Most dads have similar tastes in fashion. We often see them in cargo shorts, a T-shirt or polo, sunglasses, a cap, a belt, and a pair of shoes that don’t match the outfit. But not all of them dress this way, some have unique and extravagant tastes.

Now, if you’re a dad who’s looking for a new look or someone who’s looking for a great dad outfit to give your father, husband, or friend, this article is for you. We listed some of the most wholesome dad outfits that you will absolutely love!

1. The Morning Dad Outfit Idea

  • Looses Jacket + Old Printed Shirt + Sweat Pants + White Socks + World Balance Shoes
The Morning Dad Outfit

We are all familiar with this face. The face of your grumpy dad when he wakes up in the morning before he had his morning coffee. And of course, the outfit just speaks for what they feel. Grab yourself some lousy pants and a jacket to embody how exhausted our dads are. Plus, don’t forget the iconic white long socks and a pair of New Balance shoes, which is a staple for every dad.

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2. Barbeque Weekend Dad Outfit Idea

  • Sunglasses + Polo Shirt + Jean Shorts + Belt + Casio Watch + White  Socks + World Balance Shoes + Mustache
Barbeque Weekend Dad Outfit

I’m always excited about barbecue weekends when I was a kid. And apart from the food, I would never forget my dad’s and uncle’s outfits. They say that this kind of outfit is “formal but not too formal” and that they can entertain guests without looking too overdressed.

If you want to surprise your family and bring back some great memories, you should definitely wear this outfit. Find a polo shirt (it would be better if they have little stains on them), jean shorts, white socks, and the ever-so-iconic World Balance shoes. And don’t forget the sunglasses, casino watch, and fake mustache.

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3. The Fitness Dad Outfit Idea

  • Bright Colored Tank Top + Work Out Shorts + Safety Work Out Gears + White Socks + Running Shoes
The Fitness Dad Outfit

We all know a fitness freak dad who dedicates hours just to choosing the right outfit during a workout. If you want to encourage a dad to exercise, gifting him this outfit would be a hilarious way of motivating him. We never know, he might finally start exercising. After all, there’s no harm in trying.

So to get started, grab some men’s tank tops (the ones with striking colors), work out shorts, the iconic white socks, and shoes that do not compliment the whole outfit.

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4. Vacation Dad Outfit Idea

  • Polo Shirt + Shorts with Pockets + Whit Socks + World Balance Shoes + Sunglasses
Vacation Dad Outfit

Dads want to be stylish and comfortable during vacation, and it just happens that most middle-aged dads think that this outfit is perfect. This could also be a perfect gift for your dad. He can wear it on your next family trip or you can make your dad laugh by impersonating him.

Pick out a polo shirt with your dad’s favorite color, a pair of khaki shorts with pockets, and of course, the iconic white socks and New Balance shoes that will never be missed.

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5. The 90’s Dad Outfit Idea

  • Polo Shirt + Jeans + Belt + Sneakers
The 90's Dad Outfit

When you watch movies from the ’90s this is the typical dad outfit you’ll see. Some said that this is the time when tucked-in shirts started. Well, we can’t say for sure, but during this time, this type of outfit is quite popular.

If you want to dress up like a ’90s dad, grab a pair of Jeans, a dull-colored polo shirt, a belt, and classic white shoes. Don’t forget to put on some fake mustache a deep voice to make the impersonation perfect!

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6. The Classic Dad Outfit Idea

  • A Random Polo Shirt + Khaki Shorts + Cap + Belt
The Classic Dad Outfit

This is what I was talking about in the intro. Our dads just throw in random clothes and create a very generic outfit that most dads wear. A tucked-in polo shirt, cargo shorts, a belt, and shoes that don’t match the outfit. And of course, we can’t forget the cherry on top; the random baseball cap. It’s truly a classic.

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7. Dad’s Fishing Outfit Idea

  • Polo Shirt + Shorts with Pockets + Belt + Sunglasses + Shoes or Sandals
Dad's Fishing Outfit

When I was a kid, I always saw the men in our family go on fishing trips together, and one of the things that I will not forget is the outfits that my dad and uncles wear. Although it’s a total coincidence, it’s just amazing how they end up matching each other. It’s fascinating.

If your dad likes fishing, perhaps you might want to give him some fishing gear and this amazing wholesome dad outfit. Go grab a polo shirt with his favorite color, shorts with pockets where he can store his phone, and sunglasses. Don’t forget to grab a pair of sturdy shoes or some durable sports sandals to avoid slipping in muddy areas.

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8. Dad’s Thanksgiving Outfit

  • Loose Sweater or Long Sleeve Polo + Loose Shorts or Pants + White or Colorful Socks
Dad's Thanksgiving Outfit

This outfit looks cozy and merry, that’s why it’s a staple on every dad’s Thanksgiving wardrobe. The loose sweater and shorts are perfect to hide their holiday belly. Plus the long white socks keep them warm throughout the night. It’s just so cute and perfect. If you want to make your family laugh this holiday season, why not try on this outfit?

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9. Coach Dad Outfit Idea

  • Polo Shirt or a Plain T-Shirt + Shorts + Trainers + Socks + Sunglasses + Whistle
Coach Dad Outfit

Does your dad work as a coach? I’m pretty sure that his everyday outfit resembles this one. And we all have that one gym teacher who literally dresses like this every day. And although a lot of people stereotype people who dress like this, we have to admit that we learned a lot from them. So kudos to all coaches and gym teachers out here.

If you want to pay homage to their greatness or make your old man smile, put on a polo shirt, shorts, old trainers, and white socks with stripes. Don’t forget the whistle, sunglasses, and fake belly.

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10. Modern Dad Outfit Idea

  • T-Shirt + Jacket + Pants + Sneakers
Modern Dad Outfit

Young dads these days opt for a more modern and simple outfit. Just like this one, you’ll often see dads wearing a plain shirt topped with a hoodie jacket, regular jeans or stylish ripped jeans, and a pair of shoes. And that’s it. It’s comfortable but stylish, the perfect outfit for a modern-day dad. Try it out!

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Bonus: Dad Daughter/Son Outfit Ideas

If you’re a dad, I’m pretty sure having a matching outfit with your kid is on your bucket list. This is perfect if you’re having a date with your kid or during special occasions. So here are some adorable matching dad and kid outfits! Check them out!

1. Summer Father & Daughter Matching Outfit

  • Price: $32.90 – $35.90
  • Get it on: Tiny Tots
Daddy Daughters Outfit

This festive outfit will surely bring out the summer fun on your “Daddy-Daughter date”. not only is this outfit cute, but it’s also pretty comfy to wear and has a lot of style variations. Grab a pair and make a memorable day with your little princess.

2. Father and Son Matching Caps

Dad and Son Matching Cap

Caps are somewhat of a staple to boys. And just so you know there are a lot of cute matching caps out there that you and your son can wear whenever you go out. Like this one, it has a lot of styles and sizes for both dad and son.

Tip: You may also check out some amazing beanie caps. They will surely look good on any of your outfits during your “Dad and Son Date”.

Authors Note

It doesn’t matter how your dad dresses. What matters is how much he loves you and your family.