Code to Check if Phone is Hacked & How to Unhack

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Whatever our status in life, our phone is our life. In most instances, our phones contain personal and confidential information that we’d never want to be compromised. Parents send their kids’ allowances online. Children ask for money from their parents through calls, text messages, or chats. Lovers exchange privy messages. Even online gamers can earn money just by playing games.

We value our phones so much. We don’t let anyone see our phones. And we protect our phones a lot from cybercriminals or hackers. But this is the new normal. Everything is done online. Hackers and cybercriminals are becoming better at their ingenious crimes. They can hack your phone by calling you.

Unfortunately, phone hacking is their main target because it’s penetrable. And obviously, there’s a bigger possibility that they can acquire a treasure chest-like wealth in that thin gadget. Worry no more! We can help you solve that. Here is a list of code to check if phone is hacked.

Signs that Your Phone is Hacked or Tapped

First, let’s confirm if your phone is really being hacked or tapped. Or if a keylogger was installed on your phone without your knowledge. We’ll help you detect and remove a spy keylogger. Here are a few signs.

1. Poor Phone Performance

The phone’s performance seems like two people are using it at the same time. Note that older phones perform poorly in time. Otherwise, this can be a sign of being hacked or tapped. You need to be sure that it’s a sign of hacking though, not that you need to buy a new one.

2. Phone Battery Gets Low Quickly

Due to number 1, the phone’s battery easily goes low fast. Since malicious spyware runs in the background, this is the result.

Signs That Your Phones Hacked

3. Overheats

Your phone is overheating or somewhat turning hot even if not charging.

4. Apps Installed Unknowingly

Apps you didn’t install are downloaded on your phone, such as spyware. Or if unattended, you caught some weird activities happening on your device.

5. Billed Phone Charges You Unmade

You got a list of unknown data, calls, and text messages bill charges. Meaning, it’s not just one or two phone charges you knew nothing about.

6. Adware on Phone

Bogus ad popups more often. These are adware that can get your personal details and use them for their gain.

If you noticed these signs on your phone, there’s a possibility that your phone has been hacked. Below are solutions on how to unhack your phone after confirming it. Know the code to check if phone is hacked.

Method 1: Use a Code to Check if Phone is Hacked or Tapped & Unhack

After finding out the truth, you should act promptly to unhack your phone. The first solution to do so is by using code to check if phone is hacked and unhacked.

We will give you a useful code to check if phone is hacked.

Use a Code to Check if Phone is Hacked or Tapped & Unhack

1.1 Stop Conditional Call Forwarding Hacks by ##61#, ##62# or ##67# Code

If hackers successfully hack your phone using conditional call forwarding, your unanswered calls will be redirected to their line. Same as with your messages, they can forward it to their number too.

To find this out, dial *#61#. And if the results show another number receiving your missed calls, immediately dial ##61# code to delete it. This can unhacked this kind of hacking.

To discover if your phone is tapped while it’s turned off or out of the coverage area, simply dial *#62#. Any result other than your voicemail is alarming. Quickly untapped it by dialing ##62#.

And to see if there are hackers who receive your rejected calls, dial *#67#. This can also reveal if a hacker gets your messages too. To unhack, just dial ##67#. Stop someone from reading your text messages.

1.2 Remove Phone Hacks & Taps Using ##04# Code

You can remove all of the conditional call forwarding hacks and taps at once using ##04#. Instead of using ##61#, ##62#, or ##67# code to check if phone is hacked, dial *#004#. Everything on method 1.1 will be given to you. All of the above will be unhacked as well.

1.3 End Unconditional Call Forwarding Hacks & Taps: Dial ##21# Code

A much darker way of hacking or tapping is unconditional call forwarding. This is difficult to catch because your phone hasn’t actually received the call or text message. To know if you’re a victim, dial *#21#. And to end this hack, call ##21# instantly.

These are the important code to check if phone is hacked. Memorize it if you must.

Method 2: Unhack Your Phone Using McAfee Total Protection

Other than using code to check if phone is hacked, here’s another way to solve your hacking or tapping problems. You don’t need these codes with McAfee Total Protection Anti Spyware. It’s suitable for both Android phones and iPhones.

McAfee Total Protection Anti Spy is an app intentionally made to make sure your confidential information is safe online and offline. It can detect any hacking or tapping activity on your phone. Unhack your phone using McAfee Total Protection. It’s secure too. You don’t need to worry about your phone and privacy. McAfee Total Protection got you covered.

