering babies or giving birth. Kindling usually happens for around 15 minutes. Beyond the expected time, you may need the help of a veterinarian in delivering the baby bunnies.

When you take care of your rabbits as pets, you have them for eight to twelve years. That is the average lifespan of domesticated bunnies. Wild rabbits on the other hand are less likely to live that long because they are prone to get hunted by predators, not to mention the other hazards in the wild.