How Do You Track A Family Member’s iPhone Easily

By Last Updated: October 18th, 2023Categories: Parental Control

iPhone family tracking is pretty common especially to those families who use iPhones exclusively. It basically allows a family member to track others through their iPhones, which comes in handy is situations where:

  • A family member’s iPhone is missing.
  • A family member is out of reach.
  • You want to know your spouse, kids, or younger siblings’ location.

So, if you and your family are using iPhones, but you don’t know how to track family iPhone and where to start, read on! In this article, you will learn how to track a family member’s iPhone.

Method 1: How Do You Track A Family Member’s iPhone with Your iPhone

Use Family Sharing to share device location. This allows family members to track your iPhone using their iPhones.

This feature is useful when you want to get notifications whenever family members change their locations. With Family sharing you can use Find My and locate them via their iPhones.

iOS Family Sharing

How to Share iPhone Location for Family Members

Before you can track a family member’s iPhone, below are the important steps you need to do first:

  • Open Settings and tap on [Name].
  • Select Family Sharing and proceed to Location Sharing. Then, enable Share My Location.
  • Tap “Use This iPhone as My Location”. You only need to do this if your iPhone is not sharing its location.
  • To share your location with a family member, tap on their name/ID.
  • Confirm Share My Location.

How to Locate a Family Member’s iPhone

Given that each family member has already shared their iPhone location with everyone, the next thing that you need to do is to track Family iPhone.

To start iPhone family tracking or find your Family member’s missing iPhone:

  • Look for the Find My app and open it.
  • There, you will see a list of all your family member’s iPhones, including yours.
Find My App iPhone

Method 2: Use mSpy Phone Tracker – No.1 iPhone Family Tracking Tool

If you need discreet iPhone family tracking, you will be excited to use mSpy. It is a powerful phone tracker that is compatible not only with iPhones and iPads, but with Android devices, too.

mSpy offers features that can help you locate a phone anywhere on the map. This is indeed great for checking kids’s whereabouts, busting a cheating partner or looking for a missing phone. In addition, mSpy also provides users invisibility; the target won’t even know you’re tracking their iPhone.


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

Below are the features you can use to locate family iPhone:

GPS Locations – Locate the target iPhone on the map. mSpy provides a map view with the past and present locations of the family iPhone. It also gives you a list of all the addresses, date & time, and coordinates of the locations. It’s definitely the best GPS tracker to catch a cheater.

Geofencing – This feature allows users to set up a geofence on the map for the target iPhone. This means that if the phone leaves the designated area, you will get notified immediately.

mSpy Track Locations

You may also use mSpy to check the iPhone’s WIFI records and see where they last had internet access.

And one thing you will love about mSpy’s phone tracking is its ability to read texts messages and Social Media chats. This suggests that you can check their conversations and look for specific clues about your family members’ whereabouts.

Track Family iPhone with mSpy

Follow the steps below to start iPhone family tracking right away.

  • Click on the button to sign up for mSpy services.
  • Select the best plan for you.
  • Download and install mSpy on the family member’s iPhone. Follow the guide in the email.
  • Log in to your Dashboard using your mSpy account and start iPhone family tracking by using the GPS Locations and Geofencing features.

Method 3: Locate Family Member’s iPhone Using Scannero

If locating a family member’s iPhone with the methods is difficult for you, there’s an easier way to get around it. And that’s with the help of a phone number tracker called Scannero. Yes! It only needs the mobile number used on the target iPhone to mark the exact location on the map. What an effortless way to locate a family member!

Scannero Tracker

Scannero does not require installation. So, you don’t need to worry about getting caught tracking someone. With that, this tool is not only perfect for locating loved ones but also great for tracking and catching criminals.

In addition, Scannero can track any phone number in different countries. So, in case you’re on vacation or the person you are tracking is miles away, you can still see their location. Apart from that, this tool does not discriminate the type and brand of phone your target is using, be it iPhone or Android, they can’t escape.

Localize Tracking Process

How Does Scannero Track Family Member’s iPhone

If you want to use Scannero, here’s what you would want to do:

  • Click the button below and sign up for the trial.
  • After that, enter the target’s cell number, and start writing a message with the provided phishing link.
  • When finished, send the text and wait to receive the location of the family member’s iPhone.

Final Thoughts

How do you track a family member’s iPhone? The two methods above are the best answers to that question. The first one can track iPhones that have shared locations with your iPhone, while the second one can be used for secret iPhone family tracking. Try them out and see which method is the best for your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Most parental control apps out there support tracking and GPS locations feature that can help you trace your kids’ whereabouts through their iPhones. However, some of them may need jailbreak to work properly.

Tracking family members using Family Sharing features is not illegal as long as you have the person’s consent.