McAfee Poster

McAfee Total Protection Features

Its Identify Monitoring feature notifies you if ever there is unusual activity on your emails, bank account, credit cards, SSN, and so on. McAfee Total Protection helps monitor any personal data breaches on your phone. Hence, no hacker can steal money or information from your phone.

There isn’t anything to be afraid of when doing online transactions such as sending money online. McAfee Total Protection has Online Privacy features whether you use public Wi-Fi or not. This can assure you that it’s safe to search and do transactions online.

Well, you’ve got to see it to believe it. McAfee Total Protection can gauge the level of your security online. Know how safe you are using its Protection Score feature. If McAfee Total Protection detects your online health is weak, it will automatically give you tips on how to make it stronger.

Now let’s get McAfee Total Protection.

McAfee Total Protection Installation Process

Step 1: First, Create your McAfee account

Click the button above. From there choose a plan that suits your need. After that, you should receive a confirmation email, along with an Activation Code.

Step 2: Get the McAfee Mobile app

Search McAfee Security: VPN Antivirus via Google Play Store or Apple App Store then click Install.

Step 3: Tap Open. Then click the Accept button.

Step 4: Sign in to the McAfee Total Protection account.

  • Look for the three-line in the upper right corner and tap it.
  • And hit Sign in using the account you just created or enter the Activation Code you received.
McAfee Installation Antivirus Setup
  • Accept the New License by toggling the button on and ticking Continue.

Step 5: Create a 6-digit McAfee security PIN exclusive to the target phone.

Step 6: Start checking if your phone is hacked

  • Now, click Start Scan to check if your phone is hacked or tapped.
Start Scan
  • Hit the Resolve Threat button to completely remove spyware.

Install the McAfee Total Protection app now and check if your phone is hacked. Unhacked it hastily too.

Method 3: Unhack Your Hacked Phone Using ClevGuard Anti Spyware

Another reliable antispy app for Android is ClevGuard Anti Spyware. It safeguards your phone from hackers that long to steal information or money. ClevGuard Anti Spyware can detect and remove malware in real-time. This assures your personal information is 100% private.

ClevGuard Anti-Spyware

Detect & Remove Hackers Spyware/Trackers

If any hackers get into your phone using spyware or tracker, ClevGuard Antispy will know it. Even if someone hacks your phone with your number. Because it scans your phone nonstop. Finding any out-of-the-norm activity, it will ask for your permission to remove the malicious file or app.

Check Email Leak

For email password protection, this feature can help protect that. ClevGuard Antispy won’t let your email’s password and content be taken out to the open (web). Protecting this from hackers means protecting your financial accounts and confidential information.

Analyze & Remove Spy Apps or Adwares

To know what slows down your phone performance, this feature can point out the real cause. Whether it be spy apps, cache, adware, or the likes, ClevGuard Antispy can suggest which ones are to be removed. This helps remove spy apps that run in the background resulting in your phone’s poor performance.

ClevGuard Antispy can also know of any attempts to hack your phone’s camera and microphone. Now you can stop someone from listening to your phone calls. Reinforce your phone security by clicking the button below.

ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro

Hack Child’s Android Phones & Tablets, iPhones & iPad

Monitor WhatsApp, FB, IG, SMS, Calls

Listen to Android surroundings

Record screen of the target phone

No rooting or jailbreak required

ClevGuard Anti Spy Installation Process

Step 1: Click the button above to create an account. On your phone, download ClevGuard via Google Play Store and install.

Step 2: Next, sign in with your account and start scanning to detect any spyware on your phone.

  • Tap the ClevGuard app.
  • Then click the Scan button.
ClevGuard Anti Spyware Detect Remove
  • If any spyware is found, simply remove it with one click.
  • Fix all other issues found using ClevGuard Anti Spyware.

Protect your phone from hackers and tappers using ClevGuard Anti Spy immediately.


Your phone is of utmost importance. This article aims to help you learn the right code to check if phone is hacked. But you have to be quite sure that your phone is hacked. Even if not, this can help you prevent hackers from hacking or tapping your phone. These are very useful in order to keep your phone data and private conversations safe. Choose among these three methods which work best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

*#0*# means General test Mode wherein you can test your Android phone. You’ll be redirected to an array of operation buttons such as Speaker, Mega Cam, and Low Frequency.

*#07# is a USSD code that helps you know the radiation level of your phone. This is measured in terms of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). The lower the SAR level of your phone, the better. According to studies, the tolerable SAR level is 1.6 W/kg and below.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a unique code that is designated into every SIM card or cellphone. It’s used by network operators so that users can do multiple SIM activities with ease. Such as inquiring about your balance and other pre-configured services.