Top 5 Heavy-Duty Dog Crates You Should Check Out

By Last Updated: November 14th, 2023Categories: Pet Products

Who let the dogs out?

As a dog owner, you just need to have a reliable, heavy-duty dog crate sometimes. Some dogs are great escape artists as though they were magicians. One second you see them in their little cage, then they’re gone.

It’s only natural for our canine friends to yearn for freedom from time to time. They’d try to damage and break through anything that keeps them contained, especially if you’ve kept them in tight spaces for long periods.

What Can A Heavy-Duty Dog Crate Do

Besides dealing with escaping, there are other instances where a heavy-duty dog crate just really comes in handy:

  • You are moving or traveling somewhere far with your dog. You need your pet to behave during the trip.
  • You have friends visiting and they are strangers to your dog. The last thing you want is for your canine friend to bite them.
  • You have no one else to “babysit” your dog and you can’t just live it roaming free unsupervised.
  • Your dog is aggressive 90 percent of the time.
  • You need a secure place where your dog can rest and feel safe, besides dog tent beds.

Those are only a few of the many benefits that heavy-duty dog crates can offer. Now, if your beloved dog needs some containing, you’ve come to the right page. Below, we’ve reviewed some of the best dog crates for escape artists you can find today. Read on and see which one perfectly fits your dog’s situation at home.

1. Best for Extra Large Dogs – LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage

  • Price: 249 – 329 USD
  • Store: Amazon
  • Available Sizes: 38”, 42”, 46”
  • Weight: 83.82 lbs (46” variant)
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Recommended Dog Size: L, XL

Most of the time, it’s the extra large dogs with extra large weights that always get to escape from a regular cage. They can easily force their way out. So, if you have an enormous doggy, you may need to check out this heavy-duty dog crate by LUCKUP. It’s the biggest dog crate and this review has a max available size of 46 inches. That’s enough to contain any large to extra large-sized dogs.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about long-term damage. It’s made of alloy steel, which is relatively stronger than its stainless counterparts. Not to mention, the bars are really thick. Besides that, the alloy steel used has a nontoxic finish to it. This means that if your dog happens to chew and bite the bars, it’s safe.

LUCKUP Dog Crate

As for access and security, the crate has a total of 3 doors. A big one on top and two on the front. Usually, heavy-duty dog crates only have 2 doors, but this one has a third small door for food. This makes it easier for you to give food without giving your dog a chance to escape. In addition, each door has metal locks and safety buckles, which stop aggressive and anxious dogs from pushing their way out.

Mobility-wise, this crate may appear impossible to move around, but it has four wheels with 360-degree rotated locking casters. This means you can move it in any direction and you can lock the wheels if you need the crate to be stable. This is also a big advantage when traveling or moving to another place with your dog. You just need a ramp to get your doggie up the truck.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry if the crate is hygienic for your dog. It has slide-out trays at the bottom that catches all the food debris and your dog’s feces. And you can remove the tray and clean it when needed. That makes cage maintenance much easier.


Surprisingly, the crate doesn’t create any disturbing, loud noises whenever your dog moves around inside or when opening and closing the doors. That’s a plus for quiet households.

Aside from that, we really liked how easy it is to assemble this. All the materials needed are included in the package. It only takes around 3 to 5 minutes. The bars used for the flooring are rectangular instead of round, which doesn’t hurt your dog’s feet. However, it needs at least two people to assemble the crate easily.

The only caveat we’ve encountered is the price. It’s just too pricey for most dog owners, but considering the overall construction. It’s durable and could potentially last for years. So, we believe it’s worth the price if we consider long-term use.

2. Best for Outdoor Use – Confote 37” Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Dog Cage

  • Price: 234 USD
  • Store: Amazon
  • Available Sizes: 37”
  • Weight: 40.12 lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Recommended Dog Size: M, L

If you are planning to place the heavy-duty dog crate outdoors, where it’s exposed to rain and other elements, you’d be happy to know we include this one by Confote. This dog crate is made of durable, high-quality stainless steel, which makes it virtually resistant to corrosion and rusting. It can even withstand scratches and scuffs as per our tests.

Indeed, rain or shine, it won’t fail and can last you for years without any significant chemical or physical damage. It’s non-toxic, too. So no matter how your dog chews on the bars, they won’t get sick or whatnot.

Confote Dog Crate

Like the dog crate above, this one has square steel bars for the flooring, too. That helps in reducing stress on your dog’s feet. You can leave your dog in the crate for long periods.

