Can A Phone Be Hacked Using Mobile Number?

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A lot of people are worried or wondering “Can someone hack my phone from my number?” This is one of the leading reasons why most don’t make their phone numbers public on their Social Media profiles or Instant Messaging apps– in fear of getting hacked by anonymous personalities.

In this article, let’s find out if someone can hack your phone number, and how to remove hacks, threats, and spyware from your phone the easy way.

Part 1: Can Someone Hack My Phone from/with My Number

The question “Can someone hack a phone from/with my phone number?” has been asked a lot of times, and the answer is still a beefy YES. Many experienced hackers consider phone numbers as one of the key ingredients to hacking a smartphone these days.

You may be confident in posting/including your personal number on your socials or in public as nothing bad happened yet, but once an expert hacker makes you a target, the private data on your phone is at risk.

However, it’s not going to be as easy as 1-2-3 for hackers. They still need to perform certain new and conventional techniques of hacking in order to successfully use your number to hack your phone.

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Part 2: What Can A Hacker Do with Your Phone Number

Although it’s impossible for someone to hack your phone with your number, there are still lots of ways they can use it to compromise your phone security and personal data.

1. Send SMS with Spyware Download Links

If someone has your number, they can send you messages that have fraudulent links in them. And when you click those links, a spy tool or malware will be installed on your device without you knowing.

2. Copy Your Phone Number to Receive Login Codes

Some experienced hackers may be able to duplicate your number that’s linked to your Social Media or Bank Accounts. They will use it to receive OTPs (One-TIme Passwords) or unique verification codes to reset and hack into your login details.

Login Details

3. Send Phishing Links

Hackers can also send your messages that contain phishing links. Phishing is a type of cyber attack that can collect a person’s personal information via links and URLs. If your receive anonymous messages that convince you to click a certain link, it’s highly likely that someone is attempting to get your data.

Phishing Links

4. Anonymous Caller ID

If a hacker has your phone number, they may use it to call you and pretend to be a person in authority or someone whom you trust. This way, they can ask you more personal questions that will lead to getting valuable info like bank details, etc.

Part 3: Can Someone Hack My Phone with Just A Number

As mentioned, hacking a phone is not easy, let alone by using the target’s phone number. But if we are talking about someone hacking into your phone with JUST a number. That’s a different story. A phone number alone, whether or not it’s yours or just some random number, cannot be used to automatically hack any mobile phone. So, it’s a NO.

The hacker must use it as one of the key elements for hacking- like a cog in a machine. You see, the methods above that hackers can implement using a phone number can be a bit tricky. Like in sending phishing or download links to your number, the hacker’s message must be convincing enough to lure you into clicking the link. Thus, it entails a bit of knowing a bit of your background to identify what it takes for you to click on it.

Unknown Caller

This also goes the same with the other methods involving the use of a phone number like anonymous scam calls. The hacker must know all the right words to say in order to convince you to provide personal information about your social media and bank accounts. They could even ask you for verification codes and OTPs in the guise of legitimate authority.

Part 4: What to Do When Someone Hacks Your Phone with Your Phone Number

If you notice that your phone or personal data has been compromised, there are 2 ways you can clear threats from your smartphone– be it on Android or iPhone.

Method 1: Use ClevGuard Anti-Spyware for Android

Given that you have accidentally clicked a suspicious link on an anonymous SMS, you may get anxious about your mobile security, but worry no more– ClevGuard Anti-Spyware for Android will save your day!

With ClevGuard, you can easily get rid of any mobile threats in just one click. There are no exemptions; all virus, malware, suspicious apps, and hidden spyware will be removed before you know it.

This program has 24/7 real-time protection so you can sit tight and relax as you use your Android phone.

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This comes in handy when someone hacks your phone with your number or via text message links, and you unknowingly downloaded a hidden spy tool.

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When you fall victim to Phishing links that collect emails and other private data, you can rely on ClevGuard’s Email Leak Checker. This feature will help you know whether or not sensitive email content or data has been breached by hackers through URLs and links sent to your phone number.

Protect Camera and Microphone

You must be alarmed if you clicked an unknown download link recently, and it did something unusual, like installing apps you can’t find in your app drawer. There is a great chance that a spy tool that hacks cameras and microphones has been placed on your phone.

But don’t worry! With ClevGuard, you can easily identify which apps are using the mentioned smartphone features. It will notify you if a certain app is using either your camera or microphone without your permission.

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Indeed, ClevGuard Anti-Spyware is the protection your Android phone needs, especially when someone is trying to hack your phone with your number. If you want to install this program on your phone, just click on the button below .

Method 2: Reset Your Phone

In case the method above doesn’t work on your case, it’s possible that the hack is deep in your phone’s system. To remove it altogether, you must reset your phone’s data and restore it to factory settings. This will erase all the data in the phone and reset all the changes you’ve made. it’s like you’ve just had a new phone afterward. We have two ways to reset a phone depending on the operating system: Android and iOS.

How to Reset Your Android Phone

Resetting an Android phone may vary slightly depending on your phone brand and model. But this is the general procedure you must follow to do it right.

  • Go to Settings and look for System. Then, scroll down and tap on Reset Options.
  • There, tap “Erase All Data” or Factory Reset. Sometimes, your phone’s password is required to confirm the action.

How to Reset Your iPhone

This method works across all models of iPhone. However, you need to disconnect your Find My and iCloud account first before you can successfully reset your iPhone.

  • To disable your Find My iPhone, go to your iCloud Profile in Settings and look for the Find My app. Open it from there and you will see the “Find My iPhone” option with the on/off sign on its right. Tap and toggle it off.
  • Next, go back to the iCloud Profile. Scroll down and tap on “Sign Out”. Then, confirm it when a prompt appears on the screen.
  • To perform the reset, head back to the main Settings menu and go to “General”. There, tap on the link that says “Transfer or Reset iPhone”. At the bottom, hit Erase All Content and Settings and tap Continue. Then, input your password when asked and confirm “Erase iPhone”.

After the reset, the hack on your phone should be undone. It’s pretty simple, right? However, you may need to back up your Android phone or make a backup of your iPhone to avoid losing important files in the process.

Method 3: Use McAfee Antivirus

If you want to protect up to 10 devices from any threats such as virus, malware, or hidden spyware, you can try McAfee Antivirus. It has proven and tested VPN and Antivirus features that ensure your iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS devices are not compromised.

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If you subscribe to McAfee, you no longer have to worry if someone can hack your cell phone with your mobile number or with other hacking methods. You can sit tight and chill while you surf the web and download files. Just click on the button below to enjoy 24/7 protection.


Can someone hack your phone with your number? Yes! Hackers can use your number in many ways to drag personal information out of you. But it’s going to be a walk in the park for them. As mentioned, it’s impossible to hack your phone with just a number, even random ones. They still need to do some hacking tricks precisely. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let your guard down.

So, if you think that your phone has been compromised by hackers using your phone number, just use the methods we’ve presented above to protect yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hackers can compromise a person’s phone number. They can pretend like they’re you to receive verification codes to reset and hack your bank and social media accounts linked to your phone number. That’s why it’s important that you keep your personal number private to avoid such a nightmare

Yes, and it’s actually easy to find out. If you receive messages or calls frequently from unknown people about a certain subscription or a transaction you did not do, it is possible that someone is using your phone number. With that in mind, you can try contacting your service provider to get a new number.

No. However, someone can pretend to be a trusted caller and extract personal information about you and your phone. They may hack your phone or defraud you without you knowing.