How to Find Out if Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On WhatsApp

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Cheating using Instant Messaging apps like WhatsApp has become rampant these days. If your boyfriend has WhatsApp installed and he’s acting really weird about it, be alarmed.

Many unfaithful guys have secret conversations and deleted messages there to keep dirty affairs. Thus, it might be difficult for you to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on WhatsApp unless you walk the extra mile to know the truth.

If that’s the case, let us help you. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some effective methods to catch your boyfriend cheating on WhatsApp. We’ll start with the simple ones down to the most advanced ways to catch him red-handed.

Method 1: Ask Directly to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on WhatsApp

If you and your boyfriend are open to discussing things about your relationship, you can ask him directly about his WhatsApp activities. This is the most ideal way to confirm whether or not he’s cheating on you because you don’t have to be sneaky about it.

You can start telling your boyfriend that you feel uncomfortable with him using WhatsApp. Then, ask if you could borrow his phone and check his messages and conversations there.

Boyfriend Cheating Phone

If he lets you, then seize the moment and read all the conversations. If you have to, turn his phone upside down to find any clues of cheating. But if he doesn’t and becomes too defensive despite the fact that you both agreed to be open about it, that’s a cause for concern.

However, we do not recommend this method if the communication between the two of you is a bit shaky or if the guy is just too secretive. You may scare him off or poke him into deleting his secret conversations and messages.

Method 2: Check His WhatsApp Web to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Cheating

Well, if asking your boyfriend directly is not likely to work for your situation, you may sneak into his computer and check his WhatsApp Web. Yes! You can try opening his WhatsApp there without his permission. And it’s very likely that he doesn’t manually log out his account in his PC. So, the odds of you having an easy access are high.

All you need to do is find a way to get into his computer. You can go to his house and pretend that you’re both hanging out. Then go to his computer when he’s asleep. You may also borrow it and pretend to search for something on Google or whatnot. Be creative and think of ways to pull according to the situation.

But you need to be careful when doing this, especially if you are really unsure if he’s cheating. The last thing you’d want to happen is for your boyfriend to catch you sneaking into his private stuff. This could break your relationship without you even knowing the truth, and he could blame you for it.

Method 3: Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on WhatsApp with mSpy

In case the previous two methods don’t work for you, you can still find out if your boyfriend is cheating on WhatsApp by using mSpy for Android and iOS. It’s a phone spying program that allows you to see all your boyfriend’s WhatsApp messages, names, contacts, and the media he shared with his mysterious chatmate. Yes! It’s like cloning his Whatsapp

Plus, you don’t have to worry about your boyfriend catching you spying on his phone, especially WhatsApp. mSpy can be hidden from your target’s phone. They won’t even know you’re already monitoring each and every conversation on WhatsApp and other Social Media and Instant Messaging apps. Read on to know more about what you can do on your boyfriend’s WhatsApp.

mSpy Social Media Checker

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Read WhatsApp Messages in just One Click

With mSpy, you can have remote access to your boyfriend’s conversations on WhatsApp messages. You need not touch his phone to find out if your boyfriend is cheating. mSpy will give you a copy of the messages, with the names and timestamps, on your mSpy account.

And once this app syncs the messages, you will have permanent copies of them even if your boyfriend deletes them. So, if you even confront him about his WhatsApp affairs, you’d know exactly whether or not he’s lying to you.

mSpy WhatsApp Messages

Aside from that, you can also use mSpy’s screen recorder to take clips of their chats on Whatsapp. And the best part is that you can download the recordings locally. So, if you don’t have an internet connection to access your mSpy account, you still have a backup of his betrayal.

You can also check his contacts & call logs to know who is chatting with whom on WhatsApp or who’s been calling your boyfriend. This makes it easier for you to know whether or not your boyfriend is cheating.

