Can Cockroaches Live in Your Penis? No, They Can’t

By Last Updated: April 26th, 2023Categories: Sexual Education

“Absolutely! It’s totally normal, too. Usually over the course of a year, 5-10 cockroaches will crawl into your penis hole while you are asleep (this is how they got the name ‘cock’ roach) and you won’t notice a thing.”

This was from a Google search meme that has been circulating in different Social Media platforms, answering the question: Can cockroaches live in your penis? And since it’s a screenshot of a Google search, many men have shared it and got extremely scared about their penises becoming homes to dirty cockroaches. Some are even anxious to sleep at night in fear of getting crawled upon. Well, who wouldn’t be terrified, right?

You see, your penis is a very important part of you. As much as possible, you have to protect it from all threats like cockroaches, because your family name depends on it. Now, if you really want to know if cockroaches can really live in your penis, you’ve just landed on the right page. In this article, we’ll reveal the truth and discuss with you other things that could harm your penis.

Part 1: Can Cockroaches Live in Your Penis

The meme about the cockroaches living in your penis may be widespread on the internet and a lot of people may believe it, but there is no proof to back it up. It is known that cockroaches avoid humans. They see us as a threat to them so the notion of making a home in a man’s penis is probably the last thing they’d want. Yes! They can’t live in your penis. Thank God! You can relax now!

You see, the penis secretes bodily fluids such as urine and semen, which cockroaches don’t like. Besides, a penis is not a livable habitat for cockroaches and other insects.

Man Checking His Penis

However, there may be instances where some cockroaches crawl on you, but those are by accident. They are not really doing it on purpose.

And once and for all, there is no connection between “Cock” and “Cockroaches”. The insect’s name was derived from a spanish word “cucaracha”, which means cockroach. So, don’t worry anymore about your penis being a cockroach’s home. There are far more serious threats to your penis that you should be aware of.

But Can Cockroaches Live in Other Parts of the Body

Maybe “live” is not the right term, but there are reports that says cockroaches can get stuck to your ears and nose, especially those small ones. They like wet and dark places. So, if you don’t clean the mentioned body parts well, you may invite them to come in.

And of course, cleaning your body is not the only solution to prevent cockroaches from getting near you. You may also need to have intensive cleaning in your house, especially in rooms where you sleep. You may need to use insecticides and other measures to remove such a pest from your home. That way, you need not fear closing your eyes and waking up with cockroaches stuck in you.

The chances of cockroaches in your ears and noses may not be high, but it is still advised to take precautions every now and then.

Part 2: Is There Another Insect That Can Live in Your Penis

No. However, there are tiny insects called Pubic lice, also known as crabs, that can live near your penis. They look like small crabs that hang around your pubic hair above your manhood.

Typically, you can get pubic lice through sexual contact with people that has it. The crabs may transfer from their pubic hair to yours without you noticing. Other modes of transmission include sharing of underwear, clothes, and other personal things that get near to your genital area.

Public Lice

You’d know you have pubic lice when you feel extreme itchiness around your genital area. You may also have it on your legs, armpits, beard, mustache, and other body hair.

What Happens When Pubic Lice are Left Unchecked

If you don’t act right away upon discovering you have pubic lice, you may get more and more itchy bite marks on your pubic area or the penis itself. You may see skin discoloration around the parts where the pubic lice are eating. The pigmentation is usually bluish.

Wounds may form and fester, too, as you scratch their bite marks. This could lead to more infection, which would render you to cease your sexual activities for a while. You may need to see a doctor if that’s the case.

How to Prevent Having Pubic Lice

To prevent pubic lice, you must avoid having sexual interactions with people who have it. However, if the person you want to have sex with is your partner, ask them to have it treated first.

Part 3: How to Properly Clean Your Penis

If you want to make sure that your penis is healthy, clean, and ready to go, you have to know how to clean it properly. That way, you don’t have to worry about cockroaches, etc. And of course everyone knows how to clean themselves, but there are times when you go overboard and might accidentally cause damage to your penis. So, here’s how you properly clean your little friend.

Man Taking A Shower

How to Wash Your Penis and Balls

First, you have to remember to wash your penis at least once a day. That way, you can control the smell and the cleanliness.

  • Use warm water as you wash your penis and balls. You may use it with a mild soap that won’t irritate your skin down there.
  • Then, carefully and gently lather the bubbles around the shaft of your penis and balls. Include the head of the penis as well.
  • After a minute or two, rinse all the foam with water and pat try with a clean towel.

How to Clean An Uncircumcised Penis

Now, if you have an uncircumcised penis, your biggest challenge in cleaning is your foreskin. This is because you would often have a smegma under it. Yes!, it’s the thick, white substance that naturally builds up when not removed regularly. The longer it stays, under the foreskin, the more smelly it gets. And that’s the last thing you’d want.

  • Retract your foreskin carefully and use warm water and mild soap to wash the penis head and the area under it.
  • After washing, rinse all the foam away and use a soft towel to remove excess water and residues from the penis head and under the foreskin.
  • Lastly, pull your foreskin up and you’re good to go.

Avoid from using too much force when pulling back your foreskin. It could cause skin tearing and damage, which could result in scarring.


You don’t need to worry if cockroaches can live in your penis. What you should focus on is how you can maintain proper hygiene or prevent other serious threats to it. So, check out the suggestions and see if you need them to keep your penis in the best shape.


The most common way to know whether your penis is clean is through its smell. Accumulation of bacteria and other dead skin cells on your penis can cause an unpleasant odor.

In terms of hair growth, waxing is a lot better as it removes the hair from the follicle, which greatly slows down the hair from resurfacing. Shaving, on the other hand, only cuts the hair.