Everything You Should Know If You Suspect Your Husband A Bisexual

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“I am suspecting that my husband is bisexual.” A loving wife, 36

People change throughout the course of their life. Your husband is no exception. You may have known him for many years, but there are still things about him that you don’t know. There are changes inside him that you may never know unless you ask him or investigate yourself.

So, if he’s suddenly acting unusual and you have no idea how to tell if your husband is bisexual, you’ve come to the right page! This article will help you confirm whether or not you have a bisexual husband. Read on!

Part 1: What Does Bisexual Mean

There’s a lot of misconceptions about bisexuality. To put it simply, Bisexual people are those who are sexually attracted to both genders.This means that they are not limited to having sexual relationships only with men or women, unlike those who identify as “straight” or heterosexual.

How Should I React If I Have A Bisexual Husband

You have to know that before you met your husband, he had his own struggles and trials in life. Bisexuality is the result of all those life experiences. So, try to be patient and collected if you think you have a bisexual husband. Being rude and violent won’t do any good to your relationship and to your family as a whole.


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Part 2: How to Tell If Your Have A Bisexual Husband

There are ways that you can do to know whether your husband is bisexual. Here are the three of them:

  1. Signs to Check if I Have A Bisexual Husband
  2. Confront Him to Know If You Have A Bi-curious Husband
  3. Use mSpy to Tell if Your Husband is Bisexual

Method 1: Signs to Check if I have a Bisexual Husband

Before you conclude anything about your husband being a bisexual, it is important to take note of the obvious signs first.

He Wants to Try A 3-Way

He’s trying to convince you that he wants to try a “threesome” with you and another man as a third-party. This could indicate that he wants to experience or explore intimacy with the same sex to increase sexual pleasure.

Husband Is Bisexual

He Enjoys Lesbian/Gay Porn

It’s a pretty common for bisexuals to watch different categories of porn. The most common ones they watch are girl-to-girl and man-to-man porn. So, if you catch your husband subscribing to gay porn sites, the chances that he’s bisexual is high.

He’s Quite Touchy with Other Men

If you notice that your husband seems unusually touchy when it comes to his male peers, it’s likely that he’s developing bisexual urges toward them, knowingly or unknowingly.

Husband Is Bisexual

He’s on Gay Dating Apps/Sites

When your husband has profiles on gay dating apps like Grindr or other dating sites, it is safe to conclude that his sexuality is not what you think it is. This could mean that he’s cheating on you or is trying to experiment on what he really likes.

He’s Experimenting with Anal Play

This one is quite easy to spot. If your husband wants you to stimulate his anus and prostate sexually, it’s a clear message that he’s into sexual activities that most bisexual and gay people do. Another instance is when he prefers having anal sex over viginal sex with you.

Method 2: Confront Him to Know if You Have a Bi-curious Husband

If you are having a difficult time reading though the signs if your husband is a bisexual, you may try to ask him directly. This way, you won’t have to second-guess his intentions. You will know if he’s a bi-curious– someone trying to figure out if he’s bisexual.

Asking Bisexual Husband

However, you have to be careful and kind with your questions and your approach. Otherwise, he may deny it, and you’ll be left more confused with the situation.

Method 3: Use mSpy to Tell if Your Husband Is Bisexual

In case he’s constantly denying your suspicion, but he still shows signs of a bisexual husband, consider using mSpy to know the truth ASAP. It is a remote phone monitoring program that can work on both Android and iOS. As you know, your husband’s secrets can be easily found on his phone. Using this powerful tool can help you find out whether your husband is bisexual.


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mSpy allows you to check your husband’s SMS and social media Chats. Check his interaction with his male friends behind you. You can see it in his text messages or chats on WhatsAppFacebook Messenger, etc. You will know if they’re talking about bisexual stuff.

Moreover, mSpy can also check his gallery. You can viewhis secret phone pictures and video clips to see if he has recorded sex videos with another man or has a collection of bisexual porn.

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Besides his conversations and gallery, there are other mSpy features that help you confirm his bisexuality such as browser history (gay porn), installed apps (Grindr), and GPS locations (gay bars). With these, you can definitely connect the dots in not time.

How to Tell Whether Your Husband Is Bisexual with mSpy

To use mspy to know your husband is bisexual, these are the things you need to do first:

Step 1

If you don’t have an account yet, click on the button below to sign up for an mSpy account. You can use a Google account to create an account.

Step 2

Choose and purchase a subscription package to download mSpy. Then, install mSpy onto your husband’s phone. Follow the instructions in the email provided.

Step 3

Sign in to your mSpy account using any web browser to access the mSpy Dashboard. Just proceed to the left sidebar of the dashboard to see the features mentioned above.

mSpy Dashboard

Then, start monitoring your husband’s activities to tell if he’s bisexual.


Even though he’s your husband, we do not encourage you to pry into his private life. Spying without the person’s explicit consent is punishable in most countries and states. So, know the risks first before you do it.


It may be devastating for some to learn that they have a bisexual husband, because it could mean that they may have cheated with another man at some point.

However, you have to realize that one’s sexual orientation and identity is non-negotiable. It’s possible that they only discovered they were bisexual months or years after your marriage, and that they chose to keep it to avoid family problems.

So, to better understand your husband, the methods above can be of use to you. Try them out!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can tell them their father is a bisexual If your kids are open enough and ready to discuss it and you have your husband’s permission. However, it’s still better that you allow him to be the one to tell them personally. This way, your kids won’t have any misconceptions about their father.

No. It may seem confusing, but bi-curious people are those heterosexuals who are just trying to navigate their sexuality. They want to know if they can also form sexual relationships with the same sex. On the other hand, bisexual people are those who are done being bi-curious and have identified to be bisexual– someone who is attracted to both genders.