Top 7 Cheap & High-quality PopSocket Alternatives (MagSafe Compatible)

By Last Updated: October 13th, 2023Categories: Electric

With smartphones getting bigger and wider these days, they’ve become quite a challenge to hold and carry around. Not to mention, you can no longer use your phone in one hand without fear of dropping and shattering it.

Well, there are now PopSockets that you can attach to the back of your phone to serve as a handle and secure your grip. However, they can be a bit bulky and can make your smartphone experience uncomfortable.

Good news! If PopSockets have become more of a nuisance for you, we’re delighted to let you know that you don’t need them anymore. There are more reliable phone grips now that you can use regardless of the size of your phone. In this article, we are going to talk about the best pop socket alternative for you

1. Best Budget Ring Style: Lamicall Finger Ring Phone Grip

  • Price: 10 USD
  • Weight: ‎0.023 ounces

Let’s start with the cheapest ring-style phone grip on the list. This Lamicall Finger Ring Phone Grip provides a very comfortable feeling when attached to the back of your phone. It doesn’t bulge like PopSockets and you can wear it like a ring, which gives your phone more security.

Apart from that, the ring can also serve as a kickstand and it can be rotated in any direction. This gives you more versatility for viewing videos or even taking pictures from whatever angle you like.

Lamicall Ring Style

For its construction, it’s all made of metal, which makes it highly compatible with magnetic phone cases or holders. And most importantly, the adhesive on this phone grip is pretty strong, it can really provide the security you need for a cheaper price.

The overall design is pretty simple, too, which markets it perfect for all smartphones.

2. Best for Latest iPhones: PopGrip For MagSafe Black

  • Price: 29 USD
  • Weight: 1.27 ounces

With the iPhone 12, 13, and 14 lineups having MagSafe features for wireless charging, using a regular PopSocket can be a huge headache. Yes! It can interfere with the features and you won’t be able to stick with your wireless charging pad and secure it with your phone.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t use a phone grip anymore. You just need to get MagSafe-friendly ones like PopGrip for MagSafe Black

PopGrip Magsafe

It’s carefully designed for MagSafe users and can be used on MagSafe cases, too. It can provide your reliable grip while allowing you to take advantage of all the MagSafe features without issues.

Besides that, you can pop the holder to get a kickstand, too. While the design is like most PopSockets, the feeling when you use this one is pretty sleek and smooth.

3. Best for Comfortability: Sinjimoru Stretching Silicone Phone Strap Holder

  • Price: 9 USD
  • Weight: 0.704 ounces

Sinjimoru Stretching Silicone Phone Strap Holder is the cheapest and most comfortable and in the list. If you prioritize comfortability and security above all else, this one is definitely a steal for you.

Sinjimoru Strap

This is definitely perfect if PopSockets and kickstands bother you. This silicone phone strap is only 0.9mm thin. You may not even feel it’s there. And despite that, it’s durable and can be installed on any of your phone cases. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from, too.

You just need to insert your hands into the strap and you can hold your phone without worries. In addition, the thin strap won’t interfere with MagSafe or any magnetic cases, too.

4. Best Adhesive: LoveHandle Universal Grip for Cell Phone

  • Price: 11 USD
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

One key factor that’s really important in a pop socket alternative is the adhesive. You see, you stick it on the back of your phone and it should stay in its place on daily wear and tear. However, the biggest issue is that some phone grips tend to leave sticky residues that are really difficult to remove. Well, that’s not the case with the Love Handle Universal Grip for Cell Phone

Lovehandle Universal

Its adhesive is specifically designed to be sticky and strong while not leaving any marks or residue when removed. This is perfect if you frequently change the style and color of your phone grip. It’s friendly to glass and plastic back panels and cases, too. However, this phone grip may not work if you are using a silicone case.

Nevertheless, this cell phone grip has a reliable sleek design, and it’s one of the thinnest popsocket alternatives in this list. Not to mention, it can work on almost any phone.

5. Best Multipurpose: Sinjimoru 3-in-1 MagSafe Wallet

  • Price: 24 USD
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces

This multipurpose phone grip is all you need if you want to carry your important cards or IDs and have a holder and a kickstand. Yes! This is best used on iPhones with MagSafe features or cases that have magnets on the back.

Sinjimoru Magnetic Wallet

Yes! You don’t need sticky adhesives to attach to your phone as it has around 2800 Gauss magnetic force, which means that it’s capable of holding its own as long as the case and the phone has magnets.

And since it’s designed for MagSafe, all the wireless features in your iPhone won’t have any issues if you have this one attached.

6. Best For All Phones and Tablets: Spigen Ring Phone Grip

  • Price: 14 USD
  • Weight: ‎0.413 ounces

This one is like the first phone grip on this list. However, the structure and build quality are a lot more solid and durable. You can wear it with a finger or two like a big ring and it can be rotated and flipped in any direction if you want it to serve as a phone stand for watching movies and other content.

Spigen Phone Grip

The advantage of this ring phone grip is that it’s compatible with all smartphones. It can even be used on smaller tablet devices for extra grip. Plus, you’d get a hook mount which allows you to dock your mobile phone on any car dashboard

Spigen is a trusted brand for phone accessories, too. It has created a lot of phone cases, screen protectors, and many more. You can ensure that this ring phone grip won’t disappoint in terms of quality. The colors won’t fade and the rotating ring won’t get loose easily. However, this may not work well with wireless charging.

7. Best KickStand: CLCKR Phone Grip and Expanding Stand

  • Price: 15 USD
  • Weight:‎ 2.39 ounces

Well, if your priority is having a versatile kickstand so you can watch any content comfortably, this CLCKR phone grip could be the best one for you. Aside from being compatible with most phones and being ultra-thin, the kickstand is adjustable.

CLCKR Universal

You can change the position and the angle of the strap or the stand, whether you want to use your phone in portrait or landscape. Sure, ring-type stands can do this, but most of them can only do the latter.

The only caveat of this phone grip is it’s not compatible with the newest iPhone models if you don’t use a phone case. But despite that, rest assured that you’d get a slim phone grip and no problems with wireless charging.


While it’s not required to get yourself a PopSocket or any pop socket alternative, it’s still a good addition if you have a large phone and clumsy hands. You see, phones are expensive, and breaking one is such a big hassle.

So, if PopSockets are a bit too bulky for you, check out the 7 best pop socket alternatives we picked just for you.


Yes. Especially today where phones are made up of glass from back to front, you need to take extra care in handling them. And using phone grips can greatly make it safe for you to use your phone without fear of dropping it, even without a case.

No. PopSockets are really sticky. You need to intentionally force your way to remove it from your phone.