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They say you can never go wrong with bourbon. Whether you like it on the rocks or just neat, this spirit will never disappoint. It’s the perfect drink after a long tiring day at work and you just want to sit and unwind. The strong notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel are somewhat relaxing.

When it comes to bourbons, Old Forester is one of the pioneers. They were the ones who first released bourbons in sealed bottles. And the innovation didn’t stop there, they created a line of classic bourbons that is distinct from one another.

Well, if you are new and want to try Old Forester bourbons or looking for the best bottle to bring to an event. Then stay on this page as I’m about to show you the best old forester bourbon.

The Best Old Forester Bourbon Classic Bottles

Old Forester has a line of classic bottles that taste uniquely from each other. These bottles are produced on a regular basis and can be purchased at your local store. Check them out!

1. Old Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond Bourbon

Alcohol Content: 50%

Old Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond Bourbon

This bottle of bourbon is made to follow the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 which requires drinks like whiskey to be aged and bottled according to a set of legal regulations. And that’s what exactly Old Forester did.

The Old Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond Bourbon is distilled and produced under well-regulated conditions. This spirit is relatively spicy and has warm notes of caramel, smooth vanilla latte, brown sugar, and cherry that really oozes down your throat.

If you’re into strong spirits, well, you can grab this bottle for $60.

2. Old Forester 1870 Original Batch Bourbon

Alcohol Content: 45%

Old Forester 1870 Original Batch Bourbon

The Old Forester 1870 Original Batch Bourbon is one of the most loved classics. This signature blend originally created by the founder, George Garvin Brown himself.

The best thing about this bottle is you never know what to expect. As Old Forester 1870 is pulled from three barrels with different age statements, entry proofs, and distilling dates. Some folks said they once tried an Old Forester 1870 with a citrusy taste that worked great with cocktails.

At around $50 per bottle, you’ll also get to taste a spirit with a bit of creamy eggnog, caramel, and hints of brown sugar to level the taste.

3. Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon

Alcohol Content: 57.5%

Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon

Back in the day, there was a probation period that banned the production and consumption of alcohol across America. But Old Forester was one of the few distilleries allowed to produce whisky, only for medical purposes.

That is where Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon was born. The whiskey produced during the probation period was darker and had a bittersweet chocolate pallet.

The distinct taste is also because of the variety of flavors that you never knew would work together. It includes pecans, maple syrup, caramel apple, a hint of spice rye, and of course more chocolate.

At around $65 a bottle, you can relax and enjoy this blend with your friends.

4. Old Forester 100 Proof Signature Bourbon

Alcohol Content: 50%

Old Forester 100 Proof Signature Bourbon

If you want a cheap but strong, good-tasting bourbon, the Old Forester 100 Proof Signature Bourbon is the way to go.

This blend has a classic hint of rich caramel, vanilla, and baking spices. It also has a buttery texture with notes of sweet cherry. And to be honest, this bottle is one of my favorites.

This is one of Old Forester’s cheapest bottles that cost around $30.

5. Old Forester Single Barrel Barrel Strength Bourbon

Alcohol Content: 65%

Old Forester Single Barrel Barrel Strength Bourbon

The Old Forester Single Barrel Barrel Strength Bourbon is a single-barrel dram and compared to other barrel-strength blends, this particular batch doesn’t go through any chill filtering or dilution.

Bottled at 130 proof, this bourbon definitely has some heat and is not recommended for beginners. With flavors of rye spice, caramel, charred oak, and dried rose, this blend is truly a magnificent one. This one is priced at around $90.

7. Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky

Alcohol Content: 46.5%

Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky

This next bottle has an amazing story on how it was discovered.

Back in 1910, a fire incident happened in their bottling line which stopped the whole production. The bourbons were ready to be bottled and the staff didn’t know about it. That particular batch went through the second round of barreling, and a unique flavor from the blend emerged.

Old Forester tried to recapture that taste and that is where Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky was born. This spirit has a smooth palate and a crisp, clean finish. It also has layers of amazing flavors such as apricot, buttercream, toffee, and cedar. This one is also a sweet blend thanks to the hints of spice rye and charred oak mixed on each bottle.

The Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky is priced at around $60.

The Best Old Forester Bourbon Special Edition Bottles

Old Forester likes to pay homage to certain events or people, that is why they release special edition bottles to celebrate. Of course, the brand made sure that these expressions will taste as good as their classics. Because these bottles are special editions, expect them to be a little more expensive than the ones above.

1. Old Forester The President’s Choice

Alcohol Content: 52%

Old Forester The President’s Choice

The president of the Brown-Forman Corporation, the owner of Old Forester Distilleries, personally picked a barrel to create this special edition blend.

The Old Forester The President’s Choice Bourbon has a strong ethanol burn. But it magically mellows down if you let it sit on your glass for a while. This particular blend has notes of warm caramel, a hint of vanilla, and a black pepper aroma.

The price of this blend is around $170. But, hey, it’s a special bottle, you can save it for a special event.

2. Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2020

Alcohol Content: 49%

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2020

Every year the Brown-Forman company produces a special bottle to celebrate the founder’s birthday every September. And every year, they release a different blend. Pretty exciting right?

One of the most notable Old Forester Birthday Bourbons was released in 2020. This expression was pulled from 95 barrels with an age statement of 10 years. And with that, the aroma and flavor were as good as expected. This batch has a fruity taste with notes of cherries, blackberries, and raspberries. It also has a pasty side that is perfectly balanced with hints of black pepper, rye spice, vanilla, and caramel.

And because this blend is a special edition, it costs around $500.

3. Old Forester 150th Anniversary Batch Proof

Alcohol Content: 62.8%

Old Forester 150th Anniversary Batch Proof

This limited edition bottle was released to celebrate the business’s 150 years in the industry. The Old Forester 150th Anniversary Batch Proof was pulled out of 150 barrels picked by Jackie Zykan and Master Distiller Chris Morris. It was then released to the public in three batches. And boy, it was a hit!

Within this blend, you can taste menthol, buttery caramel, anise, and holiday spices. It is recommended to drink this expression on the rocks.

If you plan on adding this bottle to your collection, better prepare your pockets as it costs around $400.

4. Old Forester Statesman Bourbon

Alcohol Content: 47.5%

Old Forester Statesman Bourbon

People were a bit skeptical when the Old Forester Statesman Bourbon was released. Why? Well, this bottle was released for the movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle. And although it was a good marketing move, bourbon enthusiasts were not so sure if this bottle would live up to the hype.

But a lot of them were surprised at how good this special edition bottle tastes. The Old Forester Statesman Bourbon is a well-balanced blend of sweet chocolate cake, oak, and woody cinnamon spices.

Compared to other special edition bottles this one is way cheaper, it only costs $60.

Author’s Note

It comes down to your preferences in choosing the best old forester bourbon. No matter how highly praised a particular bottle is, if it’s not your style it just won’t work. The best old forester bourbon is the one that makes your taste buds dance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, this will depend on the drinkers’ preference. Bourbon is somewhat sweet while scotch has a bit of smokiness. In terms of nutrition, both spirits are the same. But both are made from different grains, which is why they taste different.

No, they’re not the same thing. Whiskey is the name for an alcoholic beverage that’s made from grains, aged in oak(or other wood barrels), and bottled. And bourbon is a branch of whiskey, the full name of it is America bourbon whiskey. It’s a kind of whiskey made in the US that followed a series of processes and standards.

To warp up, all bourbons are whiskey, and whiskey is not bourbon.