Hack His WhatsApp Account Using His Login Details

Aside from reading and monitoring his WhatsApp messages, contact, and calls. You can also take control of his WhatsApp account if you really want to get more concrete proof. All you need to do is use mSpy’s powerful keylogger. It can record all the keystrokes that are registered on the target phone’s keyboard. Every time he logs into his WhatsApp or any secret account, you will see his passwords, usernames, and other login info.

mSpy Keylogger

After extracting his WhatsApp login details, you can just go directly to WhatsApp and log into the account yourself. However, logging into WhatsApp on a new device may require a second code if your boyfriend has activated Two-Step Verification. But don’t worry, mSpy has your back! Aside from WhatsApp, it can also spy on your boyfriend’s text messages. Just get the verification from there and you’re good to go.

Get to Know mSpy’s Other Features

Yes! With mSpy at your disposal, not only can you spy on your boyfriend’s WhatsApp messages, but you can also monitor his other Social Media chats on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, Viber, Kik, Tinder, Skype, and many more!

mSpy can also help you check your boyfriend’s:

  • Phone SMSRead the text messages he sent and received.

  • Phone Call Logs– Learn who he’s been calling recently.

  • Browser history & Installed Apps– Monitor his internet usage or if he is using a dating app.

  • GPS Locations– locate his whereabouts on the map without leaving your home.

These are only a few of the many excellent features of mSpy that you can use to catch a cheating boyfriend. Yes! It’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are still many things you need to know about mSpy.

Get Started With mSpy

Using mSpy is fairly easy, even for first-timers. You just need to complete the following steps to get started.

Step 1: Create Your mSpy Account

First, you need to secure an mSpy account. That’s where you can access all your boyfriend’s WhatsApp activities. You can sign up using your active email address below:

Step 2: Choose A Plan

For the service to work effectively, you need to subscribe to a mSpy plan. Then, complete your payment to gain access to the installation guide and the app’s special download link. They will be sent to your email shortly after the payment is verified.

Step 3: Install mSpy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

This is the trickiest part. You need to find a way to get into your boyfriend’s phone without getting caught. Ideally, do it when he’s sound asleep. Then, download and install mSpy on the phone according to the instructions provided.

Step 4: Check WhatsApp Messages

When the installation is complete, mSpy will start collecting all the important data from your boyfriend’s phone. Just give it a few minutes. Then, log in to your mSpy account and go to the Control Panel. There, proceed to the sidebar menu on the left side and scroll down to the Social Networks tab. Under it, you can find WhatsApp.

mSpy Control Panel

The keylogger, it’s under the General Features tab. The screen recorder, on the other hand, is located right after the Social Network tab. There are other features that you can play around with, too. Just check them and see what other dirty little secrets your boyfriend has been hiding from you.

Method 4: Recover Deleted Chats to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on WhatsApp

If your boyfriend deleted his WhatsApp messages in the hopes of not getting caught cheating, he is absolutely mistaken. You may feel hopeless since deleted conversations seem impossible to restore, but with the help of Data Recovery, you can retrieve those messages in no time.

Data Recovery is a professional tool that is intended for restoring lost or deleted phone data on Android and iOS devices. With this program, you can restore conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, Viber, and many more. Being able to recover the deleted messages can surely help you find out if your boyfriend is cheating on WhatsApp.

There Is More

With Data Recovery, you can recover different kinds of deleted or lost data such as SMS, call history, imessage, notes, photos, videos, documents, etc.

And you need not worry about losing data when fixing your phone as you can also use the program to back up files with ease.

So, for more details about the Data Recovery tool, just click the buttons below to explore more features.


Finding out that your boyfriend is cheating on WhatsApp can be pretty stressful as you will be faced with a life-changing decision on whether or not the best course of action is to break up. Despite the situation, it is important that you remain calm and collected when deciding. Take care of yourself in the process. Nevertheless, the solutions above should help you get closer to the truth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Legally, spying on someone’s Social Media account, even if the person is your boyfriend, is punishable. It depends on the law in your country. So, better know the risks before spying on his WhatsApp. However, if you are going insane with the lying and cheating, you may try doing it, but be careful not to get caught or he may use it against you.

Not necessarily. Your boyfriend can have private or secret conversations because there are things among friends that even partners shouldn’t know. Perhaps, his friend shared something extremely personal. However, if your boyfriend doesn’t tell you that it was from a friend or is defensive, you may start suspecting that he may be cheating on WhatsApp.