But unlike the previous dog crate, this one only has two doors. One on top and another on the front. There is no dedicated door for food access. The one on the front is your dog’s entrance and exit, while the top door is for interaction– like when playing with a baby in a crib.

Mobility is not an issue with this dog crate as well. It has 360-degree rotating wheels that you can lock in place. So, you can always move the crate wherever in your yard or if the weather conditions outside are unfavorable for your dog.

There’s also a plastic tray at the bottom part of the crate that collects all the food residue and even your dog’s waste. You don’t have to worry about your dog making a mess in the cage.


Basically, this dog crate shares the same features as the one above. The only major difference is that this one uses stainless steel, which is more suitable for long-term, outdoor use. So, if you are planning to place your dog outside the house, this is definitely a good pick.

However, we can only recommend this to medium to large-sized dogs as the only available size is 37” (as of writing). Nevertheless, you can always check the store if other sizes are available.

3. Best Budget Heavy Duty – Candockway 36’ Dog Crate

  • Price: 136 USD
  • Store: Amazon
  • Available Sizes: 36”
  • Weight: 39 lbs
  • Material: Metal
  • Recommended Dog Size: M, L

I know the heavy-duty dog crates above are quite pricey. That’s why we’ve included a budget one priced a few hundred bucks less in case you’re kind of strict with your finances. This one from Candockway has the same design as the previous two but is more affordable.

Yes! Same design and features. This one also has doors on both the front and the top; it has lockable wheels that rotate 360 degrees; and a tray that you can slide out and remove to maintain cage hygiene.

Candockway Dog Crate

However, it’s made of regular metal. That’s where they cut some corners to make it budget-friendly. However, It’s still durable as the metal frame used is thick and solid. Though, the bars used are more of a wire type as they are way thinner than the previous crates. So, large, aggressive dogs may be able to bend them over time, especially if they stay too long in the crate. But occasional “crate time” shouldn’t damage the bars.

But despite the gaps of the bars/wires being 1.6 inches, your dog’s escape tricks won’t work so easily. It’s not too wide or too narrow. There’s also adequate airflow in the cage. With that in mind, this crate can also be used to contain other pets such as big bunnies and cats.


We love that this dog crate is not only durable but also more affordable than its counterparts. You don’t have to spend too much to get your dog a comfortable and secure place to stay in, especially if you only put them in the crate occasionally.

Also, this dog crate has a larger variant at 42”. So, if you need a larger and cheaper option, you can just go and check it out in the shop. Both sizes, however, can house multiple small dogs. That also goes the same with the previous two in this list.

But since it’s made of regular metal, it may get rusty over time, especially when the coating wears off. Well, you can always dry coat it or use a non-toxic paint to protect the metal from rusting.

4. Best for Small Dogs – New World Crates Folding Metal Dog Crate

  • Price: 35 USD
  • Store: Amazon
  • Available Sizes: 24”
  • Weight: 11.6 lbs
  • Material: Metal
  • Recommended Dog Size: S

Some small dogs are also great at escaping their cages. Now, if you need a reliable crate for your cute, little pet, this one by New World Pet Products is an excellent choice. It may not look like a heavy-duty dog crate, but it is durable enough to withstand the strength and aggressive behavior of small dogs.

New World Crate Dog Crates

The gaps between the bars are also narrow enough that your small dog’s head won’t ever fit. They are only around an inch wide. So, no matter how small your dog is, it won’t really fit there. But despite that, the ventilation in the crate is still excellent.

Furthermore, it has a slide-bolt latch that tightly locks the door, and we don’t see any reason for it to fail no matter how wild a small dog behaves inside. And like the previous one, this crate is made of regular metal and has wire-type bars. Considering that it’s intended to house a small dog, bending and deformation shouldn’t be a problem.

While it doesn’t have many features like the previous crates, you’d be delighted that you don’t need to assemble this one using tools. It has a folding mechanism that allows the crate to pop up, which also makes storing it much more convenient than any other dog crate.


First of all, this crate is cheap, and you’re getting a reliable and durable safe haven for your small dog. In fact, two to five smaller breeds of puppies can share the space inside and it’s still big for them. Also, you can easily travel with the cage< as it can fit in most cars.

However, the sound the crate produces whenever a dog moves around can be a bit too loud, especially at night. It might disturb you in your sleep. But if you only leave your dog in the crate during day hours, it should be fine.

