Water activities are fun, but they can be quite dangerous too. That’s why before doing any water adventures, safety gear is needed. Aside from life jackets and helmets, another thing you should wear is water shoes.

These are shoes made specifically for water. They are slip-resistant and lightweight shoes that can help swim freely and safely walk on slippery surfaces. Water shoes also protect your feet from injuries and bites from water creatures and insects.

If you’re looking for some great quality water shoes, we got you. Here are some amazing picks on girls’ water shoes for both adults and children.

Part 1: Girls’ Water Shoes for Adults

Here are our best picks for girls’ water shoes for adults. Check them out and choose one for your next adventure.

1. Most Flexible: HIITAVE Womens Water Shoes

  • Price:$26.98
  • Sizes: 6 to 11
  • Color/Styles: 13 color variations
  • Available on: Amazon
HIITAVE Womens Water Shoes

One of the most important things a water shoe should have is flexibility. You should be able to move freely like you’re not wearing any shoes at all. With this type of feature, you can swim, run, and even surf without problems. Lucky you, this one has great flexibility.

You can even twist and flip it and it still goes back to the original shape. Another thing I like about these water shoes, is they are breathable and comfortable to wear. Some water shoes feel tight and hot when you wear them, but not this one. The outer part is made out of light and airy materials allowing air to flow in and out of the shoes giving you the utmost comfort.

The traction on these water shoes is also commendable. Notice how the outsole has a unique pattern. This will ensure a secure grip on the ground so you don’t slip off easily. Plus, it’s a stylish-looking water shoe.

2. Most Comfortable: BARERUN Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes

  • Price: $15.99
  • Sizes: 4.5 to 13
  • Color/Styles: 42 style variations
  • Available on: Amazon
BARERUN Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes

When I buy water shoes, one of the first things I check is if the shoe is comfortable to wear. Some water shoes feel too tight and it’s like the foot is being choked. There are not a lot of comfy water shoes on the market, luckily I managed to find one.

This breathable water shoe is made out of premium fabric that helps with ventilation while you’re wearing it. It is also pretty flexible, so you can bend or scratch your foot before doing water activities. Plus the flexibility provides convenience too. Whenever you finish using them, you can roll the shoes like a sock and put them in a bag. It’s a space-saver.

It doesn’t have any laces or straps so it’s easier and much faster to wear. It’s comfortable and convenient at the same time. How great is that?

3. Most Stylish: Fires Water Shoes for Women

  • Price: $19.99
  • Sizes: 5.5 to 16
  • Color/Styles: 3 style variations
  • Available on: Amazon
Fires Water Shoes for Women

Some water shoes have dull and boring designs. Most of them are just plain colors, which is not that exciting if you have a colorful personality like me. If you want a water shoe that can match your fabulous energy and attitude, well then check this one out.

This mermaid-printed water shoe will surely make you an attraction on the beach, it’s such an eye-catcher! Aside from being colorful, this girl’s water shoes also have some impressive features.

These shoes are lightweight and you can use them while swimming, surfing, kayaking, and more! You can move comfortably and it’s like you’re not wearing any shoes at all! It also has great traction, so you won’t fall or slip while walking on slippery surfaces. It also has a snug fit and it doesn’t fall off your foot easily.

4. Most Inclusive: SIMARI Water Shoes

  • Price: $28.98
  • Sizes: 4.5 to 15
  • Color/Styles: 42 style variations
  • Available on: Amazon
SIMARI Water Shoes

Inclusivity is hard to find especially in products that we wear. Some brands only cater to one gender line or only offer a few style and size options to consumers.

These SIMARI Water Shoes offer a lot of style options for both men and women. Customers have styles to choose from and each style is unisex. Plus they also cater to different foot sizes.

Aside from inclusivity, it also offers some amazing features. It is a quick-drying and breathable water shoe that allows your feet to relax while you enjoy doing water activities. Feel free to run, slide, and swim, as this shoe is flexible and has amazing traction. Just take a look at those outsoles, they are designed to strongly grip the ground.

