Happy Anniversary! 11 Sweet Copper Gifts for Men

By Last Updated: October 17th, 2023Categories: Gift

Wedding anniversaries are a milestone for every married couple. That is every year, they celebrate it by going out on dates, vacations, or gift-giving.

Most wives spend months thinking and preparing the perfect gift to give their husbands. But sadly, some wives can’t give the time when it comes to planning an anniversary gift. We all know how busy a wife/mother can be. It’s a tough job.

Now, if it’s the year when you should give cooper-themed gifts, don’t worry. We will help you save time and effort. Here are some of the best copper gifts for men that will absolutely put a smile on your husband’s face.

1. Copper Guitar Pick

Men have different interests if your husband happens to be a music geek and like to play guitars, then this copper guitar pick will be perfect.

You can even engrave a message saying how much you love him or just a happy anniversary greeting. Also, if your husband likes other instruments you can buy something related, like a copper drum, copper drumsticks, and more.

Copper Guitar Pick

2. Copper Mug Set

Most dads/husbands start their day with a warm cup of coffee. If your husband has the same habit, this copper mug set is a must-have. And yes it is a set, it comes with 4 mugs, 4 coasters, 4 copper straws, a shot glass, and a cleaning brush.

And this mug set is perfect for both hot and cold drinks! For only $24.97, it’s a pretty good deal.

Copper Mug Set

3. Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

If your husband likes to make his own coffee or prefers freshly crushed grounds rather than instant coffee, he will absolutely like this next one.

Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

This Electric Burr Coffee Grinder is everyone’s dream. Aside from giving you fresh coffee, it also preserves the bean’s intrinsic flavor and aroma better than a blade grinder. Plus, it’s easy to use and is very affordable considering the quality and features.

4. Prince of Scots Hammered Copper Shot Glass

There are two drinks that most men prefer, either coffee or alcohol. After work, men like to chill out and end the day with a smooth shot of tequila or any of their favorite spirits. Then you better get him a copper shot glass from the brand Prince of Scots Hammered.

Prince of Scots Hammered Copper Shot Glass

It’s made with high-quality materials and it even comes in a fancy box. You don’t need to hassle yourself in packing the gift. How great is that?

5. Copper Fishing Lure

If the husband likes to fish, he will definitely appreciate a copper fishing lure. Although he might not use it. At least he knows that you value his hobbies and that you support him. And you know what they say “it’s the thought that counts”.

You can even engrave something meaningful, just to make it extra special.

Copper Fishing Lure

6. Copper Measuring Cups and Spoons

Does your husband like to bake or maybe start his baking journey? Well, if that’s the case, we have the perfect gift suggestion.

This copper measuring cup and spoon set will make him eager to bake more yummy treats for the family. It’s also a nice way of appreciating and supporting the things he does.

Copper Measuring Cups and Spoons

It has 9 pieces of spoons/cups and you can also choose what kind of packaging you want. For $46.18, you’ll surely get your money’s worth.

7. Copper Paintings

If your husband likes art or is a collector of artistic pieces, you can check out Etsy’s copper painting collection.

They sell a wide range of beautiful paintings and art pieces. This will not only make your husband happy, but it could also be perfect home decor.

8. Cooper Knife Set

If I have the money, I will definitely buy this for myself. This gorgeous knife set is a perfect gift for a husband who likes to cook! From the handle to the blade, everything just looks so sophisticated. It’s $149.95 for 13 pieces.

Cooper Knife Set

9. Stinky Cigar Copper Ashtray

Some ashtrays we find in stores look tacky and cheap. That’s why I highly recommend this Stinky Cigar Copper Ashtray, it will make your husband look like a mafia boss while smoking.

It’s functional and well-built for every cigar lover! Plus, this one is a pretty clever gift.

Stinky Cigar Copper Ashtray

10. Vintage Fine Copper Lighter

Smoking is not complete with just an ashtray, why not pair it with this pretty cool copper lighter? This will definitely give him that cool daddy vibe. And he could actually use this gift or brag about it to his friends.

Vintage Fine Copper Lighter

11. Cooper Car Steering Wheel Cover

If you’re a couple who likes to go on trips, this copper-colored steering wheel cover is a perfect anniversary and road trip gift! This one looks so sleek and will definitely add a touch of sophistication inside the vehicle. And it’s really nice to drive if you have a pretty-looking steering wheel.

Cooper Car Steering Wheel Cover


It doesn’t matter if you give your husband a lavish gift, what matters the most is your love and appreciation for him. And that is what gift-giving is about.


  • Wooden (5th)
  • Tin (10th)
  • Crystal (15th)
  • China (20th)
  • Silver (25th)
  • Pearl (30th)
  • Ruby (40th)
  • Golden (50th)
  • Diamond (60th)
  • 1st Anniversary: Paper
  • 2nd Anniversary: Cotton
  • 3rd Anniversary: Leather
  • 4th Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers
  • 5th Anniversary: Wood
  • 6th Anniversary: Candy or Iron
  • 7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper
  • 8th Anniversary: Pottery or Bronze
  • 9th Anniversary: Willow or Pottery
  • 10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum
  • 11th Anniversary: Steel
  • 12th Anniversary: Silk or Linen
  • 13th Anniversary: Lace
  • 14th Anniversary: Gold Jewelry
  • 15th Anniversary: Crystal
  • 16th Anniversary: Coffee or Tea
  • 17th Anniversary: Wine or Spirits
  • 18th Anniversary: Appliances
  • 19th Anniversary: Jade
  • 20th Anniversary: China
  • 21st Anniversary: Fire (theme)
  • 22nd Anniversary: Water (theme)
  • 23rd Anniversary: Air (theme)
  • 24th Anniversary: Stone (theme)
  • 25th Anniversary: Silver
  • 26th Anniversary: Art
  • 27th Anniversary: Music
  • 28th Anniversary: Linens
  • 29th Anniversary: Tools
  • 30th Anniversary: Pearls
  • 31st Anniversary: Travel
  • 32nd Anniversary: Bronze
  • 33rd Anniversary: Iron
  • 34th Anniversary: Food
  • 35th Anniversary: Coral
  • 36th Anniversary: Antiques
  • 37th Anniversary: Books
  • 38th Anniversary: Luck (theme)
  • 39th Anniversary: Laughter (theme)
  • 40th Anniversary: Ruby
  • 41st Anniversary: Office or Desk Decor
  • 42nd Anniversary: Clocks or Watches
  • 43rd Anniversary: Entertainment (theme)
  • 44rd Anniversary: Electronics (theme)
  • 45th Anniversary: Sapphire
  • 46th Anniversary: Games
  • 47th Anniversary: Garden or Plants
  • 48th Anniversary: Home Improvement (theme)
  • 49th Anniversary: Copper
  • 50th Anniversary: Gold
  • 51st Anniversary: Photos or Cameras
  • 52nd Anniversary: Bath or Spa (theme)
  • 53rd Anniversary: Plastic
  • 54th Anniversary: Glass
  • 55th Anniversary: Emerald
  • 56th Anniversary: Day (theme)
  • 57th Anniversary: Night (theme)
  • 58th Anniversary: Faith and Hope (theme)
  • 59th Anniversary: Charity (theme)
  • 60th Anniversary: Diamond