Can Cats Have Whipped Cream – Is It Bad For Our Feline Friends

By Last Updated: April 26th, 2023Categories: Pet Pedia

Whipped cream is one of the most common toppings you’d probably make for your latte, coffee, or even fruit blends. And if you have your cats around while you relish the creamy topping, they’ll be curious about it. As much as you want to give them some, hold your horses. Many people say whipped cream is bad for cats. But is it true?

Well, can cats have whipped cream? No! You shouldn’t let your cats have whipped cream. It has more sugar and fat content, which is really unhealthy for them. Not to mention, most cats are Lactose intolerant; they cannot ingest milk products properly.

So, unfortunately, your cats can’t have whipped cream if you really want to keep them safe. But continue reading to better understand why experts are steadfast in discouraging such a treat for cats. We will also recommend healthier alternatives for your feline buddies.

Part 1: The Truth Why Cats Can’t Have Whipped Cream

Cats are not aware of the contents of the food we give them, and we know more about whether it’s good or bad for them. If you give them whipped cream, they’ll probably try and eat it. Yes! They can eat it, but the question is– should cats have whipped cream? And the answer is a big NO. While our feline friends may enjoy it, milk products like whipped cream are harmful to them.

Whipped Cream

Some cats, however, are able to tolerate small amounts of whipped cream, but you can’t experiment and gamble with their lives. The majority of the cat population can’t process dairy products like whipped cream. Moreover, it has other chemicals and ingredients like too much sugar, which may be detrimental to your cats’ overall health.

The best thing you can do as the owner is to get your cats away from whipped cream and other dairy products. It’s better safe than sorry.

Part 2: Risks Of Whipped Cream to Cats

As mentioned, most cats have no tolerance for dairy products. You can say that they are allergic to milk we humans enjoy. So, serving them whipped cream does not give any benefits at all, only harm. If your cats have consumed whipped cream, the following risks may manifest.

  • Stomach pain – Since cats can’t digest the whipped cream well, they may experience stomach discomfort followed by unusual production of gas. If the flatulence is not released, your cats may be subjected to more pain.
  • Diarrhea – Discomfort in the stomach may be followed by diarrhea. When the sugar from the whipped cream remains undigested, it will allow more water to flood your cat’s intestines, causing long periods of diarrhea. Other related issues are nausea and vomiting.
  • Obesity – Cats can’t taste the sweetness of whipped cream, but they can surely absorb some of the sugar content. It can cause your cat to gain more weight and become more susceptible to other health issues.
  • Diabetes – More often than not, whipped cream products have corn syrup which has very high sugar content. This can cause your cat to have a spike in blood sugar levels, triggering diabetes.

On rare occasions, whipped creams that have a type of carcinogen called Carrageenan can trigger cancer. This can only happen if your cat has been eating large amounts of whipped cream for a long time.

Part 3: Things You Should Do If Your Cats Eat Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is bad for cats. That’s the truth, but accidents happen and you may have given them the cream before you read this article. Well, if your feline buddies only ate a small amount, there’s nothing you should worry about. They’ll usually experience gas (cat flatulence) for an hour or more, and they should be back to normal within the day.

Sick Cat

However, if your cats are really sensitive to lactose or have consumed too much whipped cream, you must prepare yourself for the adverse effects. The first thing on your shoulder is to observe their behavior closely after eating the whipped cream. See if there are any changes or if they are acting strangely.

When that happens, the next thing you should do is call a veterinarian. You can set up an appointment in case the effects are not that severe. But you can always bring your cats to the vet clinic for an emergency if things get out of hand.

Part 4: Healthier Treat Alternatives for Your Cats

Don’t use whipped cream as a treat or reward for your behaved cats. There are far healthier options out there. Not only will your cats enjoy them, but they can also get a lot of nutrients that can help improve their immune system. However, before you proceed, it’s best that you talk to your veterinarian first to ascertain whether or not your cats still need the benefits from the alternative snacks below.

  • Oatmeal – It can help improve your cat’s bowel movement because of its high-fiber content. Protein and iron are also present, which are necessary nutrients to strengthen the immune system. Serve oatmeal cooked and plain.
  • Pineapple – Another sweet but healthy alternative is pineapples. However, your cats should only eat this fruit once in a while and in moderation. The high fiber content can also aid digestion.
  • Berries – Strawberries and blueberries are also good alternative snacks for cats. They possess high amounts of antioxidants, which can help protect your cat’s cells from damage and improve the immune system. Just make sure you remove the leaves before you serve them.

These healthier alternatives can be used when you are also teaching or training your cats some cool tricks. Rewarding them with such delicious treats can surely hasten their learning. Just remember that only give your cats a moderate amount as these snacks are not really required of their diet.

Final Thoughts

Whipped cream is the last thing you’d want your cats to have. It’s unhealthy and harmful for them. As a responsible feline friend, you need to find more suitable alternatives to keep your cats at home happy and healthy. Try out the alternative treats we’ve suggested above and see if your cats like them.


Do not give any amount of chocolate to your cat. There are ingredients like theobromine that can cause health issues or worse, death. Dark and white chocolates are toxic to dogs and cats.

There are no components in whipped cream that should entice cats. If you see them trying to eat one, it’s because they are just curious. So, cats don’t actually like whipped cream.