8 Coffee Date Outfit Ideas for Guys and Girls

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If you are going on a coffee date with someone and it’s your first time doing so, you have to make an effort to leave a lasting impression. And one great way to do that is to get yourself a coffee date outfit that’s casual yet fashionable to the eyes and comfortable to wear.

You see, coffee shops have a certain aesthetic vibe to them and you have to match it with style if you really want to impress your date. So, in case you’re having a hard time picking which shirt and dress to wear, you can relax now. On this page, we will give you coffee date outfit ideas for both guys and girls. Check them out below.

Part 1: Coffee Date Outfit Ideas for Guys

These coffee date outfit ideas for guys are best for dating girls, but they can also be used if you have a coffee date with your friends, colleagues, and family.

Plain, White/Black Short-Sleeves and Checkered Trousers

As a guy, you don’t only want to appear handsome but neat and clean as well. This is better manifested if you wear a fit, plain, White/Black short-sleeves. Your date should be able to see your arms. You may try folding the sleeves up if they’re quite long for you. And if you have a good physique, you may also release one or two of the buttons to reveal a bit of collar bone and chests.

Short Sleeve Men

And to match your plain top, we recommend you tuck it in a checkered trouser with a neutral-colored belt to secure it. For the shoes, you slip your feet on a pair of brown or black loafers. For the accessories, you may wear a silver watch or a smartwatch.

The overall look would be classy and casual at the same time, perfect for a coffee date in popular cafes like Starbucks.

Printed Short Sleeves and Denim Shorts

If you want to look fresh and young and your date have other activities to do and places to be after your coffee date, this coffee date outfit should fit you.

Just pick any printed short sleeves that really fit your body. You can opt for a floral design. A lot of young men go for it as it’s the trend and looks fresh to the eyes. Not to mention, they match denim jeans perfectly

Printed Short Sleeves Men

You may also style the look if you want to. You can have a plain white shirt underneath and unbutton the printed short sleeves to reveal it.

For your footwear, go for loafers or sneakers. Either is a good match to such a comfy and trendy outfit. And to finish your overall look, you may wear a watch or bands. You can also match it with a pair of black sunglasses.

Plain Polo T-Shirt and Khaki Jeans

When your date is scheduled after work and you don’t have enough time to change your outfit, this universal combination is the best for you.

Polo T-shirts and khaki jeans are neutral outfits, they can be worn almost in any place such as school, work, malls, and of course– cafes. They look neat and simple, but give off a handsome vibe. Also, this coffee date outfit suits men regardless of age.

Polo Shirt Men

Furthermore, we recommend that you match the color of your shoes to the color of the Polo T-shirt or you may choose any shoes that compliment the outfit’s color scheme. That way, you sandwich the khaki jeans, making your overall outfit look more appealing.

Round Neck T-shirt and Jeans

This is the most typical coffee date outfit as it offers more comfort, and it just doesn’t get out of style.

All you need to do is choose a round neck t-shirt, printed or not, and pair it with jeans that really fit the shape of your legs. But if you are uncomfortable with that, you may opt for a loose pair. The most important thing is that the jeans are plain and don’t have any large prints. This way, they can match any shirt you put on.

Round Neck Shirt Men

Also, be sensitive to the prints and labels on your shirt. You’re on a date and the last thing you’d want is to offend the person you’re dating. So, avoid wearing shirts that have foul language or graphic images printed on them.

For shoes, a pair of sneakers is the best choice. However, you may also try on loafers with this set.

Things Men Should and Should Not Wear for Your Coffee Date

In case you can’t find the clothes that match our coffee date outfit ideas for men, you can always do it freestyle. But you should know what you should and what you should not wear.

What you should wear:

  • Something casual such as shirts, long sleeves, polo shirts, or sweaters and hoodies. It should fit the weather. However, it shouldn’t be too casual like the ones you wear at home. It should look new and the color should be vibrant. This way, the lady would appreciate that you’ve prepared for the date.
  • Your jeans, shorts, and shoes should match your top. The most important thing is that they fit you perfectly. Not too tight and loose to make you appear uncomfortable to her eyes.

