The Bisexual Wife Signs You Should Be Wary Of

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“While we were making love the other night, my wife asked me if we could bring another woman into bed next time. And I was okay with it, but it’s kind of suspicious that the idea came from her. I’m afraid my wife is bisexual. What should I do?” Husband, 35

Having a bisexual wife may be quite challenging for some husbands, especially if they are not used to interacting with the LGBTQIA+ community.

If you’re in the same predicament, it’ll be a sigh of relief to know you’re not alone.

Time and again, men have come out and told stories about their bisexual wives and how they found out. And they all say one thing in common: Look for the possible signs and characteristics of a bisexual wife.

Now, if you want to shed light to your wife’s bisexuality and confirm whether your suspicions about her is correct, this article is just right one for you!

Part 1: Signs You Have A Bisexual Wife

A bisexual can be defined as a person (man or woman) who has sexual attraction to both genders. So before you conclude that you have a bisexual wife, common sense dictates that you sould observe first whether or not your wife exhibits the following signs.

1. Your Wife Dated Other Women Before

Well, you know your wife more than anyone else, and she may have shared with you her past. So, try to recall if she told you about her having romantic or sexual relationships with women before she met you. This way, you can properly rationalize her behavior around women at present.

2. Wife’s Into Threesome with Another Woman

This one is easy to spot. If your wife is initiating a threesome with a woman. You may say she’s just trying to tease you, but it says a lot about her sexual fantasies, desires, and attractions. This could strongly suggest that she’s into girls, too!


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3. She’s Checking Out Other Women

Try observing her behavior whenever you go on a date, and see if she checks out attractive women when they pass by. Also, notice how long your wife stares at them. If she’s showing you this side of her unknowingly, it’s safe to suspect she’s bisexual.

4. She Enjoys Lesbian Porn

There’s two possible situations here. It’s either you catch her watching lesbian porn or she wants the both of you to watch porn videos like it. If you see that she enjoys watching women being intimate with other women, you may start to suspect that she’s lesbian or bisexual.

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5. Her Friends Are Mostly Members of LGBTQ+

Considering the previous four signs, combined with the fact that most of your wife’s friends identify as members of LGBTQ+. It’s pretty common for many bisexuals out there to be very close with their sisters and brothers in the community. This may not be a solid indicator that you have a bisexual wife, but it can surely give you an overview of her views on sexuality.

Part 2: Discuss Your Confusions with Your Bisexual Wife

Well, There are no defnite criteria to judge a person’s bisexuality. If you are still confused whether you have a bisexual wife, you can try asking her directly. It’s always reliable when the answer comes from the source.

You may ask her about her sexuality and her secret desires. Who knows? She may open up her heart to you. However, you may need to be gentle when trying to discuss your hunch with her and avoid being aggressive. You have to know that coming out as a bisexual is difficult for some because of the stigma.

Part 3: Tip – Find Out Bisexual Wife with mSpy

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Steps on Finding Out Bisexual Wife with mSpy

These are the steps to be accomplished before you can use mSpy to find out whether you have a bisex wife.

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  • On your Dashboard, look for the features presented above. They can be found on the menu bar.

If you want to know more about the other features and benefits you can get, you can try to check out the full review on things you should know about mSpy.

Part 4: My Wife Is Bisexual – What To Do

When you finally confirm you have a bisexual wife, you may feel mixed emotions, and you might say or do things you shouldn’t. That’s why it is important to calm down and settle the issue with a clear mind.

You can try confronting your wife about it and discuss the matter without being too aggressive. Or you may just let her be so long as she doesn’t cheat on you with another woman. You can just wait until she’s ready to come out.

Final Thoughts

Love conquers all. At least, that’s what they say. At the end of the day, whether or not you have a bisexual wife, the most important thing is that your love for one another is still burning. After all, there are even bisexual husbands out there. It doesn’t just happen with women.

So if you want to know the truth and learn more about your wife, feel free to check the signs and the recommended solutions above. They can surely help give clarity to your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The difference is a lesbian is exclusively and sexually attracted only to women, while a bisexual is sexually attracted to both genders, men and women.

It depends on the laws in your state or country. There are different types of divorce laws, and the specifics vary depending on the laws passed in your land. It’ll be wiser to consult your local lawyers regarding this matter. In most cases, however, bisexuality can’t be used to divorce a wife or a husband.