These water shoes have laces so you can adjust them easily. But be sure to tie the laces well, as they may loosen and disturb you from your activities.

Part 2: Girls’ Water Shoes for Kids

Kids love playing in the water, and sometimes too much playing and excitement can often lead to injuries. Thankfully there are water shoes that can protect them from slipping, falling, and stepping into hard objects while playing. Check them out!

1. Most Lightweight: HIITAVE Kids Water Shoes

  • Price: $9.99 – $13.99
  • Sizes: 4 to 10 (Toddlers), 1.5 to 3 (Little Kid), 3.4 t 4 (Big Kid)
  • Color/Styles: 42 style variations
  • Available on: Amazon
HIITAVE Kids Water Shoes

I have a four-year-old daughter who always wants to see unicorns on all of her things. I think that’s a pretty universal thing for little girls. The moment my daughter saw these unicorn water shoes, she screamed out of excitement. But before I buy it, I need to check if it is good. So here’s what I found.

It has no laces which are good because sometimes kids can be a little too active and the laces loosen easily. It is breathable, lightweight and has a next-to-skin feel. It’s made with non-toxic materials and is durable and flexible. If you ask me, that’s pretty great.

2. Largest Size Range: Sunnywoo Water Shoes for Girls and Boys

  • Price: $12.98
  • Sizes: 3 to 3.5 (Infant), 4 to 8.5 (Toddlers), 1 to 2, 9.5 to 12 (Little Kid), 2.5 t 4 (Big Kid)
  • Color/Styles: 17 style variations
  • Available on: Amazon
Sunnywoo Water Shoes for Girls and Boys

Next on the list is the Sunnywoo Water Shoes for Girls and Boys. One of the things that impressed me is the size range. It has the largest size selection out of all the water shoes on this list.

Aside from the size range, these kids’ water shoes don’t fade. This means that it can be used for a long time and the prints are still there. It also uses high-quality materials that don’t smell if not dried properly.

You will also love the non-slip feature these water shoes have. It will allow your kids to run freely without falling or slipping.

3. Best Grip and Traction: CIOR Girls Water Shoes

  • Price: $12.98
  • Sizes: 9 to 9.5 (Toddlers), 10.5 to 13 (Little Kid), 1 t 6.5 (Big Kid)
  • Color/Styles: 24 style variations
  • Available on: Amazon
CIOR Girls Water Shoes

As I said, kids can be very active when they play on the water, and because of that we often see them slip, fall, and even get hurt by the things they step on. If you’re looking for a great quality slip-proof water shoe, here it is.

The CIOR Girls Water Shoes have thick yet lightweight outsoles that protect your kid’s feet from getting hurt. Aside from that, the bottom part of the shoe has a unique pattern that helps with its strong grip. It’s made with high-quality rubber so it’s not going to be damaged easily.

The upper part is made with breathable fabric that will keep the feet relaxed. Also, there are easy-to-adjust laces that can help you secure the shoes to their tiny feet.

4. Best No Lace Water Shoes: Quickshark Kids Water Shoes

  • Price: $22.99
  • Sizes: 11.5 to 13 (Little Kid), 1 to 3.5 (Big Kid)
  • Color/Styles: 15 style variations
  • Available on: Amazon
Quickshark Kids Water Shoes

Now if laces are your kid’s enemy, why not try these water shoes with straps? it’s easier to adjust and your kid can do it herself.

These Quickshark Kids Water Shoes don’t look like ordinary water shoes, just take a look at those amazing details. And also the outsoles and the grip are commendable too. They provide great traction and grip. Aside from that, this shoe is made with skin-friendly and nontoxic materials, so rest assured that your kid’s health will be safe.

Author’s Note

It may not be everybody’s thing, but water shoes are great. They are durable, they keep us safe, and let us enjoy all the fun water activities without worries. So don’t just sit there and read, get a pair of water shoes now!