Can A Dog Get A Cat Pregnant? No, It’s Impossible

By Last Updated: April 26th, 2023Categories: Pet Pedia

We all know that when dogs reach a certain age, they start to hump all things in sight. Like pillows, chairs, people, and even cats. Yes, C-A-T-S, cats, the species considered as the dog’s nemesis.

You may have seen a dog hump a cat and wondered if it can make the cat pregnant. Well, if you want to know the answer, stay on this page.

No, A Dog Can’t Make A Cat Pregnant

Let’s make it clear, a dog can’t make a cat pregnant and vice versa, it’s not possible.

Why? Well, there are 2 factors that explain why it is impossible for a cat and dog to produce offspring.

  • Their genes don’t match – Dog and cat genes are different. It doesn’t fit with each other and it will most likely result in nothing.
  • They don’t have the same number of chromosomes – A cat has 38 chromosomes while dogs have 78 chromosomes. And this makes it impossible for a dog to get a cat pregnant.

That is why the CatDog we see on television will never be seen in real life. But what happens if a dog and cat mated? Check out the next part.

What Happens When a Dog and Cat Mate?

Nothing. That’s right after the deed is done, there will be no “puppy X kitten” hybrid. Just like I mentioned above, their genes don’t match that’s why a dog sperm can’t fertilize a cat’s egg.

What Happens When a Dog and Cat Mate?

Plus, both cats and dogs belong to different animal groups with different DNA structures. And in order to produce offspring, both creatures should carry the same DNA, and in the case of cats and dogs, that doesn’t occur.

So even if they mate physically, nothing magical will happen.

My Dog Humps My Cat! What Should I Do?

Dogs mature and sexual drive develops, that is why they hump everything they see, including your cat.

I know, you’re pretty confused about what to do. Should you stop it or just let it be? Well, as a fur mom of both cats and dogs, I’ve seen this scenario multiple times, and to be honest it’s really chaotic.

My Dog Humps My Cat! What Should I Do

Based on my experience, when my dog tries to hump my cat, they ruin everything around them. The cat gets angry, the dog tries to force himself, and sometimes gets triggered by the cat and starts chasing her around the house. It’s very chaotic.

So should you stop your dog from humping your cat? If you want peace and no damaged furniture, I suggest you stop them. But if it’s okay with the cat and no one gets hurt, you can just let it be.

How to Stop a Dog from Humping a Cat

Here are some tips that you can do to stop a dog from humping a cat.

  • Crate Train Your Dog – Humping is a cause of excitement or anxiety. A crate is a place where your dog can be safe and calm down. When he starts to hump things, put him immediately on the crate, this will give him the impression that you forbid him to do it.
  • Make Him Exercise More – This is another way to distract your dog from his humping behavior. You can two can go out for a run, or play fetch.
  • Visit the Vet or Work With a Trainer or Behaviorist – If you can’t put him to stop on your own, it would be better if you consult a professional. They understand animal behavior more and will know what to do.

Take Away

Always remember to take care of animals. They also inhabit the earth and they want to live comfortably as much as we do. So love them like you love people.


The average dog’s IQ is about 100. They have the IQ same as a 2-years old human.

The domestic cat has attributed a value of between 1–1.71; relative to the human value, which is 7.44–7.8.

Studies show that dogs love their owner 5 times more than cats.

There is a study that suggests that dogs are smarter than cats because their brain is larger. Although this has not been conclusively proven. Regardless, a dog’s higher neuron count is often viewed as a gauge of its superior intelligence.

Yes. Cats are pretty fierce creatures, and if they feel threatened. They can hurt anyone. Many dogs can injure or kill a cat very quickly, and your dog can also be injured by the cat.

Dogs and cats hate each other because of the predator-prey relationship. Dogs have the instinct to chase smaller animals. Cats on the other hand, have the instinct to run away when they feel threatened.