Will Sex During Pregnancy Break Your Water?

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Nine months into a pregnancy is a long wait and exciting at the same time. To finally have your baby come into the world is probably the best feeling married couples could ever have. But during the wait, it’s been observed that a lot of pregnant woman experience increased and stronger sexual impulses. With this, you may wonder: Is safe to have sex during pregnancy? Can your water break during sex?

Water breaking, as we know it, is one of the many indications that the baby is coming soon. With that, some people claim it’s not safe to have sex during pregnancy as it could break your water prematurely. That’s why a lot of pregnant women, especially first-timers, are wary of having sex. If you are one of them, you’re on the right page. As you read this article, we will give you the answers you’ve been looking for. Read on!

Part 1: Why Is It Called Water Breaking

For starters, it’s called water breaking because the first thing you’d notice is some sort of clear liquid coming out of you. Sometimes, it’s yellowish. It’s caused by the breakage of the amniotic sac, a barrier that surrounds and protects that baby within. The amniotic fluid is inside the membrane, and it flows out when the sac is broken.

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Nevertheless, water breaks usually during the final stages of pregnancy. And as mentioned, it’s a sign that you are near your labor. However, there are instances where the water breaks during labor or even way before it. In some cases, medical interventions are needed just to cause breakage to the amniotic sac.

What Causes Water to Break

The most common cause of water breaking is your contractions. And by design, the amniotic sac or the membrane weakens whenever you are near your labor. At times, it’s caused by the baby putting pressure on the sac.

However, some sex during pregnancy can cause the water to break, but there are conflicting claims in that regard. We are here to clear everything out.

Part 2: Can Your Water Break During Sex

Yes! You may break your water during sex. However, it doesn’t mean that sexual intercourse caused it. It can happen at any time, especially during the late stages of pregnancy around 8-9 months.

As mentioned, the water breaking is usually caused by the weakening of the membrane, your contractions, or the pressure from the baby that breaks the sac. Sometimes, it doesn’t even break at all, even after giving birth. Yes! The baby can remain intact in the sac after being extracted from the womb. That’s how durable an amniotic sac can be in certain situations.

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With that, the contractions you get from having sex with your husband or partner are not just strong enough to break the sac.

Does This Mean I Can Have Sex While Pregnant

Yes! You can still have a safe and satisfying sex life with your husband or partner even if you are pregnant. You don’t need to worry about breaking your water as long as you only partake in normal sexual activities. This means that you shouldn’t have extreme sex that involves too much force.

Apart from that, the amniotic sac protects your baby as it clings to your uterus. This leads to your cervical opening being enclosed and entering the uterus won’t be possible during sex, which means that your baby is safe and sound.

Your doctor may restrict you from having sex during pregnancy if you have a history of miscarriage. Though you don’t have any history whatsoever, it would be much safer if you stop having sexual intercourse during the final weeks of pregnancy or on the 8th month.

Part 3: Can Your Water Break Prematurely

We’ve mentioned that your water breaks only if you’re near your labor stage, but that doesn’t mean it won’t break prematurely. Sex may not break the water, but there are other factors that can contribute to what’s called the Premature Rupture of Membranes or PROM.

And these are what you should look out for instead of asking whether sex can cause your water to break.

  • Use of Drugs – Be it a prescription or recreational drug like heroin, you need to consult your doctor when taking one while pregnant. There are drugs that can adversely affect your pregnancy. They can hasten the weakening of the amniotic sac, causing breakage. The worst-case scenario is miscarriage due to drug side effects.

  • Smoking – Apart from drugs, smoking cigarettes or vaping may also cause your water to break prematurely. The substance from such products may affect the integrity of the sac.

  • Stressful Events – Stress is a major factor when it comes to water breakage. It can drastically change your contractions and contractions in the abdomen. In effect, your water may break by force. This often happens during accidents or when receiving terrible news too unbearable to handle. High blood pressure might cause water to break, too.

  • Not Enough Nutrition – Your diet during pregnancy also plays a huge part when it comes to holding your amniotic sac together. When you have a poor intake of important nutrients, your amniotic sac may become weak. Eat healthy food and have a regular schedule of meals to avoid this.

  • Too Much Amniotic Fluid – Some pregnant women have too much fluid in the amniotic sac. This causes it to burst and break as too much pressure is building up inside.

  • Expecting Twins or Multiple Babies – Your amniotic sac can only hold so much. If there are two or more babies in the membrane, water breakage is highly likely.

  • Inflammation or Infection – There are instances where infections or inflammations can get into the womb. If you have an intra-amniotic infection, the walls of your amniotic sac can drastically change and weaken.

If your water breaks prematurely and it happened below 37 weeks into your pregnancy, call your doctor ASAP. You may also head to the hospital directly. Only your physician knows what’s best for your case.


Pregnancy is one of the best moments married couples could ever hope for. And waiting for at least nine months to greet a newborn baby is an exciting journey. Safety and comfort should be prioritized at all costs.

However, this doesn’t mean that you and your husband have to wait for you to enjoy each other in bed. You can still have sex during your pregnancy unless your doctor explicitly restricted you from doing so.


If your water doesn’t break and it’s been long overdue, the professional tending to you can help rupture the amniotic sac as they examine your vagina. Once your amniotic sac is broken, labor should start within an hour or two.

The answer to this question is a bit divided. Some doctors do not advise taking a bath when your water breaks as the water from the shower or tub may cause infection, Other physicians say it’s okay. The best way to get out of this confusion is to ask your own doctor. They know what’s best for your situation.