Family gatherings and reunions are not complete without games! It’s like the highlight of the event. You can have fun with your relatives and of course, win some prizes.

If you have an upcoming event or party with your family and you are looking for a game or a birthday party idea where everyone can participate, well, look no further.

One of the hottest family games today is the “Do you really know your family” game, and we reviewed it below! Check it out!

What is the “Do You Really Know Your Family” Game?

The “do you really know your family” game is a great game to play with your family. This game allows you to get to know more about each member, and even make fun of them; in a respectful way of course.

It is a card game with 200 pieces of cards divided into two categories; trivia and challenges. These trivia and challenges are all about your family and will help each player to get to know each other better! Sounds fun right?

What is the “Do You Really Know Your Family” Game

The “do you really know your family” game can be played by any member of the family as long as they can read and understand what’s on the card. It was really amazing! If you want to build a strong bond with your loved ones and have fun at the same time.

Are you ready to play with your family? Well, then continue reading the next part!

How to Play the “Do You Really Know Your Family” Game?

The rules of this game are pretty simple and in order to win a player must obtain 15 cards. The first to reach this goal wins!

How to Play the “Do You Really Know Your Family” Game


Step 1

First, gather your family and sit around a table, and put the deck of cards in the middle.

Step 2

Next, decide who gets to pick first. After that, everyone gets to pick in a clockwise order.

Step 3

Once the first player draws a card, he/she should say if it’s a challenge or trivia.

Trivia Cards – If you picked a trivia card, you must think of the answer first, before reading it out loud. The first to guess the right answer gets to keep the card. If no one does, you can give the players some hints. If multiple people guess the right answer at the same time, the reader can choose who gets to keep the card.

Challenge Cards – Read the challenge out loud and whoever completes it gets the card. You may discard the card if the challenge is not completed or if no one wants to do it.

Step 4

Whoever collects 15 cards first wins the game!

Where to buy the “Do You Really Know Your Family” Game?

The “do you really know your family” game is available on:

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Final Thoughts

Having fun with your family is one of the greatest moments in life. Not everyone has the chance like that. So while you can, gather your loved ones and make them feel they are special and loved. Most importantly, you have to make time for them. We don’t have all the time in the world, so while you can, have fun with them. Laugh together, cry out of happiness together, and make joyous memories. Because at the end of the day, all you got is your family.