Top 3 Best Flopping Fish Dog Toys for Your Canine Buddies

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We all know that pet dogs are like balls of energy— most of them are. They like playing around the house, especially biting and munching things they shouldn’t. Well, you can’t really blame them if they damage some stuff. Dogs are curious and playful, and that’s why they’d play with anything they get their mouths on. This is especially true when they are bored.

To avoid pet dogs destroying things in your home, the best way to deal with it is to provide toys. That way, they can refocus their attention. One toy that can easily attract them is a flopping fish dog toy. Yes! It looks and moves like a real fish.

With that, we’ve picked 3 flopping fish dog toys for your beloved dog. We’ve also included other kinds of fish dog toys in case you have a big dog that chews aggressively. Check them out below to see what kind of fish toy your dog needs.

Part 1: Three Best Flopping Fish Dog Toy

Flopping fish dog toys are really fun for dogs. They move and your dog would be curious if they’re alive. If you are looking for one, here are the three floppy fish toys that we were able to get our hands on.

1. Best Realistic – Petgravity Electric Moving Dog Fish Toy

  • Price: 15 USD
  • Store: Amazon
  • Size: 11.8 x 4.3 x 2.4 inches
  • Target Pet: Dog/Cat
  • Breed Recommendation: Medium
  • Battery Specs: 300mAh and USB chargeable

Let’s start with the best realistic flopping fish dog toy. This one by Petgravity looks alive and it moves, too. We all know that dogs are also attracted to fish, especially when it’s moving and flopping around. And the best thing about this electric fish toy is that it moves by itself. Your dog will surely think it’s a real fish.

Petgravity Flopping Fish Toy

With that in mind, this toy is powered by a 300mAh battery that can be recharged using a USB cable. You also don’t have to worry about replacing the battery from time to time as it is built into the machine. All you need to do when charging is take the machine out of the toy when the battery is low. And as per our test with the toy, battery life can last up to a day or two depending on how long your dog interacts with the toy.

As for the toy’s durability, you’d be delighted to know it’s made of oxford cloth. If you don’t know, such material is considered tougher than plush, which makes the toy more resistant to consistent biting. Aside from that, the material also helps clean your doggie’s teeth. You can even wash the toy manually or with a washing machine. Just make sure to remove the machine from the toy before you soak it in the water.

The last unique feature is the dedicated snack pocket on the toy’s head. You can put small treats in there to effectively attract your dog.


The flopping mechanism of this toy is really realistic. It can surely attract your dog’s attention. However, durability-wise, we recommend that you only purchase this one if your dog is small to medium size. Larger dogs with strong bites can damage the material over time.

This toy is not for aggressive chewers. Nevertheless, the price tag seems pretty reasonable, given that the toy flops like a real fish.

2. Best Plush Cotton – IOEN Interactive Floppy Fish Dog Toy

  • Price: 14 USD
  • Store: Amazon
  • Size: 7.2 x 3.94 x 3.86 inches
  • Target Pet: Dog
  • Breed Recommendation: Small
  • Battery Specs: 1 CR2 Battery, 1-day battery life, USB chargeable

Another fish dog toy that we’ve found to be enjoyable for your canine friend, is this interactive shark toy by IOEN. It’s made of natural cotton, which makes it soft and comfortable for your dog. But despite that, the overall construction of the product is solid and durable enough to withstand constant dog bites.

IOEN Fish Dog Toy

The plush and cotton used are made of natural materials that are proven safe for dogs and other pets at home. In fact, they can even help clean your dog’s teeth.

Aside from the soft yet durable plush cotton material, this toy has flopping features, which makes it quite interactive with dogs. We say interactive because the tail of the toy wiggles whenever the automatic motion sensor detects that your dog is playing with it. In addition to flopping, the toy also squeaks whenever your dog bites it. Thanks to the vocal bladder inside, such a sound is possible.

As for its battery life, you can charge the toy to full charge in 3 hours, and your dog can use it all day long. You also don’t need to buy a separate charging cable, there’s a USB cable included out of the box. And if you ever wash the toy, you can detach the chargeable machine to avoid water damage.


This toy works like the first one in this review, but the plush material used is a lot softer. The only caveat is that it doesn’t look realistic. Nevertheless, it’s a steal considering that the price is a bit cheaper than most flopping fish dog toys today.

3. Best for Dogs and Cats – Patgoal Flopping Lobster Toy

  • Price: 20 USD
  • Store: Amazon
  • Size: 10.23 x 5.51 x 2.75 inches
  • Target Pet: Cat/Dog
  • Breed Recommendations: All sizes
  • Battery Specs: 300mAh and USB chargeable

For those who have a dog and a cat that grew up together, one way to get them even closer is to let them play with the same toy. We believe a toy like Patgoal Flopping Lobster is the right one for the job. It may not be a fish, but it’s a sea creature that’s equally interesting to the eyes of our canine and feline friends.

This one is specifically designed for cats and dogs. It flops and wiggles whenever it’s touched, which instantly piques your pet’s curiosity. The 10-second wiggling motion of the lobster’s tail can trigger a cat’s or a dog’s instinct to hunt it down.

Flopping Lobster

Moreover, the flopping and wiggling mechanism is powered by a 300mAh rechargeable battery (via USB), which is more than enough to last for a full day of continuous use. It also has built-in Intelligent Standby, which means that the toy won’t consume a significant amount of battery life when not used by your pet. Yes! You don’t need to charge it every day.

Besides that, the main material used for this toy is plush, making it suitable for light chewing, cuddling, and many more. It’s also safe for both pets and children as there are no small parts that could potentially be a choking hazard.


