Fishing Hat Buying Guide: Protect Your Eyes and Skin

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Fishermen, always wear a hat when you go fishing. It’s not just to play cool. It’s to protect you from the sunshine and heat.

Is A Fishing Hat Necessary

A fishing hat is a must-have kit when you go fishing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sunny or rainy, sometimes, it’s more than a sunshade.

A Fishing Hat Blocks Radiation from the Sun

Radiation is the biggest threat if you fish in the open air.

Given out by invisible lights from the sun like ultraviolet and infrared, radiations are everywhere even on a rainy and cloudy day. You can’t see the sun, which doesn’t mean it’s absent. It’s hidden amid the clouds but still affects the earth with radiation.

Fishing Hat Buying Guide: Protect Your Eyes and Skin

A lot of you may think it doesn’t matter to get tanned. However, this is a serious problem. You should take the sun seriously if you don’t want to have skin cancer. Skin cancers vary, but most develop on skin exposed to the sun.

To eliminate the chance of having skin cancer, avoid direct access to sun radiation. What to do?

  • Wear a fishing hat to cover your head, face, and neck.
  • Put on trousers and jackets to protect your body, arms, and legs.
  • Better get gloves with you too.

A fishing hat is mostly made of nylon and other polyesters that can cut off more than 90% of the harmful radiation to your skin. For some high-quality items, 98% protection is guaranteed.

Fishing Hat Buying Guide: Protect Your Eyes and Skin

Fishing Hats Keep Heat Stroke Away

On a sunny day, the sun shines upon your head, bringing incessant heat. You get heat stroke without a helpful fisherman hat. Simple as it is. To stop the heat, wear a hat.

Fishing Hats Give You a Better Vision

Each time we cast the rod, we swing the body and will likely glance at the sun by accident. That really burns our eyes. Don’t have to shed tears because of the dazzling sun? Easy, wear a fishing hat. The huge brim can stop the glimpse of the sun.

1# Things to Consider for Fishing Hat: UV/UPF

You may see the term UPF, ultraviolet protection factor while choosing a fishing hat. The sellers will boast that their hat has a UPF 50+ level.

UPF 50+:

Excellent sunproof in that only 2% of the ultraviolet can penetrate through. For hats that are labeled with UPF 30 to 50, they’re less effective but are still very helpful – block 95% to 97.5% UV.

It’s actually not a very important factor since most hat producers will make the products with polyester (AKA nylon), one of the best sun-protective materials for clothing and accessories.

Still, if you can’t see a UPF value on a hat’s product page on Amazon or on its label, ignore this. You have better options.

Recommendation: Solaris Sun Hat for Men/Women with UV Protection

This hat features UPF 50+ because of its 100% thick nylon material. The price – $20 is higher than most of the competitors but the quality is worth the price.

Fishing Hat Buying Guide: Protect Your Eyes and Skin

2# Things to Consider for Fishing Hat: Visor, Cap, or Hat

There’re many kinds of hats, like a visor, a cap, or brim hats like a bucket or bonnie hats. All of them can be used as fishing hats. Relatively, due to the different designs of each, they bring you different feelings and experiences during fishing.

To find out the best one that fits you, read on.

A Brim Hat Protects Well

To be honest, a bucket or bonnie hat is recommended as it covers most parts above your shoulder. Your head, neck, ears, and even faces ( some items have a facemask or net) are well protected. More than 97.5% of the ultraviolet is blocked out.

Enjoy fishing without being sunburned!

Recommendation: Century Star Sun Hats

This $8.99 hat is just a very basic fishing hat for both men and women. It’s made of 100% polyester, breathable, sunproof, durable, and flexible. It can be on your head for a couple of years.

  • A chin strap and a drawcord are attached for adjustment so that most people can wear the hat. Also, you won’t have to worry about this hat ending up in the water or wind.
  • Considerate mesh design on the “bucket” keeps your head cool.
  • It’s waterproof, you can keep your head dry for a couple of minutes when raining.

The price cannot be beaten at all, $8.99 and you can a hat that can be used for years. Get it anyway.

A Visor Works Well in Cloudy Days

Among these three, the visor is the coolest when it’s not sunny. Imagine the sun shining directly on the top of your head, not a very pleasing experience though. Still, if it’s gloomy and stuffy, a visor wins.

Fishing Hat Buying Guide: Protect Your Eyes and Skin

Caps Are Good, Caps with Flaps Are better

A cap is also not the best option since your ear and neck are not protected. Radiation can penetrate the cells on these parts with full strength.

There’re caps that are designed with flaps that can block out the sun on your neck and ears. They can be a perfect alternative to a bucket hat.

