Can Someone Listen to You through Your Phone

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You may feel safe and secure whenever you’re alone while talking to someone over the phone, but do you know that it is possible for other people to listen to your phone calls secretly? Yes! There is no discrimination when it comes to hijacking and recording phone calls.

No matter what phone you use– be it an iPhone or Android– you can’t escape getting spied on. Now, can someone listen to you through your phone? How?

You’re just on the right page! In this article, you will learn how to tell if someone is listening to your mobile phone calls and how to stop them. Just read on.

Part 1: How to Tell if Someone Is Listening to Your Mobile Phone Calls

To know if someone is listening to your mobile phone calls, you must look for signs that your phone has been hacked first. These indicators can help you identify whether or not you should be worried.

1. Decreased Battery Life

When your phone’s battery percentage drops drastically despite not launching any apps and games, It’s likely that a hidden spy tool or process is working in the background. This kind of discreet phone activity can greatly affect battery life.

2. Overheating Issues

Connected to decreased battery life, overheating may also occur when you have hidden apps running. This can happen when a particular app is working around the clock. So, if you notice your phone heating up even on basic browsing, you must not ignore it.

3. Unsolicited Notifications and Pop Ups

If you receive any notification or pop ups that come from apps and sites you’re not subscribed to or not familiar with, chances are, your phone has been compromised. Virus and Malware are everywhere. That is why it is important to install programs and visit websites that are legitimately secure.

4. Changes in Phone Storage

You will know if your phone has hidden apps if its free storage space is gradually getting filled in. If your phone has a warning indicator for storage, you will spot this problem easily.

5. Abnormal Mobile Data Usage

Spy programs require a lot of data to sync files to a remote server. If you’re conscious about your internet usage, abnormal data consumption may constitute that a hidden app is online and is constantly transmitting phone data using your network.

6. Newly Installed Apps

This is definitely hard to miss. Once you notice a suspicious app that you did not install, there is a possibility that it’s been set up remotely. Remove it as soon as possible.

Part 2: How to Stop Someone from Listening to your Phone Calls on iPhone

When you are convinced that someone might be listening to your phone calls on your iPhone, the best course of action is to reset the device to factory settings with Dr.Fone Data Eraser for iOS.

Yes! You may try it manually on your phone’s Settings, but sad to say– that won’t be enough! Most spy tools today can stick around even if you reset your phone multiple times. They can get reinstalled without you knowing.

That is why you need Dr.Fone iOS Data Eraser to rid your phone of spyware once and for all. It’s not only capable of deleting spy apps permanently, it can also erase all sorts of phone data from simple texts to huge files like videos.

Dr.Fone Data Eraser Interface

How to Use Dr.Fone Data Eraser for iOS

Using the Dr.Fone Data Eraser for iOS is the best and easiest way to ensure that the phone call spyware is deleted permanently. Below are the steps you can follow to get started.

Step 1: Download and install the program on your PC. Click on the button below to start downloading:

Step 2: Run the software and connect your iPhone using a compatible lightning data cable.

Step 3: When successfully connected, you may begin erasing all your iPhone data. Click Erase All Data and choose the level of security you need for your iPhone.

  • Low Level – this will overwrite your phone data with zeros to make them unreadable and unrecoverable.

  • Medium Level – this is recommended if you don’t want anyone to know that you’ve erased your phone data.

  • High level – this can be used if you have stored sensitive information on your iPhone such as bank accounts, login information, etc. and you want them to be erased permanently.

Step 4: Continue the process to erase all iPhone data. Wait for a while until all the data is deleted successfully.

Dr.Fone Data Erased Successfully

Part 3: How to Stop Someone from Listening to Your Phone Calls on Android

Now, if your Android phone is experiencing the red flags mentioned above, you will need the 24/7 real-time protection that only ClevGuard Anti Spyware for Android offers.

This anti spyware has the power to monitor suspicious applications that hack into your cell phone microphone. And in just one click, you can also remove any type of threats from your phone. Read on for more details.

Check Microphone and Camera Usage

The primary target of hackers when they want to listen to someone’s phone conversation is the microphone. Without you knowing, they can turn it on remotely. Scary right? But with the Guard Event feature, you will get notified whenever a remote access to your microphone and camera takes place. This way, you can prevent anyone from eavesdropping on your private calls.

In addition, one thing most impressive about this feature is that it provides detailed information on the mic and camera usage. You will know which app used them, the time & date, and the duration.

ClevGuard Anti Spyware Microphone Usage

Remove Spyware in One Click

After you confirm that your Android phone microphone has been hacked, you can proceed using the Real-Time Protection feature. This will allow you to detect hidden apps and spyware and remove them in just a click.

ClevGuard Anti Spyware will show you which apps have anomalous activities in complete detail. Aside from that, you can also customize your Whitelist and Blacklist to avoid removing important apps.

ClevGuard Remove Spyware

How to Remove Phone Call Spyware with ClevGuard

Find hidden apps monitoring without your permission in just 3 basic steps.

Step 1: Download and Install ClevGuard Anti Spyware for Android. Click on the button below to proceed.

Step 2: Launch the anti-spy app and start ClevGuard Anti-Spy Scanner. Review the results once the process is complete.

Step 3: When you finally identify the culprit app, click “Fix” to remove it permanently.

Bonus: Use McAfee All-around Antispy to Stop Someone from Listeing to Your Calls

McAfee is another anti-spyware program for both iPhone and Android that you can subscribe to. It provides overall protection for your device– be it from cyber attacks, viruses, hackers, or spies. It certainly has robust antivirus and VPN features that can protect you from people listening to your calls.

Moreover, one thing you will definitely love about McAfee is its ability to support up to 10 devices (including macOS and Windows) for 1 year per subscription. You may visit McAfee for more details.

If you want to personalize your protection or enjoy identity monitoring, device security and online privacy, click the button below to get started.

Final Word

Can someone listen to you through your phone? Yes! Everyone who has a smartphone is vulnerable to phone call attacks. That is why you shouldn’t ignore it whenever something unusual happens to your phone during calls. Who knows if your phone is already compromised, right?

So, if you want to stop someone from listening to your phone calls on iPhone and Android, just follow the recommended methods above

Frequently Asked Questions

No. No one can hack your phone with just a call– unless you give the caller your phone’s confidential information such as passwords, codes, serial numbers, IMEI, etc. Keep them to yourself if you don’t have to be a victim of hacking.

Yes. If you use the right spyware, you can definitely intercept and record someone’s phone call without the target knowing. However, you must consider whether they have an anti-spy app installed on their phones.