Cheating GF Snapchat: Tell If Girlfriend Is Snapchatting Other Guys

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Snapchat has become a popular platform for people to communicate with each other, but it can also be a breeding ground for infidelity.

In recent years, the reputation of Snapchat is not that favorable in most people’s eyes as Snapchat is considered a perfect app for cheaters. Its features help cheaters hide their infidelity from their spouses.

Doubts will rise from the bottom of your heart when you find your girlfriend has Snapchat on her phone. Things get worse when she snapchats a lot and refuses to delete this messaging app for you.

We understand your worry and here we are. In this article, we will discuss all the possible methods to check your girlfriend’s Snapchat. Let’s see who she is snapchatting and if she is cheating on you.

Fact: Why Snapchat is Popular Amongst Cheaters

Snpacht Delete Chats After ViewSnapchat is a popular platform amongst people who are looking to cheat on their partners. Its special feature is designed to encourage a natural flow of interaction

It offers a sense of privacy because messages disappear after they have been viewed, and there is no way to save them. In addition, Snapchat’s “Hidden Chat” feature makes it easier to have secret conversations with anyone.

Additionally, Snapchat has features like filters and lenses that can make people look different or unrecognizable. This makes it easier for cheaters to hide their identities from their partners.

Also, Snapchats allow users to send multi-media messages that are called Snaps. Users can save photos and videos from others’ snaps to the My Eyes Only library. This is Snapchat’s feature that allows users to create a locked gallery for the images they save from the app. Only the ones who know the password are able to view them.

Signs That Your Girlfriend is Snapchatting Other Guys

The Snapchat app on your girlfriend’s phone is indeed annoying. However, we can’t just make the conclusion of she is cheating because of the app. There’re people who are intended to meet more friends on Snapchat though.

When your girlfriend uses Snapchat a lot, don’t just question her or do anything else that will affect your relationship in a negative way. Observe first. If you suspect that your girlfriend is Snapchatting other guys, here are some signs to look out for:

She Is Constantly Checking Her Phone

Constantly checking her Snapchat account is a big caution to you. She seems to be more interested in Snapchat’s notifications for new messages than in spending time with you. Cheaters tend to be more interested in new messages for two reasons.

One is that she wants to read and reply to the new guy’s messages. The second is that she doesn’t want you to check the messages – Snapchat will delete the message after her reading.

Wife Using Phone

She Is Protective of Her Phone

Your girlfriend is protective of her phone and doesn’t want you to look at it. Cheaters tend to be very protective of their phones because they don’t want their partners to see their messages.

She Has a Private Snapchat Account

Normal people will have just one Snapchat account. So, if your girlfriend has a private Snapchat account, you’d watch out.

When your girlfriend is not managing Snapchat accounts for business or work, it will be useless for her to switch to another Snapchat account. And what is she doing on the new account and who is she snapchatting to? You know nothing about it.


There’re surely more signs and we won’t waste our time introducing every sign. To be honest, as long as she acts a bit differently than before, something is not right. And at this time, you find Snapchat on her phone. You need to know that she is hiding something from you. After all, there’s no such coincidence in real-life.

So, once you find that your girlfriend is different than before, don’t hesitate. Start to check her Snapchat account!

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Solution: How to Find Out Who Your Girlfriend is Snapchatting

If you’re worried that your girlfriend is cheating on Snapchat, there are a few ways you can check her activity on the app.

You need to know that some methods below involve spying and hacking your girlfriend’s phone and Snapchat account. And it will be seen as a violation of her privacy. We don’t really recommend you pick up any spying methods against your girlfriend without her consent.

Method 1: Tell If Your Girlfriend is Snapchatting Other Guys by Asking

Have you seen interrogation scenes in movies or dramas? The detectives who yell at and threaten the criminals will seldom get a confession but denial or silence. This is the lesson for you: never directly question your girlfriend whether she is talking to other guys on Snapchat. She will be more cautious if she is cheating.

What should we do? Suggestive questioning. This is the psychological term that indicates that someone will ask some tricky questions to get certain responses.

We don’t really need to do the professional interrogation. There’re quick and easy tricks. Pick a good time and start a conversation with your girlfriend. Also, download Snapchat on your phone and try it to have solid support for the conversation.


