A Complete Guide: How to Hack Someone’s Phone Remotely

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We all make mistakes. We have a couple of drinks more than normal and suddenly we find ourselves in very awkward or embarrassing situations. It is not nearly as bad as some people might think. After all, we all need a break from the grind.

But what happens when the moments we are the least proud of, get captured on camera? This is what happened to a friend of mine who went to a college party, got drunk, and had a couple of photos of his taken while in a very embarrassing state. He had to make sure that those photos never saw the light of day. He had to find a way to hack into the phone of the person who had taken those photos and delete them.

But is it possible to hack into someone’s phone? And even better, can it be done remotely? Read on, the answer may surprise you.

Method 1: How to hack into someone’s phone for free

First, we will go over the ways we can hack into someone’s phone for free. While there is not a lot you can do in terms of hacking for free (after all, it would be alarming if anyone could hack into phones that easily), you would be surprised at the kind of information you can glean by gaining access to one thing; the target’s Gmail.

If you have access to the target’s Gmail account information, you gain access to an astounding number of things; namely:

  • Their emails.
  • All the files on Google drive.
  • Their location information on Google maps.
  • Their apps.
  • Their calendar.
  • Their photos on Google photos.

But how can you gain access to one’s Gmail account?

Unless you have the ability to read minds, you will probably have to guess the target’s username and password. Here are a few tips on what you need to take into consideration:

  • The target’s name and that of his relatives. While uncommon, some people just put in their name as a password, because it is ridiculously easy to remember.
  • Important dates and events. Mind you, these are not necessarily written in their full form, so, 2 November 1990 could be 02/11/90, etc.
  • Famous people they are fans of or hobbies. Some people like to identify through their interests. This could also be expressed in their choice of password.
  • Passwords on other sites. Nowadays there are a million things that we need to remember. One of those is passwords for tens if not hundreds of sites and services. This is why people usually have one password for nearly everything. If you know the target’s password for one service, chances are it’s their only one.

Method 2: How to hack into someone’s phone with an app: mSpy

While the above solution can help one hack into someone’s phone it depends on guesswork and luck. If you would rather rely on something a bit more reliable; a solution that always works is 100% undetectable, and requires no technical knowledge.

What we are talking about is mSpy, a spy app that will help you monitor almost every activity on the target phone by hacking it in a few seconds.

Here is what mSpy can help you spy on:

  • Messages and IMs.
  • Emails and internet activity.
  • Media files both on the device and shared online.
  • Web activities and bookmarks.
  • App usage.
  • Location.
  • Keystrokes.
  • And much more.

mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

How you can use mSpy to hack into someone’s phone

Step one:

Click on the button below to register with mSpy. You will receive an email with instructions on how to set it up as soon as you do.

Step two:

Install mSpy on the target phone. Here you will need about 5 minutes with the target device. mSpy’s customer support team will help you with the rest.

Step three:

Once everything is set up, launch mSpy and go to the Dashboard. There, you will find an overview of basic phone activities such as messaging and call logs.

mSpy Hack Mobile Phone Remotely Control Panel

Step four:

Navigate the tabs to see what you’re interested in. It is so easy as simply clicking on the tab that strikes your fancy. Let us see what some of the most important of those are.


Whether it is regular texts or IMs mSpy can find and store them for you to view at your leisure. What is more, you can even view and download shared media files.

Check Messages Activities mSpy Hack Into Mobile Remotely


The keylogger traces and saves every single keystroke on the target device. Regardless of whether it was a message, a password, or an internet search.

Hack Into Phone Remotely Keylogger mSpy


On this tab, you can get the location of the phone you have hacked into in real time, in the form of pings. You can also set up a Geofence, a virtual line on the map that will notify you if crossed by the target device.

Hack Into Phone Remotely Location mSpy

Photos and Videos

This is the part where you can view all of the media files stored on the target device. Not only that, but you can also download them on your own device.

mSpy Media Hack Into Mobile Phone Remotely


It is only proper to finish this guide o how to hack into someone’s phone with a word of advice. While the idea of being able to spy on people from the comfort of your ow home, and collecting all kinds of dirt on them, you have to keep in mind that such actions can be illegal, or, cause you to get in a fight with the person you are spying on.

This is why it is very important to make sure that you use the knowledge you gained from this article responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

While there is not one thing that will definitely give away the fact that your phone has been hacked into, there are some signs to look out for.

  • The phone runs slow.
  • Sudden and unexplained data consumption spikes.
  • Higher battery consumption.
  • Ghost touch.

Regardless of who the target is unless you own the phone, it is illegal to hack into it. This doesn’t mean that there are no good reasons to do so, like retrieving lost data, catching a cheater, or making sure that your children are not plagued by bullies.

Android is an open platform, enabling mobile companies to manufacture their own Android phones. That may seem great, but that is also what makes the said OS more prone to hacking as experienced hackers can also jump in and explore weaknesses in the system.

Yes. If you are using spyware like mSpy that supports Social Media apps like Facebook, you can easily hack them. You may also use Keylogger to record login details to hack certain accounts.