Review on Cell Spy Stealth App & Two Better Alternatives

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The Cell Stealth Spy Mobile Spyware is a phone monitoring app that’s been in the market for almost a decade now. As a parental control, it helps parents look after their children both physically and online. Since it has GPS tracking features working even while mom and dad are asleep, parents are at peace knowing where their child is. It’s quite useful in managing the internet usage of kids too.

Being a tracking and monitoring tool, many spouses/partners were able to track their cheating partners using Cell Stealth Spy Mobile Spyware. Saving marriages and preserving relationships. And many employers were able to monitor their team resulting in productivity.

Here is a quick review of Cell Spy Stealth and its features.

Cell Spy Stealth Review

To begin with, Cell Spy Stealth is excellent for tracking your child/partner/employee’s phone in one subscription because it lets you monitor on five devices. Therefore, it’s beneficial in three ways.

  • It enables you to check who your child is talking to or if they engage in illegal activities.

  • Helps you keep an eye on your partner’s affairs and preserve your relationship.

  • Reassures that your employee isn’t leaking confidential information to an unauthorized person/party.

Let’s see the Cell Spy Stealth App’s features to know how it works.

Useful features of Cell Spy Stealth

Here are useful features of Cell Spy Stealth to monitor the target’s location and mobile activities.

Read Social Media Chats

Speaking of benefits, one of its great features is to read Social Media app messages such as WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, Instagram, and more. It can track KakaoTalk, Badoo, and other Instant Messaging apps too.

Whenever a KakaoTalk conversation takes place on the target phone, you’ll get a notification on your dashboard. Aside from that, you’ll see all the images/stickers sent and received through all Social Networks. Thus, you can prevent any impending danger caused by online predators or bad influencers.

Access SIM Card Activities

Track all SMS and see everything, even pictures sent and received on the target device. You’ll never skip any incoming, outgoing, or missed calls in the call log too. All the details of the caller or called person with timestamp and duration can be reviewed anywhere you are.

Trace All Internet Activities

You cannot only read Text/Social Network/Instant Messaging messages but also see the Web Browser history and the URLs of recently visited Youtube videos of the target. Catch if your child accesses sites with inappropriate content or if your employee watches non-work-related Youtube videos like porn during company time.

Instant Tracking Via Live Control Panel

You can remotely connect to the target’s phone and do live surveillance of the target and his/her surroundings. By doing so, you’ll have the target’s instant location history too.

Moreover, you’ll be able to confirm if your partner is with someone and is cheating on you or if your child is doing well at school or during hangouts with friends. And if your child is accessing an online gambling app, you can see it through the Screen View feature. Remotely lock the phone by the Device Locking feature.

Real-time GPS Location & Geofence

Talking about live surveillance, the GPS Sensor feature gives the real-time location of the target. There’s no use if the target keeps on lying to you on his/her whereabouts. If the target visits restricted or dangerous places, set up a geofence and get an alert every time he/she goes there. Surely, you can follow and track a suspicious target anytime you want.

SMS Commands and App Blocker

Another powerful feature of Cell Spy Stealth is to send an SMS and remotely lock/unlock the target device, delete messages, retrieve location, view all pictures in the device, and call history. You may also block applications that are harmful for the target’s use.


This feature allows you to set up profane words/phrases that once used by the target and detected triggers an alert by way of email notification.

Cell Spy Stealth has a great tool for you to protect your loved ones and company from possible threats. Unfortunately, here are a few of its shortcomings.

The Cell Spy Stealth App Turn Down

The Cell Spy Stealth installation process is a bit intricate. And it’s a bit discouraging because its features aren’t up to date. Besides these, it doesn’t work for all operating systems. With the current events, you surely can’t wait for their features to be updated in order for you to avail of their quality service.

We certainly can’t wait for them to update their app when there already are the best alternatives available online.

I’m guessing that you’re reading this article because you’re looking for an alternative to the Cell Spy Stealth app that works the same and is compatible with your device. Let’s take a look at two of the most suitable alternatives for Cell Spy Stealth.

Two Best Alternatives to Cell Spy Stealth App

Here are two of the best alternatives for Cell Spy Stealth App that are suitable for both iPhones and Android devices. It has many useful features that are up to date making it one of the leading parental control and tracking apps these days.

The Up-to-date mSpy Reviews

mSpy is a well-known phone monitoring app that tracks kids, partners, or employees in the background. Its features are very helpful in controlling the apps and websites they can access, promoting better behavior in your children.

