Is Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash Good and Durable

By Last Updated: October 17th, 2023Categories: Pet Products

Dogs can be very active especially when you take them out for a walk or stroll. And as pet owners, we want to keep our dogs safe while they are having fun, and that’s where leashes come into action.

There are a lot of good leashes in the market today, but there’s one brand that a lot of fur parents talk about; the Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash. Some say it’s amazing while others say it’s okay.

Well, if you’re planning to get this one for your dogs, this review is what you need. We are going to show you the Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash features and teach you how to use it. Let’s go!

The Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash Features

You may think that a leash has one feature, well not this one. It’s packed with interesting features that help pet owners keep and protect their fur babies. Here are some of its features.


What makes this leash unique compared to others is because of its multi-functional use. You can use it in many different ways depending on the situation, your comfort, or your mood! You can use it as a six feet leash or a three feet leash. You can even make it hands-free!


Its many functions provide convenience and comfort to both you and your pets!

High Quality and Durable

Dogs can be very active and they really do have some magical strength. That’s why a low-quality leash is not recommended.

The Blue-9 company claims that this leash can be used on puppies and even big dogs. They also assured customers that it won’t break even if the dog tries to escape. Well, based on customer reviews we’ve read on Amazon, this claim might be true.

The leash is also made with washable nylon. This means that if it gets dirty, you can easily rinse it with water and your leash will still look brand new. How about that?

Wide Variety

Now, some dog leash brands we see only come in a single color, well the Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash is different. It comes in 5 different colors. No, you can walk your dog with a stylish and colorful leash.

Aside from that, it also comes in two sizes; small and medium. Now, if you have smaller hands, the small leash is for you. This can easily help you grasp the leash to make it more secure.

Wide Variety

The Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash costs $21 on the brand’s website. If you take a look at the features and the quality, I can say that it’s a pretty good deal. After all, you should be looking at the quality and not the quantity.

Tutorial on to Use Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash

This leash can be used in different ways, the most common ones are the 6-foot leash, Over shoulder leash, and High traffic leash. These three have different purposes and are beneficial in different situations. Here’s an overview of how to use each one.

Note: This leash has two hooks, the one with the D-ring which we will call Hook #1, and the other is a regular hook without a D-ring next to it, which is Hook #2.

6 Foot Leash

This is great for strolling around the park and if you want to give your dog some distance while you walk. He can enjoy walking in free space and at the same time, he is safely attached to a leash.

Simply attach Hook #1 to your dog’s collar and that’s it. You’ll have a six feet long leash.

Over the Shoulder Leash

This one is pretty convenient especially when you have a lot to carry in your hands. You can simply wear a shoulder bag with your dog safely attached to you.

Grab Hook #2 and wear it around your shoulder. Then attach it to the closest D-ring to lock it. Make sure that it’s not too tight or too loose.

Over the Shoulder Leash
Note: This leash style is not recommended if your dog jumps too much or likes to run around as it can strangle and hurt you.

High Traffic Leash

Now if you’re walking with your dog in a busy area, you want to keep him as close as possible. Or if your dog is a puller, this leash style will surely come in handy.

Grab Hook #2 and attach it to the D-ring next to Hook #1. This will make the leash shorter and you can easily pull your dog so he won’t get run over.

High Traffic Leash

For a more detailed tutorial, check out this video tutorial.

Tip: If you like hiking, you can pair the Blue-9 Multi-Function leash with a hiking harness for dogs. This will keep them safe and comfortable during the hike.


When it comes to choosing dog leashes, make sure to purchase one that is strong enough to hold your dog’s weight. You also need to make sure that it doesn’t easily tear, as your dog can just bite it to escape. Before buying anything, be sure to read reviews, and inspect the product specs.


When your dog pulls, stop immediately, and stand completely still. When the leash relaxes, either your dog takes a step back or turns around to give you focus. When the leash is nicely relaxed, proceed on your walk.

The easiest way to do it is to stop moving forward when he pulls and to reward him with treats when he walks by your side. You better have a treat bag ready as this can be very helpful in the training process.