Here’s How You Do It! – Detect & Remove Spyware From Android Phone

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With the help of today’s technological advancement, a lot of things were made easier than ever. What takes years to make is now easily finished within months. Before, we used to send out letters just to give messages to people we know, and it would take weeks or even months before they even received them. But now all thanks to Android phones, we are now able to send and receive messages within seconds.

Over the years Android phone companies have made a huge effort in giving users the best experience. But despite that, there are still unexpected factors that can affect every Android phone user’s usage and security.

Spyware on Phone – How it can Harm You and Your Family

As I’ve mentioned, technological advancement has brought us some advantages. But what many don’t know is that it also has downsides. People with malicious intentions abuse this kind of power. And one of them is using Spyware on other people’s Android phones.

Spyware is a type of malware that can go deep into your phone’s system and acquire personal data such as passwords, Social messages, media files, calls, texts, etc. This type of hacking tool can even view your phone’s activity without you having any idea.

How Spyware Can Harm You And Your Family

With spyware on phone and having your personal information displayed out in the open, hackers can use them to blackmail you, use your accounts to trick your friends, and even worse harm your family. And of course, no one in the right mind would want that to happen, right?

Now if you have thoughts that someone might have accessed your phone using spyware and just want to make sure everything is fine and be safe, don’t worry because we are here to help you out.

Look Out! – Signs to Know if Someone Installed Spyware on your Phone

Spywares are designed to be hidden from the target phone, but there are actually signs that you can look out for to see if someone has installed one on your device.

Overheating phones

It’s normal for phones to heat up, especially when we overuse them. But if you notice that your phone is overheating for no apparent reason, then there may be a chance that something is running in the background that is working hard to penetrate into your phone.

Overheating Phone

Phone Randomly Crashes or Slows Down

Apart from overheating, another sign to look out for is when your phone suddenly crashes or slows down. You see, spyware applications are bulky and tend to take up a large space on your phone storage, making your phone performance slow down.

Phone Crashes

Phone Battery Drains Faster

As I’ve mentioned above, spyware runs in the background on your phone, and with this kind of activity, it is normal for your phone to get tired and drain its battery faster than usual.

Battery Drains Faster

If you notice these signs on your Android phone, there is a huge chance that spyware is installed on your device. Now this situation is very alarming and needs immediate action. If you don’t know how to remove spyware from Android phone, we have listed some methods to help you out.

Methods for Cell Phone Spyware Detection and Removal

To effectively remove and detect spyware on Android phone, try out these methods, check them out, and see what works for you.

1. Restart Device to Remove Spyware from Android Phone

Just like what I’ve mentioned above, spyware is a type of malware, and the easiest way to remove spyware from Android is by simply restarting your device. By doing this, your phone will boot up and remove any minor malware and bugs that mess up your system.

2. Check Installed Apps to Detect Spyware on Android Phone

Most spyware is disguised as apps, and for applications to run on your phone they have to be downloaded and installed. So if this is the case, you can check your phone’s installed apps folder and uninstall the spyware on phone immediately.

  1. Access your phone Settings.
  2. Scroll down until you find My Apps or Apps Management.
  3. From there, browse until you find the spyware.

3. Restore Factory Setting to Find and Detect Spyware on Android Phone

Restoring your phone to its factory settings means removing all the changes that you made. This includes resetting phone settings, deleting stored files, uninstalling applications, and removing possible malware. Now if the spyware on phone is an app or malware, this method can get rid of it.

However, as I’ve said, performing a factory reset on your phone can delete all its contents. We strongly advise that you backup your data before proceeding.

Facts About Spyware on Phone – It’s a Stubborn Malware

Now it’s time to run on some facts. The solutions above are truly helpful but they don’t really assure the complete removal of spyware on your device. And if ever you did remove the malware, the hackers can just easily install them back due to your phone’s vulnerability.

Facts About Spyware

So what do you need to completely remove and detect spyware on Android phone? Keep on reading because we have the answer for that.

Use McAfee Total Protection to Remove and Detect Spyware On Android Phone

To ultimately protect you and your family from this harmful spyware, you will need a partner that gives not only total protection but also peace of mind.

Introducing McAfee Total Protection, an award-winning anti-spyware program that provides the ultimate protection on your devices against stubborn spyware. Not only will it remove any existing spyware on our Android phones, but it will also blocks malicious malware that will try to re-attack.

Your mind will be at peace as this tool will defend your devices from virus attacks, harmful websites, and spyware that will try to steal your information and data.

McAfee Android Poster

In addition, McAfee Total Protection has features that not only protect your devices but also boost them to improve their performance. And of course, you can use this amazing tool on all of your devices such as Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows! And even if you and your family use different kinds of devices, McAfee Total Protection can protect you all.

So don’t waste time and grab this total protection tool now!

Steps to Detect Spyware on Android Phone via McAfee Total Protection

Step 1: Create an Account

  • Click the button above to create a McAfee account.
  • From there, enter your email and choose a subscription plan.
  • Follow the instructions and get your activation code.

Step 2: Install the App

  • On your Android phone, go to the Google Play Store and search for McAfee Mobile Security.
  • Next, install the app on your Android device.

Step 3: Set up

  • Launch McAfee Mobile Security and tap Enter Activation Code.
McAfee Set Up
  • Next, grant all the requested permission.
  • And after that, go back to the app’s main interface and hit Scan to start to detect spyware on Android phone.
McAfee Scan For Malware
  • When the scan is complete, simply hit the button to resolve all issues.

Protect your Device using ClevGuard Antispy to Remove and Detect Spyware On Android Phone

Another way to protect your family from the dangers of spyware is by using ClevGuard Anti Spyware. This anti-spying tool does the job of protecting your Android phones and other devices 24/7 from spyware so you don’t get stressed out worrying about your data and family’s safety.

Clevguard Antispy gently but effectively removes any existing spyware on your devices with no hassle. Plus, this program works well with Android phones, meaning whatever brand or model you own, ClevGuard Anti-Spyware got you covered!

This antispy tool also keeps your devices boosted as it removes junk and cache that may potentially harm your device in the long run. So what are you waiting for? Try out the sophisticated program now and detect spyware on Android phone within seconds!

Micro Guard Anti Spyware

for Android

Remove bugs, malware, virus, spyware

Scan for any protential risks of privacy leak

Clear up junk and hidden apps to boost phone

Steps to use ClevGuard Antispy to Detect Spyware On Android Phone

Step 1: Click the button above and choose ClevGuard Anti-Spyware.You will be asked to select and subscribe to a plan, select the one you prefer then proceed.

Step 2: Hit the Get it on Google Play button to directly download the app on your Android device.

Step 3: Install and launch the app. Next, run the spyware scan.

ClevGuard Scan Spyware

Step 4: After that, the results of the scan will be shown, hit the resolve button to remove and resolve the issues.


We hope that the solutions we provided on how to detect spyware on Android and effectively remove it can give you peace of mind and assurance of your privacy. If you know someone that might be going through the same thing, give them the solutions we suggested as they will surely help them, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are a lot of tracking programs online that can help anyone know your current whereabouts if your GPS is on and if they have access to your email credentials. Also, some people use spyware to digital stalk you.

  1. Open your phone Settings and access Locations.
  2. Select the Google Location settings.
  3. Next, turn off the Location Reporting and Location History.