Is Your Partner on Facebook Dating App? Truth Reveal

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Many single ladies and gents are using the Facebook dating app at present. It’s free for everyone to avail as long as you have a Wi-Fi or data connection. You’re secure of your privacy too unless you yourself will let your Facebook friends know.

The Dark Facet of Facebook Dating App on Couples

Generally, the Facebook dating app isn’t bad, especially for singles, widows, or widowers. But if you’re already married, living with someone, or committed to a man/woman, this is bad. Not all are fine having a partner engaging in a Facebook dating app in spite of the fact that he/she already has a partner. That’s a big No-no!

Partner Is On Facebook Dating App

Maybe you caught your partner on one of the dating apps before. Or you’re suspicious that he/she has a dating app account. Well, you better know the signs if your spouse or partner is cheating on you on Facebook.

Now how can you tell if someone is on a Facebook dating app? And how to confirm if your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend is on app? Learn how to find out if your husband or boyfriend is on dating sites.

We’ll help you find that out.

Solutions on How to Tell if Someone is on Facebook Dating App

Luckily, we made sure this article won’t waste your time. Check out the best among the best ways to find if your spouse or partner is on the Facebook dating app.

Method 1: Join the Facebook Dating App

If you already have caught your partner on dating apps before, pretending to be a “single-and-ready-to-mingle” person, it’s possible it would recur. For this reason, you should check if he/she is on a Facebook dating app. I bet you already have a Facebook account. Saying that you can join a Facebook dating app now.

Here are two ways to join a Facebook dating app without embarrassing yourself. Don’t be afraid that your friends will find you’re on a dating app even if you’re not single and available. Be assured that these steps won’t put you in an awkward situation.

1.1 Use Your Own Account and Check if You’ll Find Your Partner

You will join the Facebook dating app yourself using your own. Honestly, this is a bit tricky but worth a try. Do these in order to create your Facebook dating app account.

Facebook Dating App Profile
  1. First, go to your Facebook app.
  2. Then tap the three-line Menu bar.
  3. Click the box with a heart icon or Dating-word.
  4. And select the Get Started.
  5. Finish setting up your profile and tap Save.

You’ll only see those who joined the Facebook dating app, except your mutual Facebook friends.

1.2 Create a New Facebook Account and Add a Secret Crush

In addition to method 1.1, you can choose to do this one. The level of skills needed is one step higher. By creating a new Facebook account, the possibility of catching your partner on a Facebook dating app is better.

  1. On the Facebook app, enter the necessary details. Make sure to use an alias.
  2. Simply tap Sign up.
  3. Login using your credentials.
  4. You can set up your profile photo and cover photo if you want.
  5. Then activate your Facebook dating app.
  6. Follow the steps on Method 1.1.
  7. And find out if your spouse or partner has a Facebook dating account.

Now, to add up to 9 Secret Crushes, your partner must accept your friend request first. That’s the moment you can add him/her as your Secret Crush in the Facebook dating app.

  1. Let’s say, you’re on your Facebook dating app. Scroll down to find the Secret Crush box.
  2. Next, tap the + sign.
  3. Then choose whether you’ll add a Facebook friend or an Instagram follower.
  4. Type your partner’s name on the search box and Search.
  5. Then he/she will receive a notification.
  6. Wait if he/she will crush you back.

If these ways aren’t suitable for you, there still are other ways below.

Method 2: Monitor Your Partner’s Facebook Account Using mSpy

For you to confirm if your partner has a Facebook dating app account, you need a reliable spying app, like mSpy.

mSpy Facebook Viewer

Check the person’s Facebook account and browse everything you want without knowing!

View Facebook activities: Comments, Likes, Followers, Posts

Read all private messages and file on Facebook Messenger

Record Facebook screen and stream it whenever you need

mSpy is one of the top phone monitoring tools that spouses are trusted all around the globe. It works completely in the background, thus, your partner won’t even know you’re tracking him/her. mSpy can easily get the information that you want without stress. Even the installation process is simple. As a result, remotely spying on your partner is “No sweat!”

Catch Your Partner’s Facebook dating App Account with mSpy

Unlike method 1, here are better ways to know if your spouse or partner really is on a Facebook dating app.

Read Facebook Messages via Social Network feature

Remotely access his/her Facebook messages without him/her knowing. Since mSpy has a Social Network feature, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to read all of the target’s Facebook conversations. Meaning, you’ll know for sure if he/she is on a Facebook dating app. You need to know who your partner is talking to on Facebook.

Read Facebook Messages mSpy

Get His/Her Facebook Password Using Keylogger

Next, you may opt to invisibly get his/her Facebook password. You won’t struggle with how to ask your partner. Using mSpy Keylogger, you’ll definitely get hold of his/her password. Thus, you’ll have unlimited access to his Facebook account.

mSpy Keylogger

See Facebook Activity 24/7 Via Screen Recorder

Lastly, if your partner is on the Facebook dating app, he/she will receive notifications on his Facebook account. mSpy Screenrecorder features record all of the phone activities of the target device. So you’ll see wherever you are and anytime you want if he/she receives a Facebook dating app notification. And all of someone’s Facebook activity.

mSpy Screen Recorder

mSpy features can also check your partner’s Social Media App messages, SIM card activities, track location. It can even block Facebook on iPhone/Android and more.

Steps on How to Hack Your Partner’s Facebook Account with mSpy

Step 1: Creating your mSpy account is just like entering your email. So click the mSpy button above.

Step 2: Choose a suitable plan for you.

Step 3: Access the mSpy link on your email and log in to your account. Complete the download in 5 minutes.

Step 4: Go to the mSpy dashboard and read the Facebook messages

If you’re tired of having a partner who keeps on fooling around, decide for the better now. Know the most popular cheating apps today and see if your partner is cheating on you. Use mSpy!

Final Thoughts

Feel better and happier by knowing that your partner is not cheating on you. mSpy can be a useful tool to ensure that. If you’re having strong hunches that your partner is cheating on you, check out the spy devices to catch a cheating spouse. Overall, finding the truth will set you free. Now, you know how to find out if your partner is on a Facebook dating app.

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