How to Catch a Cheating Husband on WhatsApp

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Do you find your husband suspicious when using his phone? Have you ever checked his phone if he is using an instant messaging app like WhatsApp? If he does, then better check it especially when your husband starts to change and spends most of his time on the phone.

It might be wrong to judge your husband but you have doubts and you feel anxious about him when he is frequently using WhatsApp during late hours. Instead of having quality time with you after work or during his day off, he spends his spare time using the messaging app.

Is Cheating Possible on WhatsApp

If you are wondering about the possibility of your husband having an affair on WhatsApp, well the answer is yes! It is possible. Infidelity takes place when your husband exchanges call, messages, and videos with someone else.

Best Option: Install Apps to Catch a Cheating Husband on WhatsApp

This would be the most painful chapter of your life when you know that your husband is cheating but you don’t have any proof. Better find a way to confirm your suspicion about your husband’s malicious acts on WhatsApp. The best option is to install an app that can spy on his phone and monitor all his activities.

There are many reliable spying apps that you can search and download but if you have difficulties in choosing the best, well, no worries! I will give you two effective apps that you can use to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp. Stay on this platform and I will teach you what are these spying apps.

Solution 1: Catch a Cheating Husband on WhatsApp via mSpy

If you want to hack your husband’s phone and see all his WhatsApp activities, this will be the best app for you – mSpy. This spying app has many features that you can use for hacking and spying on the target phone. It is simple with an intuitive user interface.

mSpy Social Media Checker

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Record the screen of all activities on any social media apps

mSpy is one of the most reliable apps with unique features that you must try. This spying app can;

View Phone Screen Recordings

This spying app activates phone screen recording every 5 minutes and automatically uploads into your mSpy account. You can view those recorded clips and see if there are captured videos of your husband while using WhatsApp.

Hack WhatsApp Password

The spying app lets you track the target user’s keystrokes and taps on the phone. This means that you can trace your husband’s WhatsApp password every time he taps and strokes the key of his phone.

mSpy Keylogger

See Social Media

mSpy enables you to see all the Social Media messages including WhatsApp. With this feature, you can see your husband’s WhatsApp messages and confirm if he is having intimate conversations with someone else.

mSpy Track WhatsApp

mSpy is truly great with its unique features where you can discreetly monitor your husband’s phone without him noticing that the app is always running on his phone. It’s 100% hidden! But hold on, it doesn’t end here because mSpy also has unique features that can;

So what are you waiting for? Download the mSpy now!!

How to Use mSpy to Hack WhatsApp

Step 1. Create an Account: Go to mSpy official website and create an account.

Step 2. Open mSpy Email – After creating an account, mSpy will send you an email consisting of; Instructions and requirements for installation, mSpy Link for Download, your mSpy Login credentials. Follow those instructions to proceed.

Step 3. Open mSpy Attached Link – After that, copy the link on the email and paste it on any browser of the device then enter. The link will direct you to the mSpy page to download the app.

Step 4. Log in to Your mSpy – After downloading the app, launch mSpy and log in using the attached credentials on the mSpy email.

Step 5. Navigate to Control Panel – On your mSpy Dashboard, navigate to the Control Panel and tap a feature you want to use for spying.

mSpy Install
  • If you want to hack your husband’s WhatsApp account, under the control panel find the “Keylogger” button and see the tracked password.
  • If you want to the social media messages, go to the “Social Networks” category and find WhatsApp.

Solution 2: Intercept WhatsApp Calls via FlexiSpy

If you want to intercept calls on WhatsApp, then this will be the right app for you – the FlexiSpy. This WhatsApp call intercepting app can monitor 10+ WhatsApp data; like WhatsApp chats, status, calls, voice messages, etc. You can discreetly intercept all WhatsApp calls.

View WhatsApp Call Logs

FlexiSpy lets you view all WhatsApp Call logs with complete details; name, type of calls, call durations, and date and time. You will see whoever your husband is calling on WhatsApp. More importantly, it will also record the entire audio chat and stream it for you. You’re able to know the details of their conversation.

ClevGuard WhatsApp Call Logs

How about about the video chats on WhatsApp? FlexiSpy records them as well.

FlexiSpy will record every single frame on your husband or wife’s phone. WhatsApp status, contacts, text messages, media files, audio chats, or video chats are all recorded by FlexiSpy’s Rem Video feature 24/7. You can watch the playback at home with your own device to find out if your loved one is cheating.

ClevGuard Listen to WhatsApp Calls

Final Thoughts

Betrayal is the most unforgivable act, especially for married couples. If you find your husband is being suspicious while using WhatsApp, you better use these two effective apps – mSpy and FlexiSpy. As you can see all their features can help you catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp. These two are highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

By using Google you can read deleted WhatsApp messages. Follow the steps below.
Step 1. Open your chrome browser.
Step 2. With this, you will be introduced to the web version of WhatsApp.
Step 3. Open your husband’s WhatsApp and select “WhatsApp Web.”
Step 4. After this, a QR scanner will pop up.
Step 5. Scan it against the QR code displayed on your chrome browser

On your WhatsApp account, you will see a green checkmark and “WhatsApp Account” below the phone number. Now, if the person is not using WhatsApp, you will see “Not on WhatsApp” below the phone number.