How to Track an iPhone/Android without a SIM Card

By Last Updated: October 18th, 2023Categories: Phone Hacks

Some people today use phones not to text or call someone but mainly use it for other things such as photography, gaming, and Social Media.

Yes! They won’t bother inserting SIM cards on their phones as they rely on WIFI connections all the time. Some of them also think that it’s better off using phones that way to avoid getting tracked and hacked.

This may pose difficulties for phone trackers as most of them use a phone’s SIM for tracking. If you are planning to locate a phone, you may wonder whether you can track an iPhone or Android without a SIM card. Read this article, and find out if it’s possible and how it’s done the right way.

Part 1: Can A Phone Be Tracked without A SIM Card

You might hesitate to track a phone without a SIM installed, but as long as the device itself is activated and can be used through WIFI networks, it can still be tracked.

There’s a bunch of spyware out there that don’t just track a phone’s SIM card but the phone itself, too. This suggests that such tools work even without a SIM installed on the target phone. The only issue is finding the right and reliable one.

Why Track A Phone without A SIM Card

As stated, there are people who use phone’s without A SIM card, and what are the chances that the person you want to track is using a phone without it, right? They could be your kids, your spouse or partner, or someone in particular whom you can have easy phone access to.

Part 2: How to Track an iPhone/Android without A SIM Card with mSpy

If you need a reliable tool that can track an iPhone without a SIM card, Android, too, the best choice there is mSpy.

mSpy is hailed as one of the best phone trackers out there. It’s been proven to have busted cheaters and protected kids from people who want to abuse them. You can even use this spy tool to monitor someone’s phone activities without them knowing.

Yes! It’s definitely an all-around phone tracker that can track both phone activities and someone’s location remotely.


mSpy Phone Tracker

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Track GPS locations

With mSpy, you can easily track an iphone without a SIM card or any other phones that don’t use one. Its powerful GPS locations feature can provide a map view of the target’s phone location in real-time. This way, you will have a better way of visualizing how near and far away the person is from you.

mSpy Locations

Besides the view, you will also be given access to the complete addresses and coordinates of the past locations that the person visited. You can also see the time and date on each of those locations. This will give you an idea on how long they stayed in those places.

mSpy Track Locations

In addition, you may also try turning on location services remotely in case they’re turned off. And if by any chance the phone has a SIM card, you try tracking the mobile number’s exact location on the map as well.

Track Phone with GeoFence

Geofence is a feature that allows users to put up boundaries on a specific area on the map. This means that if you expect the target phone’s owner to stay in a particular place, you can set up a GeoFence around them to know if they stayed or left without you knowing.

mSpy Geofencing

How does Geofence work? To put it simply, it will notify you whenever the target phone leaves the assigned area. This is pretty useful if you want to keep track of your kids’ location and know where they are at school or your house– a perfect tool for those unruly kids who cut classes.

Another situation where Geofence has been proven to be useful is when you are trying to catch a liar and a cheater. You will know when they left work or a certain place and see if that information matches their excuses and narratives.

How to Track an iPhone without A SIM Card with mSpy

Tracking a phone without a sim card is incredibly easy with mSpy’s features, but before you can use them, you need to accomplish certain steps first.

Step 1: You need to create an mSpy account first. This will allow you to access your own Web Control Panel where you can see the person’s location remotely. Click the button below to start.

Step 2: After your account is created, you need to choose a subscription package. After your careful selection, file your payment and wait for an email with the complete installation guide.

Step 3: Read the installation guide and install mSpy on the target phone without a sim card.

Step 4: Start tracking the phone. Go to your Web Control Panel, and look for the Locations features mentioned above. You can find them on the left side of the Dashboard along with the other features.

Final Thoughts

Can you track an iPhone without A SIM card? Yes. And you may do it at some point, especially if the safety of your family or the truth behind your partner is at stake. You may also track a phone if you need to find what a person is up to.

The phone tracker above is one of the most reliable and easy to use out there. Feel free to try it and track a phone without a SIM yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a lot of trackers and spyware today are more flexible and are able to support tracking on different devices, regardless of whether they’re SIM-less. For example, an iPad can be tracked despite not having a SIM card slot. As long as the mobile device works through wireless connectivity, you can track it.

Yes, you can use a phone without a SIM card as long as it’s unlocked and activated. If you are using multiple phones for different purposes like gaming, you may use it without installing a SIM as you may just rely heavily on WIFI networks.