8 Cheating Husband Signs: See If your Husband Is Cheating

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A few years back, I met this young couple with a 1-year-old daughter. I got close to their sweet daughter so they made me her godparent. But recently, she messaged me privately. She confided;

My husband is always snapping at me for no reason. If he’s drunk, he would tell me to get out of our house for good. I don’t know what to do. I love him and our daughter.

The Cheating Sickness

More or less 50% of couples today experience this. The first time we encounter it, we tend to reach out to others. We want to either lighten our burden or to know how to stop this circling scenario. We wonder, “Is my husband cheating?” And “Are these cheating husband signs?”

Signs of a Cheating Husband

Let’s tackle more cheating husband signs to help you answer your queries.

His Temper

  • Your husband is always quick-tempered at you without any reason. He’d easily snap at you. And if you nicely ask him if he’s mad at you, he’d say no and brush the issue away. He isn’t interested in you anymore. He wants you to get out of his life for good. It’s obvious and vocal about that.

His Complain

  • He always tells you of your lapses that were actually already talked about and fixed by both of you years ago. He’d talk again and again that your parents don’t like him. Although you already chose and married him in the first place.

His Social Media 

  • Prefers to chat with others on messaging platforms than fix the matters between the two of you. They confide and ask for sympathy from female friends. The worst is if that friend likes him.
  • Has multiple Social Media accounts. For example, he has two or more Facebook accounts. Beware of the signs if your husband is cheating on Facebook.
  • Deletes conversations on his phone. Maybe you caught him once or so. What’s for sure, he deletes conversations he doesn’t want you to know. Why not learn to recover deleted messages.
  • He’s very kind and sweet to other female online gamers and would pick a fight if you confronted him.
  • Busy with his phone even after work. He works 8 hours a day but still uses his phone more when at home.

Further Confirm If your Husband is Cheating with Spyware

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Reliable Social Media & SMS Chat Viewer

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Round-the-clock Screenrecorder

Whether you caught your husband deleting a conversation or not, you should always consider that. mSpy’s Screenrecorder helps you view everything. Since it records all of his mobile activities every time the screen changes. Review the recordings of call logs, SMS, Social Media chats, and more.

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Having talked about deleted messages, mSpy’ Keylogger always keeps a record of all words, phrases, and conversations on your husband’s device. Meaning, the deleted ones as well. Not all keyloggers can do that, only mSpy. For a thorough gathering of solid cheating evidence, use this feature.

Is My Husband Cheating: Find out Using mSpy

If your husband shows most of the cheating husband signs, start investigating. Let’s gather solid evidence to stop a cheating husband in his tracks.

Step 1: You need to click the button below to subscribe to mSpy. For an easy installation process, check your email.

Step 2: Then access your mSpy Control Panel using your login credentials.

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To hack into his Social Media messages

  • Look for Social Networks on your Dashboard. Click it.
  • Then select a specific Social App you wanted to scan through like Tinder.
  • Now read every Tinder message, and see all photos sent or received.
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Check all Screen Recordings

  • Right at your Dashboard, select Screenrecorder.
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  • You may also opt to search for a specific app on the App name button.

Start monitoring your husband now using mSpy. Don’t let him fool you for long. Put an end to his cheating and to your heartaches now.

What to Do if You Find Out that Your Husband is Cheating

Most probably, by this time, you’re able to gather enough proof of evidence that your husband is cheating. Here are the most efficient things that you should do if your husband is really cheating on you.

Be Calm

Don’t act drastically or else, all of your efforts will come to waste. Keep your composure. Cry if you must. Take a break or vacation. Never let him know of your hunches.

Confront Him

If your evidence is now complete and has a strong basis, ask him sometime. Talk to him. Confront him but as much as possible, avoid violence. He would deny it but I tell you, you’re not paranoid if you got solid proof.

Decide What’s Best for The Two of You

It’s not easy to decide if things are all fresh for both of you. Take some time to cry and relax. Consider your kids and your marriage. No one can judge you if you want to patch things up and move on together. Start anew. Likewise, no one can say it’s wrong to walk away from a toxic marriage.

It’s really up to both of you to decide what to do next.

Final Words

I know that this is hard. But not finding the truth even if your cheating husband signs are evident is more torture. Whatever the outcome of your investigation and talk, know that you aren’t alone. Reach out for help emotionally and mentally. Just like many other women, you can get through this. You’re strong and smart. Always remember that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Honestly, only real wives can tell whether her husband is lying or not. The moment they got married, they became one. That’s why you got the connection and you can sense whether he’s telling the truth or not. We’ll be pointing out a few things here to tell if a cheating husband’s lying.

  • If you confront him, he blurts outrageously at you. Again, it’s a number 1 rule for husbands never to admit to their wives that they cheated.
  • Worst of all, he accuses you of doing so. Your husband throws back at you your cheating accusations. It’s actually a projection of his wrongdoing.
  • Your quarrels happen again and again. It gets worse than before because he doesn’t want to cooperate on your peace talks. He doesn’t want to talk or solve your issues. You can’t fix a problem if you don’t know the cause.
  • I don’t have any problem or issue with you!” That’s his biggest lie all the time when you ask him if he’s mad at you. Or what did you do wrong?
  • All that he denies spits out when he’s drunk. Of what’s the real deal or issue about you. Everything is the wife’s fault.

Mark his words. No one knows your husband better than you do. You know his capabilities and you know when it’s all so good to be true. Unless you’re sure he’s sincere in saying these words, then these are a liar’s words.

  • I already told you before, I have no other woman.
  • I will always love you ‘til my last breath.
  • You’re paranoid! You’re insane! Or you’re crazy!
  • [I know you’re cheating on me.] You said that, not me.
  • I’ll die if you leave me.
  • I swear I did not cheat on you. Or I swear I would not do that.

Again, if they say these out of the norm, it’s a lie. Observe his actions and facial expressions. Sooner or later you’ll know if these are liars’ words or not.