This one is really soft and surely dogs and cats will like how it feels when they play with it. The color is bright and attractive, too. However, durability-wise, we’ve found that the plush material used on this toy is not good for medium to large dogs. It can easily tear apart. So, we can only recommend this for small dogs. Not to mention, it’s really expensive.

These are the three best flopping fish dog toys we could find for you. it’s up to you which one is the best for your dog. However, it’s important to note that these are not recommended for big dogs, especially aggressive chewers. The material used to cover the flopping mechanism is not strong enough.  A dog’s strong bite may even damage the battery inside.

Part 2: Other Interesting Fish Dog Toys (Big Dogs Included)

Flopping fish toys is not for every dog, that’s why we’ve also prepared other fish toys in case the ones above wouldn’t do.

1. Best for Big Dogs/Aggressive Biters – Benebone Fishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy

  • Price: 9 – 18 USD
  • Store: Amazon
  • Size: 3.5 x 5.8 in (S), 4.5 x 7 in (M), 4.8 x 8.3 in (L)
  • Target Pet: Dog

If your dog is big and aggressive or has a strong bite, you may need a fish dog toy that is durable and long-lasting. We’re even surprised that this Benebone toy can last for weeks. In fact, if you compare it with a real bone, this one is a lot stronger. How cool is that?

Benebon Fish Toy

The thing that makes this good for aggressive eaters is that it’s made of Nylon material, which is good for making durable chewable toys. Not to mention, the high-quality materials used in the making of this product are sourced and made in the US. However, you may need to choose the size of the fishbone toy depending on the size of your dog to ensure that the toy can stand aggressive bites.

Besides durability, another thing that makes this fish dog toy interesting is that it’s infused with real fish flavor. And your dog will surely salivate because the flavor is of legit Jack salmon. When we tried tossing the toy to some of our dogs, they immediately went on sniffing the toy and chewing it.


This fish dog toy is not flopping. It has no batteries and moving mechanisms, but if you are looking for a fish toy that your dog can chew for long periods, this one could be a steal. The smallest one is priced at around 9 USD, which is significantly cheaper compared to other flavored chewable toys. Besides that, the toy is easy to clean, you can just use wipes to remove dirt and whatnot.

2. Best for Medium-Sized Dogs – HuggleHounds Plush Corduroy

  • Price: 17 USD
  • Store: Amazon
  • Size: 8.46 x 6.57 x 2.36 inches
  • Target Pet: Dog

If you have a medium canine buddy, you may need to choose a larger toy. This way, you won’t worry about accidents like choking and whatnot. Out of all the fish-dog toys we’ve reviewed, this one has the most optimal width for medium dogs. It helps in weakening their bite to avoid damaging the toy.

HuggleHounds Toy

Apart from that, our tests also reveal that the plush material used in this toy is quite thick and durable enough. We are confident they can withstand bites from medium to even larger doggies on some occasions. Even if the dog pulls the toy away from you, it won’t tear or break apart so easily. This makes it a perfect toy for growing pups who love tugging and chewing. And since the toy is big, your dog can cuddle with it, too.

Furthermore, this toy may look like a regular stuffed toy, but it has multiple squeakers inside its body that produce interesting and funny sounds. This can pretty much level up the interaction between your dog and the toy. You may also use the toy for fetch or dog training should you find it necessary.


Since the toy is large, worries about choking won’t be a problem anymore. This means that you can just toss the toy to your dog and leave him/her without much supervision. However, the toy may be a bit expensive, given that it doesn’t have any mechanical features.

3. Best Budget/Small Dogs – Fetch Pet Products Fish 3 Pack Multiple Squeaker Dog Toy

  • Price: 8 USD
  • Store: Amazon
  • Size: 3 x 2 x 1 inches
  • Target Pet: Dog

If you’re having a budget issue, you don’t have to go for a cheap, low-quality fish dog toy. We’ve picked you a decent toy pack that only costs 8 bucks. Yes! You’ve read that right. You get a pack with 3 colorful fish dog toy squeakers and crinkles. This is a steal if you have three dogs at home; they don’t have to share toys.

Fetch 3 Pack

Even though this pack of fish dog toys doesn’t offer mechanized flopping, rest assured that your dog will still enjoy the squeakers. Yes! Whenever your dog chews into the toys, squeaky sounds will flood your pet’s ear like music. This can further improve your canine buddy’s playtime.

As for durability, we guarantee that these toys are durable enough to withstand light chewers. Yes! These are made of plush and are small in form, which is why we also recommend that this pack is only for smaller dogs.


The fish dog toys in this pack are nothing really special, but we deemed them the best in their category as they come in three for 8 bucks only. That’s already a great deal if you are looking for budget chewable toys for your doggie. Not to mention, the pack is assorted as the colors of the toys vary from each other. Available colors are Blue, Yellow, and Green.

Final Words

Those are the best fish dog toys that we believe to be good picks for your beloved dog. Whichever you choose, rest assured that the quality is top-notch and the features they offer are definitely worth it. Just know that each has unique advantages over the others. So, we ask you to consider such factors when deciding which one to buy.


Definitely! Toys can help your dogs chill and relax. And the most important thing of all is that toys can help fight off boredom, especially if your dog is caged or only stays in the house. All the benefits that toys bring to the table can result in a dog’s happiness.

You can provide chew toys to your puppy when it’s 12 weeks and older. When the pup is teething, a chew toy can help give comfort and alleviate the pain caused by the erupting teeth.