If your cheating partner deletes every evidence in his/her phone, mSpy got your back. Because it has features that can track the messages that vanish suspiciously. For company staff’s productivity monitoring tool, mSpy is the right app too.


mSpy Phone Tracker

Track Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad remotely and secretly! Everything is visible to you!

  • Read all social media apps, FB, IG, WhatsApp, Snapchat
  • View SMS/IMs, call logs, contacts, emails, browser history

Amazing Features of mSpy

Just like the Cell Spy Stealth App, it can access SIM Card activities, read Social Media chats, has a Keyword Alert, and so on. Check out the amazing features mSpy offers that Cell Spy Stealth cannot.

mSpy Keylogger

A distinctive Keylogger feature of mSpy keeps a record of all words/phrases/conversations typed in the mobile phone. That’s what makes it impossible for the target to keep any information hidden from you for so long. Whether an online offender lures your child to do drastic things, or your partner hides a forbidden affair from you, you’ll be able to discern it. The same happens if your employee isn’t productively working during company hours.

mSpy Track Keylogger

Block Web/Wi-Fi Feature

Yet, that’s not all. mSpy has a Web Blocker feature that works slickly and helps you block unwanted sites like porn, online games/dating sites. Which are potential dangers to the target.

And if there are suspicious Wi-Fi network connections on your partner’s device, you can automatically block it through the Block Wifi feature. Nothing matters the most than making sure that your child spends quality time in a secure online environment. And keeping your partner from cheating on you.

mSpy Block Web

Monitor Emails

Not only can mSpy filter online contents but it can also read all emails sent and received. You’ll be able to track the recipient’s information as if it’s your own email account. This is a good tool to monitor if any vital data has been passed by an employee to a rival competitor.

mSpy Track Emails

Check Wi-Fi Connections List

You can’t only block Wi-Fi connections that are suspicious on the target’s device, you can also track all connections. Also the connection details such as name/owner, time, duration, and type. Then you’ll be able to examine his/her internet connection which can be suggestive enough of the target’s precise location history.

mSpy Track Wifi Records

Scan Multimedia Files

Using mSpy, you can’t only access all photos in the target’s device but also videos with timestamps. If the target downloaded a photo or a video, you can all browse it in no time. Watch for any unseemly multimedia that he/she might share with the bad person.

mSpy truly is a fantastic and all-in solution app for monitoring your child/partner/employee. It’s very easy to install and use, you won’t get a headache using it. And most of all, it’s compatible with all operating systems and every feature is always up to date.

Goodbye to disappointments and keep your cool in using a reliable spy stealth app – mSpy.

The Call Spy FlexiSpy Reviews

FlexiSpy is a phone tracking spy app that makes child/partner/employee monitoring a real deal. It has cool features suitable for iOS and Android devices. Spying on your loved ones is easy because it’s beginner-friendly. Track the target with ease anywhere you are. There are also various plans to choose from according to your needs, preferences, and budget.

Awesome Features of FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy can do as many features as the Cell Spy Stealth App can. But here are awesome features that make FlexiSpy a better option.

Record All Calls

It features the FlexiSpy Call Recording spy tool that can record all SIM calls and WhatsApp calls without the target knowing. Making it possible for you to hear everything that the caller and receiver say. Some people think it’s safer to tell a secret by phone calls, but with FlexiSpy, every phone/WhatsApp call is traceable.

Certainly, you can catch your partner’s prohibited affairs or your teenager’s secret love. In addition, you can protect your company from possible espionage. Along with this, you may download the recorded call for safekeeping. And view all contact details, both the caller and the called party.

FlexiSpy Call Logs

Record Screen Secretly

It also has the Rem Video feature that enables you to remotely record videos of the target’s phone without his/her knowledge. Therefore, you can see and view all mobile activities the target does 24/7.

And you can also Take Photos remotely. This feature secretly accesses the device’s rear camera and takes photos of its surroundings. You’ll get to see your partner’s secret lover. Additionally, you can examine the photo and video apps such as Google Photos.

FlexiSpy screenshots

Final Thoughts

Here are the two best alternatives for Cell Spy Stealth App that are highly recommended for your needs. Try and upload one, then you’ll get a convenient aid in monitoring and protecting your family and business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, someone can put spyware on your phone without touching it. Both iPhone and Android phones can be tapped with a spy app and monitor the user’s mobile activities.

Mobile spy apps are designed to successfully track the target device, work in the background and remain hidden after it is installed. A web-based dashboard or control panel makes this possible and invisible. In conclusion, its capability to remain hidden serves its purpose well.