What is the best time? Well, people get fragile when they are tired or relaxed. So, maybe you can have a targeted chat with your girlfriend when she just gets up or is about to go to sleep.

Section 1: Arouse sympathy

Start by getting her interest and lowering her guard: “You have Snapchat? It’s so much fun, isn’t it?”. Then, make up funny stories about Snapchat and ask her feeling about the app.

Section 2: Lower the guard

Then, discuss the features: “have you tried the auto-delete of Snapchat? It’s awesome”. Keep on lowering her guard and test if she has used the auto-delete feature of Snapchat.

Couple Talking Openly

Section 3: Lure

Next, casually mention that you want to friend her on Snapchat. She will agree when she is clean. Or she’s cheating.

Section 4: Suggest

When she’s getting into the conversation and start to talk a lot, you can start by asking some suggestive questions. For example, you can ask her to invite her Snapchat friends to a party. Or if she has a good time chatting with friends on Snapchat.

If she is clean, she would be happy to invite her friends out. And if there’s really a guy or some guys be invited, you can have similar conversations with them to get the truth.

Method 2: Create A Snapchat Account to See If She Is Cheating

If your girlfriend is flirting around on Snapchat, the easiest way is to create a Snapchat account and friend her. When she acts like wanting to hook up, you will know what she is.

Note that while creating a Snapchat profile, think about your girlfriend’s preferences. Make sure she will like this profile and accept your request.

Method 3: Tell If Your Girlfriend is Snapchatting Other Guys via Spyware

It means nothing when you have access to your girlfriend’s phone and Snapchat. The auto-delete and secret chat will eliminate all the proof of her cheating. No matter how many times you check the app, you will return with nothing.

The only way for you to get solid proof is by using spyware to record or capture the conversations between your girlfriend and other guys.

FYI: How Spyware Helps to Check Your Girlfriend’s Snapchat Cheating Facts

Spyware is the type of application designed to record someone’s phone activities and sync the information to your end remotely. There is famous spyware like eyeZy, mSpy, and FlexiSpy. All of them can help you hack into your girlfriend’s Snapchat account and see the chatting.

Here, we will use mSpy, one that has a great reputation in this industry, to check your girlfriend’s Snapchat account.

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Record Snapchat Screen

mSpy is famous for its unstoppable screen capture feature. Once activated, every time your girlfriend turns on the Snapchat app, mSpy will start to record the screen till she exits the app. If you’d like to, you’re able to watch her Snapchat screen live.

It’s like putting a CCTV on your girlfriend’s Snapchat. All secrets are viewable in video format. Photos and messages are clear. Deleted messages and hidden chats? It’s no longer a thing with mSpy. You will find everything from the videos it captures.

View Recorder on mSpy

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Besides Snapchat, mSpy will record screens of other social media apps like FB, IG, Twitter, and Tinder. So, if your girlfriend chooses to switch the tool for cheating, you will know immediately.

Hack Girlfriend’s Snapchat Remotely and Secretly

Once installed on your girlfriend’s phone, it will fake itself as a system app and will be less likely to be deleted. Also, as long as the phone is connected to the Internet, mSpy will not stop syncing Snapchat data as well as other information to your phone or computer.

Final Thoughts

Having a Snapchat account is normal and you don’t have to be so worried about your girlfriend’s loyalty. However, once you find out she is acting wired lately, it’s necessary for us to be cautious. Take action and let’s find out the truth.

Remember one thing: if she is really talking to other guys on Snapchat and even cheating on you, don’t tolerate her adultery. Bring it to the table and see her attitude. Then, you can decide whether you want to forgive her or break up with her.

Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, the conversation on Snapchat gets cleared on itself. None of you have to do anything because that’s how the Snapchat App works. No one cleared the conversation.

Find the “My Eyes Only” folder on the user’s device and turn it on.

  1. On Snapchat, click the icon below the camera button.
  2. Scroll to the right and you’ll see the “My Eyes Only” folder. If it’s enabled, you can easily see these photos or videos. If not, the “My Eyes Only” folder should be enabled in the Snapchat settings.
  3. Enter the passcode. See the hidden Snapchat.

How to enable the “My Eyes Only” folder.

  1. In the Snapchat App Settings, click Memories.
  2. Then look for Save to My Eyes Only by Default.
  3. Simply turn it on.