What you should not wear:

  • You should not wear any shirt that has any foul language prints as that might turn off your date.
  • Outfits that are too formal are a big NO such as suits and black leather shoes.
  • Don’t wear flip-flops as they’d make you look unprepared. If you want to free your feet from enclosed footwear, sandals would do.

Part 2: Coffee Date Outfit Ideas for Girls

Loose Sweater and Jeans

Most coffee shops are cold and air-conditioned and wearing an outfit that shows a lot of skin just doesn’t work in such situations. To be more comfortable, a baggy sweater and semi-loose jeans are the coffee date outfit you need.

Not to mention, this outfit combination allows you to be less conscious about your body shape. It’s also perfect if you don’t want to show some skin but you want to be fashionable.

Loose Sweater Girl

Just choose sweaters that are oversized for you and the color is also of your choice. But it would be nice if you’d match it with the same colored pants or jeans

It would also be a great addition to your overall look if you use a tote bag. It’s more trendy and feels young. The shoes can be white sneakers with a different color.

Wrap-around Floral Dress

If your date is planning to wear a floral short sleeve shirt, you can match it with a whole wrap-around floral dress. This will surely surprise him as the both of you would look like a couple. And even if it’s just a coffee date with friends, this kind of outfit will surely make you standout.

Floral Dress Girls

Select a light-colored floral dress that ,b>perfectly fits your waist. And the flow of the dress should be below the knee. You may improve your overall look with the outfit by wearing silver or gold bracelets or necklaces.

And for your feet, you can wear any flats or sandals that have a plain neutral color like black, white, beige, or brown. To complete the look, it would be best if the color of your handbag matches your footwear.

Plain White Shirt and Denim Pants/Skirt

If you want to look simple and cool but not old-fashioned, a plain white shirt and denim pants or skirt are the clothes you need. This outfit combination doesn’t get old.

White Shirt Denim Girls

So, what you need to do is get a plain white shirt (round neck or v-neck) that fits your body and tuck it into your denim pants or skirt. Then, wear a neutral-colored beanie on your head. With simple outfits like this one, you really need to pay attention to the color schemes. So, to match the shirt, wear white sneakers.

And for your accessories, you may just wear a watch to preserve the simplicity of the outfit.

Tank Top and Shorts

Well, if you want to look cool, you may try wearing a tank top and match it with shorts. You can go for denim shorts or linen shorts as long as the design and fabric matches with your tank top. And yes! We recommend that your top be colorful or neutral as it will be the centerpiece of the outfit.

Tank Top Girls

Then, to transform the outfit, even more, you may put on black shades with a very sleek frame and a pair of black boots or sandals. And for your jewelry, you may adorn your neck with a simple silver necklace and wear a smartwatch.

You may also put on a denim jacket in case the coffee shot where you’d meet your date has cold air conditioning or if it’s a bit drizzling or windy.

Things Women Should and Should Not Wear for Your Coffee Date

If you can’t achieve the coffee date outfit ideas we’ve presented for you, that’s okay. The most important thing is that you know what you should and should not wear when you go on a date with a guy.

What you should wear:

  • You should wear something casual like a blouse and a skirt. You may also wear t-shirts. Just make sure that it fits you well. Not too revealing since it’s a date in a coffee shop with lots of other people around.
  • We recommend you wear rubber shoes, flats, and boots. Just make sure they match your outfit.

What you should not wear

  • Wearing flip-flops is discouraged as that would give the man a bad impression of you.
  • High heels are not good, too, as they would be too formal and uncomfortable in case you and your date need to walk around after a coffee date.


When going on a coffee date, your outfit matters, especially if you really want to attract or impress someone. Apart from that, it speaks of who you are as a person, too. Dressing well on a date can be taken as a form of respect for the guy or girl you’re meeting.

So, if you don’t really know what to wear, just check the coffee date outfit suggestions we’ve presented above. Check if you have the clothes and try to improvise with what you have. But if you have extra bucks to spare, you may also purchase similar outfits.


According to some experts, wearing red or sexy perfume is a subtle way of getting your date more attracted to you. Other ways include showing a bit of skin or knowing when and how to crack humor.

There are at least three major fits for men’s pants. They are skinny, slim fit, and regular. If you have muscular legs or larger thighs, it’s recommended to get the latter one. It’s much more stretchable.