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Despite the presence of Instant Messaging apps, a lot of people still use SMS or text messaging to converse with others or send important information.

Yes, and your loved ones are no exceptions. Your kids or younger siblings, friends, and partner may be using SMS, too! And that there may be times when you need to know what they are texting about to protect them from harm or catch a cheater and a liar.

But how will you do that? Is that even possible? Well, guess what? It’s your lucky day! On this page, you will know how free SMS spy online without target phone works and which free SMS tracker you can trust.

Option 1: Exactspy – Free SMS Tracker Without Touching Target Phone

One of the most popular SMS trackers was Exactspy. It has the power to read people’s text messages and emails remotely, and record call logs and other important phone activities. From the name itself, it offered exactly what users ask for.

However, despite the fact that it was a popular free SMS spy online without target phone, it’s down and the services it once offered no longer work today. So, beware of any Exactspy offers that you may encounter, as they are likely a scam.

But don’t lose hope, There other free SMS trackers that are more powerful than Exactspy that you can try out!

Option 2: mSpy – Best Free SMS Tracker for iOS and Android

If you need an app that can spy, track, and hack SMS, there is one that stands out among SMS trackers today. This app is called mSpy.

mSpy is a phone tracker that works on Android and iOS. When installed, it has unrestricted access to your target’s phone and can hack their text messages remotely. Yes! It can provide you with the entire exchange of texts and replies with complete time and date. This will surely give you full understanding about people’s text conversations.


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

Besides reading SMS, mSpy can also give you access to a phone’s Social Media chats. In fact you can use the Social Networks feature to see Facebook chat history or read Instagram messages and other popular Social Media apps. In addition, you can also use the Screen Recorder feature to record chats, too.

mSpy Screen Recorder

Another way to see SMS and drafts is through the use of the Keylogger feature. It will record every text typed on the phone keyboard including drafts, notes, passwords, usernames, email addresses, searches, and more.

These are only a glimpse of the benefits you can get from using mSpy. If you wish to know more about the other features you can use, check the things you should know about mSpy.

What are you waiting for? Click the button below to get started with your free trial and demo.

Option 3: ClevGuard for iCloud – Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phone

In case you want to track SMS from an iPhone, but you don’t have the opportunity to install the SMS tracker, ClevGuard is the one you need.

We all know that iPhone messages get backed up on iCloud, and that’s why ClevGuard has made sure you can use KidsGuard for iCloud Monitoring. This kind of tracking only requires the the target iPhone’s iCloud credentials to be able to check messages on iCloud via an online portal.

Besides reading SMS on iCloud, there are a ton of features that you can use as well to maximize your spying. You may access the iCloud drive and see all their files, including iCloud photos, videos, location logs, and more. Yes! All in one ClevGuard Dashboard.

If you want to know more, there’s a ClevGuard full review that you can check out. And if you are interested in using this free SMS spy online without target phone, just click on the button below to sign up right away!

Option 4: FlexiSPY – Free SMS Tracker and Phone Call Recorder

Track and read text messages remotely and record their calls at the same time. That’s what you can do if you use FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY is a powerful phone monitoring program that you can install on iOS and Android devices. It’s packed with a lot of features that you can use for any specific purpose. Two of them are hacking text messages and listening to people’s phone call conversations remotely. This makes your spying more advanced as not only are you able to get into their texts and chats, but you can also hear what and who they are calling.

With its Call Alerts feature, you won’t miss any important calls, and you can listen to their chit-chat live without being noticed. How great is that?

In addition, you also get the perk of being able to listen to someone’s phone surrounding with the Ambient Listening feature. You can record and make sure you can secure proof of cheating or any evidence about something that concerns you.

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Option 5: Cocospy – Free SMS Tracker with SIM Card Monitoring Features

Part and parcel of SIM Card Monitoring is being able to read text messages and see list of calls and contacts. But with Cocospy, it’s expanded further to SIM card alerts and SIM card location tracking.

With Cocospy, not only are you able to to bust their text messages, but you will also receive notifications whenever your target changes their SIM card. Pretty useful when you want to know if someone has a secondary SIM, right?

You can also locate someone’s location on the map using their SIM card. This comes in handy when their GPS services are turned off.

Cocospy has almost the same features with the others on the list; however, the mentioned features are the ones that really makes it stand out. If you want total SIM card monitoring, check out the free demo now!

Option 6: Spyzie – Free SMS Tracker and Multimedia Hacker

If text messages are not enough for you, the free SMS tracker you need is one that can provide you more concrete proof. In that case, Spyzie is your best shot.

Spyzie Poster

Spyzie has a a lot of features you can use to gather evidence. Yes! It can be used to hack phone pictures and watch saved videos remotely. It even has the option to download them if you need to keep a backup.

Being able to see what people’s phone media files are a great way to know a person. If your kids are watching porn or taking inappropriate photos, you can intervene and discipline them the right way. And if your partner has secret sex tapes with someone, this is definitely what you need!

To discover more incredible features, just click the link below:


There are a lot of free SMS spy online without target phone, but only a few of them you can truly rely on. Exactspy free SMS tracker without touching phone may be down now, but you can use the ones we suggested instead. They are more reliable and a lot of people use them to spy on SMS secretly. Try them now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Deleted SMS are recoverable. However, you will need to install a recovery program like echoshare iOS/Android Data Recovery to scan lost and deleted messages and restore them the easy way.

No. A mobile number alone cannot be used to hack someone’s text messages. You will need to use spyware like mSpy in order to see someone’s SMS.