5. Best for Indoor Aesthetics – ALLOSWELL Wooden Dog Crate

  • Price: 109 USD
  • Store: Amazon
  • Available Sizes: 31.5”
  • Weight: 37.4 lbs
  • Material: Iron, Wood
  • Recommended Dog Size: M

Your indoor heavy-duty dog crate doesn’t have to look so industrial and out of place. With that in mind, we included this stylish and furniture-like crate by ALLOSWELL. It’s a combination of wood and iron, and both materials complement well, making the overall appearance of the crate aesthetic. Surely, it will fit in your living room or any part of the house.


You may question why this crate uses wood, but it’s not just any normal plyboard or wood. It’s actually engineered, high-quality particleboard that’s durable enough to contain a medium-sized dog. Not to mention, each board is installed firmly in the welded iron frame.

And although the bottom half of the crate is covered by solid wood, ventilation is still a non-issue. The gaps between the iron bars are around 3 to 4 inches, which is wide enough for cool air to get inside.

You’d also have no issue getting your dog in and out of this crate as it has a double-door design. But it’s a bit different from the previous cages. Both doors are in front and they open like cabinet doors.

Aside from the durability and design of this cage, you can put decorations (lamps, books, etc) or your dog’s supplies on the solid slab of wood on top. It’s really multi-purpose.


If you want a more indoor-friendly dog crate for small to medium-sized dogs, this is definitely one of the better choices you can find now. It fits perfectly together with other furniture in the house. In fact, it’s like furniture with a dog crate. A perfect piece to fill empty spaces in large living rooms.

However, you really need to consider your dog’s exact body size (excluding the fur) if you want to buy this one. As mentioned, the gaps are wide and some dogs who look big may get the chance to fit between the gaps and escape. So, we can only recommend this to medium-sized dogs.

Also, the floor of the crate is solid wood, which means that any excrement, urine, or won’t fall down. Not to mention, there’s no tray to collect such debris. So, you can’t really keep your dog in there for hours. But if you need to, you can place a waterproof mat inside to avoid damaging the floor.

FYI: Things to Consider When Buying A Heavy Duty Dog Crate

In case none of the crates above is available at the time you read this or they do not satisfy your preferences and fit the situation at home. We have a few pointers for you to make your dog crate search much easier.

  • Price – You should only purchase the crate if it’s within your budget. If the crate you want is a bit expensive, you can always save up for it. After all, some of the pricier ones are much more durable for long-term use. But still, you need to consider the price and quality ratio. Is the price worth it?

  • Size – Of course, you can’t just buy any crate for your dog. You need to take into account your pet’s body size and the size of the crate. Measure your dog and see which dog crate is the perfect fit. We do encourage you to give some space allowance so your dog can still move inside.
  • Weight – Sometimes, you need to bring the crate somewhere else. Traveling with it could come with a hefty price, especially if you happen to have it as check-in baggage/cargo wherever you go with your dog. Also, most heavy-duty crates for large dogs can be heavy. So, we recommend that you get one with wheels for mobility.
  • Material – The material of the dog crate is pretty important if you are considering durability. You should look for alloy steel or stainless steel crates for daily wear and tear. Metal ones are great, too. Just make sure that they are properly maintained with non-toxic paint or whatnot to avoid rusting. Rust could put your dog’s health at risk.

Final Thoughts

A heavy-duty dog crate is a must-have when you have dogs that always escape by sheer force or when the one you have at home is poorly made. If you’ve been looking for a reliable dog crate, the ones we’ve reviewed above could be the best for your dog,

We’ve also included a brief buying guide for you in case the ones we’ve picked won’t do for your preferences. Nevertheless, we assure you that the dog crates above are the best in their own right. They have strengths and weaknesses that you can weigh, but one thing is for sure– they won’t let your dog escape.

Also, in case your dog is being naughty and always pulls aggressively, try getting a dog leash. It can help calm our canine friends down and keep the behaved.


Yes! Crate training is one way to discipline and teach your dog how to behave properly and avoid destroying things at home. Also, getting them to get comfortable in a crate gives them a safe and peaceful space whenever they get stressed and anxious.

The maximum time adult dogs can spend in a crate is 6 hours. Puppies (starting from 17 weeks old) can get through a crate for 4 to 5 hours. With this, you shouldn’t cage your pet dog for longer as it’s going to have long-term negative effects on their physical and mental well-being. Adult dogs need interaction and exercise, while pups need to walk around and discover the world around them for familiarity.