Wife Caught Cheating: How to Find Proof and Confront

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Imagine spending half your life with someone; renting or buying a house together, having kids, going o holidays, buying a car, doing everything a couple does these days. And, one day, she suddenly decides to leave you and the kids for someone else.

Devastating, right?

But how could you prevent something like this from happening to you? Especially nowadays, when mobile technology has made it incredibly easy to maintain an affair without ever being found out?

Any solution would probably involve either finding a way to keep your wife loyal to you or catching her red-handed and avoiding a very bad situation altogether.

In this article, we will go over the second out of the two alternatives; We will see how to spy on your wife to catch her cheating or before she cheats.

Method to Spy on Wife 1: Hire a Professional

The first solution we propose is, probably, the most iconic one. What we are talking about is hiring someone to follow your wife around and collect evidence of her cheating on you.

This might sound like an easy, albeit expensive solution, yet, it is anything but. To begin with, finding a trustworthy person is not always that easy. As it is not that common a profession, people in it tend to be a little bit shady.

This is not helped by the fact that following people around is illegal in most parts of the world and will, more often than not, get you into all kinds of trouble. Thus, you should be very careful whom you are paying to spy on your wife and think about whether the rewards are worth the risks.

Method to Spy on Wife 2: Use Gadgets

A less shady yet just as film-worthy an option is to invest in spy gadgets.

When most people think of spy gadgets, they are either high-tech gear the likes of which one sees in spy films, or fake mustaches, newspapers with eyeholes, and everything you’d find on Pink Panther.

However, spy gadgets are much more sophisticated and affordable than both 007 and inspector Clouseau would have you believe. For example, you could easily spy on your wife by buying a call recorder for your phone at home or tracking her movements by gifting her a GPS keychain.

Here are a few of the gadgets you could get for just a few dollars and can find even on Amazon:

  • Call recorders
  • Phone bugs
  • GPS Keychains
  • Peephole reversers
  • USB keyloggers
  • USB activity trackers

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Method to Spy on Wife 3: Use Online Services

This solution requires knowing your wife’s Gmail credentials or, at least, being able to figure them out.

What you will have to do is log in to your wife’s Gmail account and use all of Google’s services to spy on her through them. And you would be surprised at how much information you can gather on a cheater just from their Google account.


Her Gmail might contain receipts from places she has been to with her boyfriend or even messages they have exchanged.

Google maps

Google maps collect your location data at all times. You can see all that data by logging in to your Google account and going to Google maps.

Find my Device

This service lets you check the location of any device linked to the Google account you are logged in, in real time. While it is meant as a way for you to locate your device if you lose it, you can also use it to track your wife’s location in real time.

Google wallet

This one is a little less likely than the rest, as most people use other means of payment. But if your wife uses Google wallet as a way to store her cards digitally, you may be able to find evidence of her cheating in the payments history.

Method to Spy on Wife 4: Spyware

All the above solutions are definitely helpful, all with their own advantages and disadvantages, and any one of them will help you spy on your wife.

However, we have one more solution that is:

  • Definitely going to work
  • Won’t cost you an arm and a leg
  • Is 100% undetectable
  • Requires zero effort on your part
  • And will work 24/7

This solution is mSpy, the best Android and iOS spy app. With it, you can monitor all of your wife’s phone activities like:

  • Messages and iMessage: All her text threads both on Android and iPhone. Including media files.
  • Social media conversations: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, even Kik, and LINE are all included in the social media apps that mSpy can reveal to you.
  • Call logs: You can see the time, duration, and the caller’s ID so that you can monitor every call, whether it’s over the network or VoIP.
  • Keyloggers: Every single word ever typed is listed out for you to see whenever you wish.
  • Media files: All the photos and videos on the target’s device are in one place for you to watch at your leisure.
  • Location: Track your wife’s real-time location through regular pings.

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mSpy also has some extra functions allowing you to:

  • Set up keyword alerts: Get notified every time she types a specific keyword.
  • Make a geofence: Fence them in a specific area and get an alert if she leaves it.
  • Even record your wife’s screen in real time: Record a video of your wife’s screen and capture on video whatever she is doing on her phone.

And all that by just pressing this button.

Let’s see now, an example of how mSpy can help you catch your wife cheating.

Step one:

You install mSpy on your wife’s phone. All you will need for that are a couple of minutes and a quick call to mSpy’s customer support.

Step two:

You check the dashboard and see all of your wife’s latest phone activities. There, you can see patterns and see when she’s texting or calling her lover.

Step three:

After a while, you see that she is always texting someone at night and then deletes the messages. You see those messages through the keylogger, which stores everything even if it’s deleted.

mSpy Keylogger Catch Wife Cheating

Step four:

You set up an alert for one of the keywords she uses with her lover and wait.

mSpy Keywords Tracker Catch Wife Cheating

Step five:

Bingo! You get an alert that she is texting her lover and you instantly turn on screen recording to see everything.

mSpy Screen Recorder Catch Wife Cheating

Step six:

They decide to meet at a certain location. You mark the time and wait with the Locations tab on.

mSpy Locatio Catch Wife Cheating

Step seven:

You see where your wife is meeting her lover and decide to pay them a visit, to catch them red-handed.


Being cheated on by your wife is a devastating situation. It can be especially bad if it’s been going on for long behind your back. However, you don’t have to just sit there and take it. With a little bit of help from this article, you can take matters into your own hands and catch your cheating wife before it’s too late.

mSpy Cheating Exposer

Let’s find out the ultimate secrets of our “loved” one! Sexting, flirting, cheating? All in one app!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. While you have every right to believe that the law would be with you in that matter, gaining information with spyware will render said information useless from a legal standpoint. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use spyware to catch a cheating partner red-handed. And that is irrefutable proof that you can use in the court of law.

Cheating is one of the most common reasons for divorce and breakups. It is said that one in every two couples will face adultery of some sort in their lifetimes. Not all will make it through and reconcile.

Cheaters have two main ways of hiding their tracks. One is by deleting everything, like web history, chat threads, media files, etc. The other is by using apps like Snapchat that will not store any of your data, or using single-use accounts on dating sites.

Micro cheating is all those small transgressions that might not even be considered cheating by most, but they show that not all is well in a relationship. Those include but are not limited to:

  • Watching pornography.
  • Flirting with others.
  • Going on chat rooms to flirt or sext.
  • Being overly affectionate to people other than your partner.

Snapchat and Viber are among the most used popular and mainstream Social media apps for cheating. However, they are not the only ones. Apps like Tinder and Badoo, as well as virtual chat-rooms like Omegle have been created just for that reason and they see much more of that kind of use than the first two mentioned.