Recommendation: ELLEWIN Fishing Hat Sun Cap

It’s a fishing cap with flaps and a mask. You can keep the heat, radiation, as well as bucks away!

Lakes, rivers, and ponds are where pests live and wreak. When you stand or sit by the bank, you’re the biggest star that every disgusting buck would like to take a bite on. Nobody wants to go home with a face of swollen, red, and itchy bug bites.

The flaps around the neck keep every risk away.  A removable mask is of great help to mock the bugs that have a big dream.

You may worry if the hat will make you sweat. Not really. The flaps and the mask are all made in a breathable mesh form. Air comes in easily and moisture goes away.

For $14.99, get this protective cap for uninterrupted fishing.

Fishing Hat Buying Guide: Protect Your Eyes and Skin

3# Things to Consider for Fishing Hat: Polyester Or Cotton

A polyester hat or a cotton hat, what a dilemma.

  • A polyester fishing hat is breathable, flexible, and light. You can wash it and fold it without damaging it.
  • However, it doesn’t absorb sweat. You can feel the dropping under high heat. The nylon has is all wet with sweat? You can flush it or dip it into the water. Spin it to dry.
  • It floats in the water for a longer time than a cotton hat. So, you can get it back before you lose it forever.

On the contrary, a cotton hat makes you feel stuffy but moisture will be handled perfectly. This can be a shortcoming when the hat is soaked and starts to stink. Worse, a cotton hat is not durable as it loses shape after laundry.

Personally, I will choose a nylon hat as it saves effort. Of course, if you like the tender and smooth feeling that a cotton fishing hat gives you, get it.

Recommendation: Century Star Sun Hats

Got nothing more to say about this hat. It’s the best quality you can get at this price.

4# Things to Consider for Fishing Hat: Long Hair Comfortability

For some ladies and long-hair guys, a hat is a disaster. If you do a ponytail, you will have to tuck the hair under the hat which is not comfortable at all. It’s like something is there pressing your head. A cap seems to be a perfect option.

Actually, some designers have put a closure on the back of a hat. You can put your ponytail through the gap easily without feeling uncomfortable.

Fishing Hat Buying Guide: Protect Your Eyes and Skin

So, to get full protection on your skin and also, have a cool fishing time, a bucket hat with ponytail closure is the killer of all. It will satisfy you with its considerate desgin.

Recommendation: Mukeyo Women Summer Sun Hat

Ignore the “Women” from its product name. Do you do ponytails? This is your dream hat.

For someone who has long and thick hair, you can adjust the cord on the back closure. No matter how “huge” your ponytail is, it will fit.

Also, to keep your head cool, this hat is built with mesh layers. Heat and moisture can escape quickly. Besides, a friendly inner sweatband made of quick-drying polyester is the key to keeping your hair and forehead dry and clean.

How about the sunproof? Don’t worry, the 3.35-inch brim protects your skin well.

5# Things to Consider for Fishing Hat: Facemask

Some hats come with a facemask. If you think this is redundant, this is wrong though. A mask can not only stop the bug bites on the face but also further keep your skin safe.

Fishing Hat Buying Guide: Protect Your Eyes and Skin

The sunlight might shine on your face, chin, and neck before sunset and after sunrise. The direct sunlight spot is lower by that time. To avoid this exposure, a facemask is an ace.

Recommendation: Outrip Fishing Hat for Men & Women

For $13.99, you get a high-quality sunproof hat with a solid neck flip and face cover. Either sunlight or bugs can disturb you during fishing. 360° protection for your head, neck, and face.

This full-featured hat can turn into a basic one, too. The flip and face cover are detachable. Get them down and let the wind touch your neck and face. Cool.


At first, a fisherman beanie was designed for fishermen who needed to sail out in cold weather. This hat would keep them warm on the head. Also, keep hair plastered to avoid the wind blowing the hair and messing up the eyes or face.

And on the sea, big rivers or lakes, there’s always roaring wind that will affect the sound. fishermen can hardly hear each other. If there’s a hat that covers ears, it will certainly further stop them from hearing things. On a sailing ship, when you can’t hear the yelling of the fellows, it’s very dangerous.

It can be the warning of hooks, ropes, or sticks that hurt people. Or it’s the order of your captain, the whistle of another vessel, etc.

To keep sound heard, a beanie doesn’t not covers ears.

A bucket hat is usually considered a fisherman hat. It has a bucket-like shape with a soft brim sloping downward. Compared to a bonnie hat, the brim of a bucket hat will be shorter.

And a boonie hat has a similar bucket-like shape with a stiff and long brim. Most of the time, people wear a bonnie hat for gardening, planting, and other activities that relate to the earth.