Is It Possible That Someone Hacks Your Phone by Calling You

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It is estimated that the average person receives about 30 spam and harassing calls per month.

They are annoying; someone calls you in the middle of your sleep or leisure and tries to sell you something persistently. But only a few of the receivers will realize the fact that those spammers might hack into your phone through that call.

That’s a scary fact that someone can hack into your phone with one random call you pick. But don’t be anxious just yet. It’s a very rare case. Most people won’t have this issue in their entire life.

Still, such a possibility of being hacked through a phone call exists. And we need to make sure our phone is clean. To do that, we need help from some professionals. Let’s start.

Direct Answer: Can My Phone Be Hacked Through A Phone Call

The answer goes “Yes“. But they cannot invade your phone directly through this phone call. They will:

  • Pretend to be an official and ask you questions about your personal information;
  • Ask you to click on a link (a phishing site) that will be sent after this call. They will lie about this link to be something like a questionnaire, a benefit, a coupon, etc;

Either way, you’ve done what they asked you to. Your phone will very likely be hacked.

Hackers can easily plant malware or virus on your phone to steal information as you’ve provided the access – your information. Also, if the hacker is someone you know, the person might have direct access to your phone and peek at your privacy.

Method 1: Know Someone Hacked My Phone By Calling Me With Anti-virus

So, if you’ve picked up a call that you consider spam and you gave out all the information they asked for, you should take action.

Let us begin with what should be your first line of defense – anti-virus, not just against hackers, but also against all kinds of malware and even common viruses.

From countless choices of anti-virus apps, we will choose the famous McAfee, an impressive antivirus that will protect not only one but five of your devices from any kind of threat.

McAfee Phone Protection

We love it for the fact that:

  • It detects and removes every kind of threat: malware, virus, and bugs.
  • It works extremely fast, scanning several Megabytes of data every second.
  • It protects all your devices around the clock.
  • It gets constant updates to keep up with all the new viruses that are developed.
  • It requires no user intervention.
  • It will not be a nuisance. Unlike other antiviruses, it protects you discreetly from the background.

So, if you are really worried that someone will hack your phone, all you have to do is click the button below and rest easy in the knowledge that you are protected by the best.

Steps to Stop Anyone Hacking My Phone By Calling

Step 1

Complete the download and installation of McAfee on your phone.

Step 2

Launch the anti-virus and choose to Start my FREE trial to use it for free.

mcafee Installation Setup

Step 3

Tap on the big Scan button and run a thorough check on your phone to find out every possible threat.

Step 4

All threats will be displayed and you can remove them as suggested. If the “0 threats found“, congratulation, your phone is clean.

McAfee Scanning

You may set up a daily scan plan for this anti-virus to get full-range protection for your phone.

Method 2: Stop Someone From Hacking My Phone Through Anti-spy

Having a good antivirus is always useful, however, sometimes the threat doesn’t come in the form of malware.

There’s this kind of legit spyware that is always on the whitelist of anti-virus, the parental control apps. They are designed for parental control but due to the power they have, some people will use them as hacker apps to steal information from others’ phones. The sad thing is that these apps are 100% legal and antivirus will likely not list them as harmful.

Still, we can get rid of them with the help of antispy applications like ClevGuard.

Being an advanced icon in parental control apps, ClevGuard also offers a perfect solution to people who wants to find out if they have a spy app on their phone or not.

Micro Guard Anti Spyware

for Android

Remove bugs, malware, virus, spyware

Scan for any protential risks of privacy leak

Clear up junk and hidden apps to boost phone

ClevGuard is the answer to all those people who want to protect themselves and their families from cyber attacks, keep their data private, and prevent hackers from gaining access to sensitive information that could put their loved ones at risk.

  • It works 24/7 keeping you safe. It scans for malware and spyware and removes all threats before they cause an issue.
    Nothing escapes it; it will detect and remove any attempt to hack your phone. It can even dig so deep as to sort through the phone’s junk folder.
  • It will keep your microphone and cameras spy-free with its encryption mechanisms.
  • And it will contain any sort of information breach with tools like the leak detector and the Event Guard that will take over the security for any event, no matter how big.

Step one

Launch ClevGuard on your phone and you will see a Scan button. Tap it to start scanning your phone.

Step two

ClevGuard will check your mobile for spy apps and show you all its finds. Tap on Fix all to eliminate them.

ClevGuard Can Someone Hack Phone By Calling

Step three

Go to the Junk clean section of the app and tap on Clean to remove any surviving spyware traces for extra protection.

ClevGuard Can Someone Hack Phone By Calling

General Tips to Prevent Someone from Hacking your Phone by Calling you

There are, in fact, many ways in which you can prevent someone from hacking into your phone. Just make sure that you follow these tips meticulously and try to turn them into habits. After all, hackers need but a second to gain access.

Avoid Following Links that you Do not Trust

Whether it is ads, an email, or a series of links you have to follow to download something, there is one rule. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, or if the address is not preceded by the https:\\ prefix (nowadays it has been replaced by a padlock), you should avoid it.

Do not Give your Personal Information to Anyone

This is very important. No matter how convincing a person is, no one will ever ask for your personal information log-in credentials, or banking info. People like your banker or Facebook technicians either don’t need it, or they are not allowed to ask you.

Avoid Signing up for Newsletters

Unless there is something you are really interested in, newsletters are the number one way for hackers to plant a keylogger, or a mirror and have it downloaded as soon as you open the mail.

Keep your Cache Memory Clean and Don’t Install Third-party Software

This is another must. You shouldn’t trust apps that you cannot find on the app store. These apps are not on the app store because they do not meet certain standards. It doesn’t mean that they are dangerous, but someone could use them as a way to hack into your phone, even if that wasn’t the developer’s intent.

Look up a Spam Number List and Add them to your Blocked Numbers

You can look up a list with all the numbers that have been reported to make spam calls and block them before they can reach you.

Micro Guard Anti Spyware

for Android

Remove bugs, malware, virus, spyware

Scan for any protential risks of privacy leak

Clear up junk and hidden apps to boost phone


Getting hacked is a terrifying concept, and a situation many people find themselves in. This is why it is of the utmost importance to do backups of your data often and try to keep safe. The world of technology is a scary place, but there are ways to protect yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

#21# is the number you can call to check if your calls are redirected to another destination before they reach their intended target. The number cannot tell you if other kinds of spyware are installed on your phone, however, like keyloggers and GPS trackers.

Yes and no. There is no surefire way to know if your phone has been hacked, but there are certain signs that usually indicate that this is the case. These signs are:

  • Shorter battery life
  • SLower loading times
  • Increased data consumption
  • Erratic behaviour with random restarts

Hackers are known to use missed calls as a way to hack your phone. When someone makes a phone call, they create a connection to the target phone. If that connection isn’t established by missing the call, it usually is deleted. However, sometimes, the connection stays and can be used as a bridge by experienced hackers.

It can take anywhere from less than five minutes to an hour, depending on the software used and the situation. Things like having the phone in your hands, or knowing the PIN can usually make the process much shorter.

Yes, it is possible to hack a phone number and gather a lot of data just from its number. In fact, with the right kind of tools, you don’t even need that. Here is more information on the subject.

While there is not one thing that will definitely give away the fact that your phone has been hacked into, there are some signs to look out for.

  • The phone runs slow.
  • Sudden and unexplained data consumption spikes.
  • Higher battery consumption.
  • Ghost touch.

Regardless of who the target is unless you own the phone, it is illegal to hack into it. This doesn’t mean that there are no good reasons to do so, like retrieving lost data, catching a cheater, or making sure that your children are not plagued by bullies.