Dating websites and apps can link people together despite the fact that they don’t know each other and they’re far away. They bring strangers to friends and then couples. More than that, if you’re shy or just haven’t had the chance to ask someone out face to face, an “Hello” on dating sites is a big promoter.

However, you can only send it when the person’s on your contact list. Otherwise, you have nowhere to say hello. To do that, you need to locate the person’s dating profile.

This is not easy especially when you don’t know which dating app or site he/she stays. Also, you only have the person’s phone number, name, or email, not the direct ID.

Heaven never seals off all the exits. There’re ways that we can find your crush’s dating profile online even if we have no clues which service he/she has subscribed to. Read on and locate your date!

Method 1: Run A Dating Profile Search On Dating Testing Engines

What else can we say? When there’s a need, there’s a fix.

Somehow, developers have found out that people want to find their crush in real life from dating sites even though they have little information about the person. And they have invented this kind of search engine that can help people find someone’s dating profiles.

Depending on different engines, you may need to input different information to narrow down the person’s profile page. It can be:

  • address,
  • full name,
  • email,
  • or phone number.

Sounds great! You can have access to the person’s dating profile by typing the requested details.

Find Someone’s Dating Profile By Phone Number, Email & Name

Pay to Locate The Person’s Dating Profile

But there’s one thing you should know most of these services are charged. They won’t provide you with anything for free though.

There’s one thing that they can guarantee, they will find the person as long as the information you provide is correct. Even though the person is not on dating apps, you will see the person’s social media accounts. You can friend him/her and bring the two of you closer.

If you’re okay with the fact that you need to pay a price, check out the engines listed below and start to search for the person’s dating profile and social media accounts.

Some Powerful Search Engines to Search Someone’s Dating Profile


This is nearly the biggest and most popular platform for background checking. It’s trusted by thousands of users and has generated over 1 million reports.

This engine welcomes the target’s name, phone number, and email address. Inputting any information, this engine will show you everything you want.

Find Someone’s Dating Profile By Phone Number, Email & Name


This is an even more powerful tool that can contribute more. Information like addresses, ages, family, and friends will also be unveiled. As for dating profiles and social media, they’re covered for sure.

Similar to PeopleFinder, you need to type in one required detail to get all the person’s information. It can be the name, phone number, email, or address. Then, type it in on the box, pay for the search, and you will know this person well enough.

Find Someone’s Dating Profile By Phone Number, Email & Name

Been Verified

If you haven’t had to chance to ask for the person’s name or number, he/she just drove away. You can try this: Been Verified. It can get you the person who owns this car. And moreover, it gets you information about this person. You can call or even pay a visit to the person’s doorstep ( it can be too robust and freaked out though).

Social Catfish

You know, lots of people will use their own photograph as the portrait of their dating profile. So, if you have taken a photo of your crush, save the image and upload it to Reserve Image Search. This online image locator will target all the accounts that have a similar image. In this way, you only need to locate the person’s profile through those selected ones. Much easier, right?

Method 2: Search for the Dating Profile of Someone on Google

There’s this old-fashioned and slow solution that can get you the person’s dating profile on a specific platform. We need to use Google for this. And to be clear with you, it takes a lot of patience and it’s not 100% work if the person chooses to hide the profile from strangers. But it’s free.

So, if you have time, try this on you. It may surprise you, we never know.

Launch Google on your device, and type the following line in.

  • Site: Name of the dating app/site + name of the person (e.g. Site: Tinder John Doe)

If you know the person’s username, it will be better, try this:

  • URL of the dating app or site/@username (e.g.

If your crush is not on Tinder, try other sites then, replace the name or URL directly. Here are some famous and popular dating sites and their official links, you may try all of them:

  • eHarmony:
  • Bumble:
  • Hinge:
  • OkCupid:
  • Happn:
  • Her:
  • Clover:
  • Coffee Meets Bagel:
  • The League:
  • Plenty of Fish:
  • Match:
  • Zoosk:
  • FriendFinder: