Can You Use Baby Oil As Lube for Sex

By Last Updated: April 26th, 2023Categories: Sexual Education

Engaging in vaginal or anal sex needs a lot of preparation. Besides cleaning yourself, you also need to use an adequate amount of lubrication to make sure that there won’t be any tearing and pain.

Unlike having it through the vagina, the anus doesn’t have enough lubrication to withstand the friction of such an activity. That’s why many who engage in anal sex use lubricants to make everything smooth sailing. Nevertheless, people enjoy using lube, be it vaginal or anal. Others even go as far as to use baby oil as an affordable alternative.

But the question is: Can you use baby oil as lube? Is it safe for sex? Well, if you’re planning to use it as well, hold your horses! Read this article first to know whether or not it’s wise to use baby oil as lube.

Part 1: What is Baby Oil Made of and Used for

Before you consider baby oil as a lubricant for anal or vaginal sex, it’s important that you know what it’s made of. That way, you’d know if the substance is dangerous to your overall health.

Baby oil is actually a result of refining crude oil and it is further refined and formulated to be suitable for use on the skin. Yes! It is some sort of mineral oil. When used externally on the skin, especially on babies, it has been shown to give a protective barrier against rashes caused by prolonged diaper use.

Baby Oil As Lube

In terms of using baby oil for anal or vaginal sex, experts in the field say that there are far better alternatives out there, as certain issues may arise. However, it might be an “okay” option if you’re a man and you just want to use it purely for masturbation, but the sentiment is still the same. There are other lubes and lotions tbat are more suitable for such activities.

Part 2: Can You Use Baby Oil as Lube for Sex

To cut the story short, the answer is NO. You may use it if you want to, but it is still not recommended as using it for anal or even vaginal sex has been proven unsafe. Here are the reasons why you can’t and shouldn’t use baby oil as lube for sex:

Baby Oil Is Not Good for Condoms, Diaphragms, and Sex Toys

Baby oil or any oil-based lotions can easily tear latex condoms. Using condoms protects you from getting STDs and STIs, and using baby oil would only increase the risk. Not to mention that baby oil makes sex more slippery than other lubricants. Even if you have a sturdy condom, the chance of having it slip while you’re having sex is high.

And if you are using diaphragms, baby oil can destroy them, too. Those silicone and latex cups that you can put into your vagina to prevent pregnancy can get deformed with constant contact with baby oil, which could effectively allow the sperm to pass through.

Condom Reproductive

More often than not, baby oil can also damage your sex toys, especially if they’re made of materials such as latex, rubber, plastic, and silicone. It may not show instantly, but over time, you’d notice that your sex toys have changed in color or shape. So, if you want to take care of your expensive sex toys, get them as far away from baby oil as possible.

Baby Oil Can Irritate Your Anus and Vulva

The last thing you’d want after a hot sexual encounter is to have your anus or vulva (external part of a woman’s genitals) burning and itching. You see, baby oil is not really made for sex, and having the oil get through those either of those areas, especially if you have sensitive skin down there, can definitely cause irritation. Although this may not be common, the risk is there.

This is especially the case for the vulva and the vagina. It can cause burning sensation and soreness that could make you extremely uncomfortable. It may also cause an imbalance of PH levels in the vagina, which could result in the worst case scenario– vaginal infection.

If left uncheck, anyone who uses baby oil as lube for vaginal sex may develop bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection. This can affect your sex life as you may be discouraged to have sexual interactions in the future..

Baby Oil Is Difficult to Remove

As an oil-based product, washing baby oil off your penis or from your anus/vagina can be quite a difficult challenge, especially when you’re just using water. And even if you use soap, you need to wash it off multiple times to make sure that no sticky feeling is left.

Washing Hands

Washing it completely off the skin is important, especially if you and your partner would engage in oral sex afterward. You see, baby oil is toxic when ingested.

Baby Oil Stains

If you’re planning to have sex in the bedroom with all your white bedsheets or even in hotels, there’s high chance baby oil will stain. Besides that, it can also stain clothing. So, if you use baby oil during sex while wearing clothes, especially underwear, you can expect a map-like stain. Yes! It would leave marks that are often impossible to remove, even if you bring them to a laundry shop. You may enjoy the sex, but you surely won’t enjoy the chore afterward.

Part 3: What Alternatives Should I Use Instead

If you really want to engage in sex, the safest option is to go for water-based lubricants. They’re far more gentle and proven not to cause the problems stated above.

They are safe to use with condoms and sex toys and don’t irritate the skin at all, not matter how much you use. Not to mention, you can clean yourself faster as it’s easily washed off using water.

Water-based Lubricant

Besides anal sex, water-based lubricants are the best options for vaginal and masturbation as well. You can start with brands and products such as Durex, Dame Alu, Good Clean Love, and there’s more. Just visit the nearest drugstore near you, and they’d have tons of water-based lubes ready for you to try on.

Final Thoughts

If you’re going to have anal and vaginal sex, you should stay away from baby oil as lube. It may come cheap, but it has a lot of risks for you and your partner. So, use those lubricants that are really made for sex. That way, you can make sure that you’d have a happy, satisfying, and most importantly, safe sex life.


Yes. The anus is more susceptible to tearing than the vagina. When it tears and gets wounded, sexually transmitted diseases and infections can get into the bloodstream easily. That’s why wearing a condom is important.

The number one benefit of using a lubricant during sex is the low chance of tearing and pain. It makes everything smooth and easy. Not to mention, lubricants can add a more pleasurable sensation to the experience.