Here’s How To Create A Simple Gender Reveal Box

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A gender reveal is an exciting moment for expecting parents. But a gender reveal party is not complete without a gender reveal box.

This box is the highlight of the event since it contains the objects that represent the baby’s gender. These boxes are fully customizable depending on what the parents want or on the theme of the party.

Now, if the job of making the gender reveal box is vested in you or you want to surprise your family about your baby’s gender, don’t worry! We compiled some ways how you can create an epic gender reveal box!

(DIY) How to Make a Gender Reveal Box

If you think making a gender reveal box is hard, well here is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide. You can then customize the box according to the party’s theme or the parent’s request.

Materials Needed:

For the box;

  • 1 Large/Extra Large Cardboard
  • 1 Roll of Packing Tape
  • Regular and Hot Glue
  • 1 Roll of Wrapping or Crafting Paper (Choose the design yourself)

For the Contents of the box;

  • Thick Ribbon (the length will depend on the size of the box)
  • 5-7 Helium Balloons (Blue or Pink)

Optional decoration materials;

  • Sticker Paper
  • Printer
  • String or Yarn (length varies)
  • Colored Paper/Tissue
  • Coloured Streamers
  • Plastic or Paper Flowers
  • Glue and Glitters

Steps to Assemble Gender Reveal Box

Step 1

Close the lower opening of the box and leave the top part open. Use packing tape to secure the bottom part and the sides of the box.

Step 2

Grab the wrapping paper and wrap it around the box and its flaps on the top part. Make sure that the box is fully covered. Use packing tape or glue to secure the wrap.

Guide to Decorate Gender Reveal Box

The decorations on the box will be up to you. You can make your style, and choose your theme and color.

Letterings: Use your graphic or font editor (i.e., Adobe Photoshop or MS Word) to create the letterings on your box. You can choose your font, just make sure the size is big enough so that it’s visible to the audience standing afar. Use the sticker paper and a printer to easily stick it on the box.

Add Letterings

Designs: Use paper or plastic flowers to decorate your box. You can also add streamers and glitters to make the box sparkle. The colored paper/tissue can also be used to create your desired decorations. Use glue to secure your decorations.

Decorate Gender Reveal Box
Tip: You can also print pictures to decorate the box using sticker paper. It’s easier and less hassle.

Fill the Box

Step 1

Use a helium tank to fill 5 to 7 pieces of balloons. Helium will make the balloons float out of the box once the parents open it.

Step 2

Tie up a string on each balloon and tie them together. After that, use hot glue or tape to stick the end of the strings on the bottom of the box. If tying the balloons is too much work for you, you can just skip it. Take note that if you do this the balloons will fly out of the box.

Step 3

Put the balloons inside the box and close it. Test the gender reveal box by opening it, if the balloon floats and pops out of the box smoothly then you’re good to go.

Tip: You may also add some gender reveal powder inside the ballons or box to make the reveal more dramatic.

You may also check out these easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube;

Willa Flare Gender Reveal Box – Assembly, Tips, & Tricks!

DIY Gender Reveal Box

How to Make a Baby Gender Reveal Box

The complete materials used are stated on the video and in the description box.

No Hassle Gender Reveal Boxes

If you don’t have the time to make a gender reveal box, there are sites and stores online that offer pre-made ones.

These stores will customize the size, the designs, and other features of your box. And what’s even greater is you can order it online.

But if you’re in a hurry, there are pre-made gender-reveal boxes on Amazon. You can choose from different designs and it comes with all the elements needed!

Final Thoughts

The only thing you need to worry about while making a gender reveal box is if someone sees the gender before the party. Make sure to work in a closed room where no one can peek.


This depends. Some parents organize a gender reveal party for themselves and their friends and family. But some parents organize the party to surprise their relatives and friends.

The sex of your baby can be determined as early as 14 weeks. But some parents wait until the pregnancy is around 19-20 weeks before they schedule a gender reveal party.